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The skills that employers require among their employees are changing as technology reshapes the nature of work. It is crucial for any organization to have a skilled technical workforce to compete in the global economy. This is when workforce development plays a pivotal role. Workforce development takes a “people-first” approach to business development. This approach offers strategies to improve an individual’s potential in the workplace and career trajectory. Workforce development not only improves their prospects in life but also leads to downstream benefits for businesses.

D&L Education Solutions is one such national technical workforce development company with a passion for helping great companies train and retain great technicians and frontline workers through innovative instructional training programs. The company’s vision is to be a catalyst in engaging organizations to bring innovative educational solutions to individuals and employers to create, sustain and drive the future of technical skills and workforce development.

Mark DeHart, Chief Executive Officer and John Lee, Chief Product Officer of D&L Education Solutions, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review on how their company is providing world-class curriculum and training to instructors and employees.

Interview Highlights

Q. What was the motivation behind starting D&L Education Solutions?

Our company was founded by skilled trainers who experienced the need for training methods that appealed to kinesthetic learners. This required different curriculum and training methods the industry often didn’t have or understand. The old “check the box” training style was no longer productive for the company or employee. We wanted to create change in the learning methods used by companies across the nation to train employees like we once were.

Q. Can you explain about your services in brief?

D&L creates, promotes, and fosters individual and organizational effectiveness by developing and offering an array of innovative and diverse training programs supporting the organization’s commitment to employee development, advancement, and organizational enrichment. Also,

  • We provide quality, cost-effective training designed to increase individual and organizational productivity and enrichment.
  • We provide development opportunities that enhance knowledge, develop skills and enrich the organization.
  • We create, promote, and foster an organizational environment that values development, diversity, and growth opportunities for all employees.
  • We offer individuals and organizations the tools to respond effectively to the ever-changing needs and demands for technical skills.
  • We promote, support, and leverage technology resources and tools to improve and enhance frontline efficiency and improve the organization’s bottom line.

Tell us in brief about your curriculum and your training process.

Our curriculum is designed with the learner in mind. We spend time getting to know the company and its employees. This helps us to develop a customized learning solution that enhances the knowledge of the person while at the same time saving the company time and money. The training is geared towards either fixing a problem or improving the company’s ability for growth from within.

We also have a staff of trainers that can fill in for your instructors when the need arises. Given your curriculum, we can study and deliver the necessary training needed. This is to ensure your employees are trained and you don’t have to cancel the training because of a lack of instructors.

Q. Developing a skill requires understanding themselves seeing the need for change. How do you make an individual develop a new habit that solidifies the change?

Change is difficult for people and companies alike. But change can be a good thing when implemented correctly. Before we can deliver a customized training solution, we have to know our client. Situation permitting, we spend time understanding how the current methods impact the business or employee. We work with all involved to come up with a training solution then we develop the curriculum to train the individuals involved.

Q. There are other reputed and expert coaching and training institutes in the market. What makes you the best professional training and coaching partner?

We were once the trainee and had difficulties learning the content because it was not delivered in the manner we needed. Next, we spent close to 20 years teaching and training the future workforce in the college system. This allowed us to see what training styles worked and didn’t work. After we honed our educator skills, we moved to the industry training. We have a staff full of knowledgeable developers & instructors who have worked for and received training from companies such as BMW, Ford, FCA, Honda, Subaru, Volvo, Caterpillar, Cummins, John Deere, Kubota, Peterbilt, Snap-on, Trane, Lincoln Electric, 3M, Festo, palmer HAMILTON, DMC, etc.

Q. Specialized services come with an expensive price tag. How do you maintain your affordability and profitability?

We work with the company to ensure our prices are suitable for both parties. Our price structure depends on the needs of the company and the level of customization required to meet their goals. We can do as much or as little customization as the situation needs.

We also have D & L branded foundational level courses in areas such as Electricity, Electricity Diagnostics, Hydraulics, etc. These courses are prebuilt with the basic information needed to ensure the individual gains a solid foundation in covered areas. Additionally, these courses are priced at a level that makes them affordable for you to purchase and customize as you see fit.

Q. How do you maintain a strong relationship with clients, and how does feedback help you?

We continue to maintain communication with our clients on an ongoing basis. This ensures our curriculum meets the company’s needs and solves the problem we set out to combat. Feedback is important to us and helps us improve. We provide surveys to our clients and in any classes, we teach. We evaluate the feedback and see how we can implement it to improve our services.

Q. How do you market your services?

Our customers are our most outstanding marketers. We have received several of our clients because of other clients. We also participate in events geared towards different industries to ensure people know who we are. So, look around at your next training, and you might see us there.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We continue to add to our prebuilt courses to ensure our clients have an affordable option for training material. Each prebuilt course comes with the necessary items to conduct an entire class, from PowerPoint to test questions.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

Training will always be needed, and we will continue to be present to fill that need. In addition, we look at current and future training trends to ensure we meet the training needs. We predict the future will be bright for D & L Education Solutions based on the growth over the past three years. We are increasing our team of developers and instructors to ensure we are ready to deliver training when the time comes.

The Visionary Leader Upfront


Mark DeHart serves as the Chief Executive Officer of D&L Education Solutions.


John Lee is a co-founder and the Chief Product Officer of D&L Education Solutions