50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2019

Delivering goods and services to everyone in all situations: World of Lockers


“Our product is the most secure keyless security system in the world, 24/7 real-time controllable from anywhere!”

The technology revolution has taken the world by storm. It is prevalent in every area of our lives and simplifies our lifestyle. Package management is one such field that has witnessed a profound change in the way things work. Whether you desire to get your packages delivered to the right person at the right time or look forward to receiving one without wasting a moment, smart lockers guard your packages till it gets delivered to the right person and the management is much smoother and easier like never before.

Given the preceding, we’re joyous to present World of Lockers

World of Lockers Inc. is more than just a locker; it offers intelligent indoor and, above all, outdoor-safe systems worldwide. Thanks to its complete digitization and automation, these high-tech lockers can be used as service-boxes that allow flexible delivery and acceptance of goods, packages, etc. at any time.

The high-tech boxes provide the most innovative solutions to parcel service providers as well as online dealers and retailers to meet their customers’ growing mobility needs. Also, anyone can rent lockers, keyless and code-based lockers around the clock to keep their valuables until they’re available to retrieve them. These high-tech boxes will be set-up at high-frequency locations such as filling stations, supermarkets, and shopping malls worldwide and will be successfully positioned as a highlight advertising medium — World of Lockers markets both the entire safe as advertising space and additional advertising. The company generates a second significant income stream from advertising revenues in addition to the locker rental.

In conversation with Tom Zein, CEO

Q. What products does World of Lockers offer?

World of Lockers provides people around the globe with digitally controlled specialist repositories - the so-called YourSafes thereby closing a significant security gap in the public domain in the most modern way. People can book 24/7 through the app fan to protect themselves from theft, for example, on beaches, lakes, or in ski resorts. With this high-tech safes, World of Lockers also supports the internationally active postal companies as the specialist depots are also leased via various software interfaces to every parcel service provider and every online retailer in support of their logistics.

Q. Can you please brief us about your product ‘YourSafe’?

Our product is made in Germany and has been tested under the most severe climatic and external influences for years and is already available in many European countries today. It is the most secure keyless security system in the world, 24/7 real-time controllable from anywhere!

Q. Can you explain to us the company’s business model?

World of Lockers mainly markets the specialist repositories to business and end customers and rents the subjects for $ 0.50 to $ 10 per day, depending on location. Also, the YourSafe for the advertising industry is a perfect advertising medium.

Its size able outer surface can be provided with advertising also marketed World of Lockers and large advertising screens that are integrated into the YourSafe’s. Since the safes are installed in highly frequented locations, the income from advertising revenue is also attractive.

Q. What are your estimates of the global market for your product and your business?

The worldwide market for our YourSafe is almost inexhaustible. It will be an integral part of public space. Our product greatly enhances the attractiveness of the sites by making them safer and more comfortable. The added value of our all-rounder is so immense that I estimate that shortly, we will provide more than 50.000 systems with more than 3.500.000 specialist depots. Hardly a site owner will miss the benefits of a YourSafe!

Q. Which are the locations does World of Lockers mainly access?

For several years the subsidiary YOURSAFE24 has been very successful in Europe in the long-term rental of attractive indoor and outdoor locations. Currently, we can access more than 25.000 areas in many European countries, most of them in Germany.

Q. What are the factors that make your company stand out from the competition?

Thanks to our own software company, we can deliver the perfect digital solution to every market situation and the associated challenges. That and the fact that we provide everything from one location to the ideal product, the YourSafe makes us strong and independent. The contractually secured areas with long terms also ensure us precisely the places we need for our market development.

As a CEO, what is your primary intent?

With World of Lockers, I want to be the world’s largest independent depot provider in the public domain, providing YourSafe with the perfect hard - software solution in response to one of the world’s largest markets.

Where do you see you and your company a couple of years from now?

World of Lockers plans to install at least 5.000 YourSafe’s with 350.000 specialist repositories through its subsidiary YOURSAFE24 in Europe to provide these business customers and end-users 24/7. At the same time, the US market for World of Lockers will be opened up to bring at least 7.000-10.000 YourSafe’s to a busy locations by 2025.

“Our product YourSafe greatly enhances the attractiveness of the locations by making them safer and more comfortable.”