May Edition 2021

DadeSystems – Providing easy-to-deploy technology that enables businesses to more efficiently accept and reconcile payments and remit


Cash application is a part of the accounts receivable process that applies incoming payments to the correct customer accounts and receivable invoices. With an efficient cash application process, the faster cash is applied results in a lower Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), the time between sales and completed payment. A lower DSO means that you will have more capital to invest in other opportunities or use in everyday business. The bottom line is “cash is king” and cash application is key factor for any successful accounts receivable department.

DadeSystems is a leading provider of Cash Application solutions to fully automate the complex payment processing landscape. It provides SaaS based solution that will automate the invoice-to-cash application process for any payment through any channel. Its Cash Application automatically captures all incoming payments, including cash, checks, ACH, EFT, and credit cards. Using patented algorithms, payments are automatically matched to open invoices which update your ERP system and electronically deposit the checks at your bank(s).

Leading Cash Applications Solutions Furnished

Integrated Receivables Management: DadeSystems created a secure suite of AR Automation products to make life easier. Its payment processing software helps business owners increase efficiency, helps banks of all sizes attract and retain more customers with new treasury solutions, and helps improve loan processing for credit unions. Via secure cloud computing and flexible open-source programming, the company can continue to innovate and keep up with the rapid changes that occur in the payments industry. Its expert development team utilizes Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodology that allows us to implement new features and modifications very quickly, typically within days, versus the months associated with traditional development methodologies.

DadePay ePayment Customer Portal: The DadePay ePayment Customer Portal delivers powerful electronic bill presentment and payment capabilities to your B2B or B2C customers. Once self-enrolled into its epayment technology, customers can make ACH payments one-time or schedule payments for future processing dates. You can also accept credit card payments (with surcharging if applicable) at the customer level. Using responsive design, this browser based application will deliver the same experience to your customers whether on a phone, tablet, or desktop. The ePayment Customer Portal is customized to your logo’s, branding, colors, and even the terminology of your invoices, so you can present the information that’s most helpful to customers in making payments electronically.

DadePay Mobile AR: Another automated accounts receivable system the company has to offer any business to maximize its epayment efficiency is DadePay Mobile AR. DadePay Mobile AR removes the operational challenges of accepting payments in the field. Most commercial mobile deposit services offered through your bank only captures the check deposit. DadePay Mobile AR is designed for the field rep to capture the check or ACH payment and the remittance information in one simple process. The mobile app workflow is optimized so that the user selects the customer and the payment type, takes a picture of the payment and related documents and the process is complete. The mobile app can also account for the receipt of cash and be enabled to accept credit cards. With this AR automation technology, you can even email a receipt to the customer.

DadePay Mobile PayNow: As common as electronic payments are in today’s digital age, there will be times when you will have to take payments by check—from new accounts without established credit, accounts with collections holds and when you need to collect payments quickly from customers who want to pay by check, to name a few. DadePay Mobile PayNow merges the need to accept check payments with the speed, accuracy, automation and convenience of mobile payments.

The Leader

Bill Zayas is the Chief Executive Officer of DadeSystems. A financial services and technology industry veteran with more than 30 years’ experience, Bill was formerly Chief Operating Officer of U.S. operations for Canadian-based D+H, a leading provider of technology solutions to more than 6,000 North American financial institutions and a Top 25 Fin Tech provider. Prior to D+H, Mr. Zayas served as president and chief operating officer of Harland Financial Solutions where he was responsible for the company’s global operations, overseeing all aspects of the company’s 5,000 client banks and credit unions, 15 offices in the US, Ireland, India and Israel, as well as more than 1300  employees. Prior to Harland, he held executive management positions with EDS/Newtrend, Open Solutions, and Phoenix International.

“DadeSystems empower clients to gain control, transparency, and visibility over the entire payment lifecycle to ultimately, increase their profitability.”