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Deliver Differentiated Experiences to your Customers with EnterWorks

thesiliconreview-rick-chavie-ceo-enterworks-2017“The Right Content. Enabled” 

One of the defining characteristics of the modern world is that consumers are constantly surrounded by advertising and content continues to be the driving force of the internet, amplifying brands and marketing their products and services. More often than not, traditional forms of advertising like print, broadcast, direct mail and telephone marketing interrupt people to the extent that they can become an annoyance. However, content marketing can change this annoyance into appreciation. Firms like EnterWorks can transform the world of content marketing with brand new technologies and services that can add to customer satisfaction. 

Transforming content marketing and product lifecycle management with B2B2C

Founded in 1996, EnterWorks is a market leader in master data solutions for acquiring, managing and transforming a company’s product information into persuasive and personalized content for marketing, sales, digital commerce, product lifecycle management (PLM), and new market opportunities. With a mission to provide solutions that enable differentiated customer experiences through a single view of content across physical and digital channels, it continues to rule the market and establish ground rules for managing in a Business to Business to Customer (B2B2C) collaboration model. Today, EnterWorks Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) platform provides a single view of content that’s essential for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers or dealers to collaborate and master their data and create differentiated commerce experiences across channels. Yet, a look back reveals a surprisingly cool history. We’re talking James Bond cool, with its origin in classified services to military and government intelligence agencies.

EnterWorks launched two decades ago as a Virtual Data Base platform – known as “Pangaea” from the idea of a singular supercontinent – and applied as a mass storage repository for physical and digital intelligence assets and information from a variety of national level command, control, communications and intelligence sources. Demand for the company’s platform accelerated after 9/11 with the need for secure and consistent global intelligence. 

EnterWorks’ Technology is Recognized for Innovation

Such orchestration of federated content sources under a single view through an intuitive web interface was breakthrough for robust e-business portals and reporting. The Smithsonian recognized EnterWorks technology with an award as a case study in its Innovation Collection. The platform processing speed and scalability to address mass data stores arose from a Virtual Data Base model technology that enables secure, unified and role-based views of heterogeneous information. The Master Data Management and portal technologies that served the intelligence community was extended into industrial and consumer industries to serve complex, global and regional companies of all sizes, from SMB to multinational brands. 

The R&D investments continually focus on pushing the boundaries for innovation.  In today’s digital world, the Darwinian principle that survival and thriving depends on best adaptation to changing environments is the key to understand EnterWorks’ technology vision. The EnterWorks Enable® platform is designed for virtual adaptation and configurability as a company’s business changes. Whether a company is expanding through acquisitions, product lines, brands, or geographies, Enable’s multi-language, multi-currency, multi-domain master data management platform frees a company from constraints of typical, non-virtual enterprise infrastructures. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, the platform’s agile architecture adapts to a company’s evolution by means of its virtual data base, configurable enterprise and cross-enterprise portals and workflows, embedded industry best practices, and micro services. 

Serving today’s B2B2C Model for Industry Verticals

Today’s businesses face rapidly changing industries as waves of digital disruption turn the tide in favor those with digital excellence and necessary vertical scale. But scale is not everything Amazon, scale is now possible with EnterWorks technology in the form of collaborative content for commerce that enables even the smallest of companies to compete. The EnterWorks embrace of the Business to Business to Customer, or B2B2C, model means it supports entire product (or service) industry verticals, with ecosystem members ranging from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, to retailer/dealer, and ecosystems that include industry associations and regulatory institutions. Among the current focus verticals are consumer packaged goods (CPG), food, industrial and building products, furnishings and supplies for home and office, machinery and medical, fashion and services.  EnterWorks’ customers include such leaders in their sector as Abbott Nutrition, DepuySynthes (of Johnson & Johnson), Fender Musical Instruments, GuthyRenker, HON Furniture, Interline Brands, Johnstone Supply, Mary Kay, Restoration Hardware, Truck-Lite, and US Foods. 

Core Offerings in Content for Commerce

As a multi-domain, multi-hierarchy platform, EnterWorks Enable supports all functional areas of a company, from the storytellers in marketing, to merchant princes, to ecommerce experts, to the designer and managers of products. The EnterWorks Enable platform encompasses Master Data Management, Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management, Workflow & Collaboration, Dynamic Data Modeling, Syndication & Publishing, and Global Geographies with Localization, Digital Channel Accelerators, and Portals for Suppliers, Sales, and Service. It is truly omnichannel, supporting e-commerce Web, mobile, print and various electronic channels. EnterWorks is highly ranked by Gartner, Forrester and Ventana Research.

The Future is Bright with Key Executive Leadership 

Rick Chavie, CEO: Rick Chavie, the CEO of EnterWorks, has a rich history in technology, industry and consulting practice. As an inventor, he received a patent in 2017 for Techniques for Collaborative Shopping (Patent # 9,754,298). He draws on his technology and business unit leadership roles at SAP, hybris, NCR, and an AI start-up that arose out of MIT; he is informed in his industry knowledge as a strategy and international executive with The Home Depot and from his transformational executive role for a department store chain of C&A, as well as partner roles in strategy and industry consulting at Deloitte and Accenture. This is complemented by his educational pedigree as a Harvard MBA and as a Fulbright Scholar. He is known for elevating core teams to new levels as well as attracting new talent to pursue creative visions for business growth and transformation.

“We provide solutions that enable differentiated customer experiences through a single view of content across physical and digital channels”