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David Danzig, Cosset Inc. CEO: ‘We Believe that Everyone Deserves a Little Overindulgence in their Life, and We're Here to Help with That’


“We decided to create a better experience with our Apocalypse Bath; it doesn’t leave a stain around your tub.”

Bath products are intended to be used for bathing, showering, and cleaning. They include bath capsules, bath oils, tablets and salts, and bubble baths. These are the products that are intended to enhance the bathing experience. They soften and moisten the skin, provide a relaxing experience by producing large amounts of bubbles that are soothing and fun, and also enhance the cleaning of the skin and to leave skin feeling clean and fresh.

In light of the foregoing, we are delighted to present Cosset Inc.

Cosset produces handcrafted bath products which include bubble baths, bath bombs, bath oils, bath capsules, ball soaps, skin and foot care products, and many more. The company brings therapy to the masses by means of their bathtubs. Cosset uses the finest ingredients to yield the best products for their customers.

The company was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Utah, USA.

In Conversation with David Danzig, Cosset Inc. CEO

Q. What was the reason behind the genesis of your company? And how did you expand your company and its offerings over the years?

We wanted to make a difference. We wanted to create a compelling product that would have a positive impact on people's lives. We wanted it to be easy for them to take better care of themselves. Our therapy is loaded with essential oils and has bath oil built in to moisturize.

Q. How successful was your first project? Share the experience.

Our first major test and challenge, aka project, was the Salt Lake, Farmers Market. We spent a lot of time researching to make sure that we were producing products that would have broad appeal. We still didn’t know if they would be well received. Mentally we were prepared if we sold 1000 plus we could support a retail store, 500 plus small retail in a strip mall -- it was a fun hobby. Our first day, we broke 1000, and this is what prompted us to open Trolley Square.

Q. What challenges did you face in your initial years? What can your peers learn from it?

It might be easier to answer what challenges we didn’t face. Test your ideas on a small scale. Don’t bet the farm on an idea, that you pre-scale up to find it is a failure. We tried to convince customers that ball soap was a much better experience. The problem came in the education, and confusion as soap was mistaken for bath bombs.

Q. What kind of responses have you received from your consumers over the years? How have they motivated you to shape your offerings/grow the company?

One of our first Therapy Bombs was called “The Bomb” it looked like a bomb with a wick and was full of activated charcoal. It looked refreshing as it dissolved, but the problem was it made a mess -- the charcoal was all over the tub. We decided to create a better experience with our Apocalypse Bath; it doesn’t leave a stain around your tub.

Q. “Earning trust and respect of consumers all around the world is through consistent focus on delivering high quality in all of our actions.” How do you interpret this statement?

You must stay true to your values. From time to time, we must create new rules. Later, when we have created these rules, it might cost us more money to follow them, but it is the right thing to do.

Q. What makes your company stand out from the competition?

We try our best each day. We make specific goals that have a meaningful outcome. They must be achievable goals that will be relevant in a time-bound environment. We then try to evaluate, suggest an approach, and re-test our idea. This helps us to refine our process and improve continuously.

Q. Do you have any new products ready to be launched?

We will be launching our Single Origin Essential oil line soon.

Q. Where do you see your company a couple of years from now?

Cosset is pushing hard to grow nationwide. We now have a presence in over 11 states and 200+ locations. We want to create the perfect bath experience -- that is really what our products are about.

David Danzig: An Inspiring Entrepreneur

David Danzig, Co-founder, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Cosset. He and his wife, Ashleigh Danzig started Cosset as a hobby, crafting homemade bath products out of curiosity. In 2013, when David Danzig's first son George was born with chronic eczema and it seemed, there was no lotion, butter, or even medication that would help, that is when David decided to have a go at creating his own solution by mixing all of the natural butter and oils he had used in his past experience and created what is known today as our "George" Butter. Within a week George's eczema had healed significantly and the rest was history. The company which started to sell their products to local farmers now has shops in more than over 200 locations.

“Everyone needs a little therapy in their life, and our mission is to bring that therapy right into your own home.”