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Delivering workflow efficiencies, compliance and regulatory comfort and world class customer engagement: Analec


The world of institutional stock trading and client servicing is evolving rapidly; particularly in the area of investment research and related client servicing. Intense competition, demanding clients and need for greater differentiation, and regulatory changes is putting enormous pressure on various firms and their business models.

Investment research organizations are having to evolve their thinking at a rapid pace due to the challenges posed by digital distribution and social media. Content owners want tighter controls on who is consuming their research and drive better data-driven analytics on the consumption behavior at their customer end. Content consumers want easy access to ideas, while being compliant of “research inducement” regulation in various jurisdictions. The challenges faced by broker-dealers and investment banks in both their investment research organization as well as their client servicing sales & trading front, ensures ANALEC’s suite of solutions in the areas of investment research process automation and CRM for proactive customer engagement remains in the forefront of this evolutionary adaptation.

Founded in 2003 by a group of capital markets specialists, ANALEC delivers workflow efficiencies as well as compliance and regulatory comfort to investment research and client servicing teams within investment banks and broker-dealers, via its suite of proprietary platforms and solutions. ANALEC is a preferred investment research and CRM technology solution provider in the capital markets space.

ANALEC leadership team spent years in client-facing roles in global investment banking and asset management industries. The company set up a technology development and delivery center in India and presence in New York, London and Singapore.


ANALEC is a leading financial technology company offering platforms and solutions in the investment research and CRM technology in the sales & trading domain, working with a range of broker-dealers and investment banks globally. It combines deep domain knowledge of its client’s business and its ability to leverage the most appropriate technologies to design workflow and process automation and client servicing solutions.

ANALEC has been playing the role of a “change agent” in the stock broking and capital markets’ theatre since its inception; relying on technology to drive business process efficiencies as well as enhancing the customer engagement capabilities of the clients. ANALEC’s research management and CRM software solutions make the clients more competitive and productive.

Best-In-Class Products & Services

ANALEC’s range of product suites helps its customers to engage their clients in ways that lead to a profitable and long-lasting relationship.

The products suite consists of the following:

ANALEC ResearchWise: It is an investment research management platform that caters to the specific workflow challenges of an investment research organization. The platform delivers the following capabilities and benefits:

  • It ensures quality control and consistency in branding and presentation.
  • Centralization of financial and other data across the organization.
  • Facilitates content authoring and its automation to aid analyst productivity.
  • Ensures workflow approval discipline along with regulatory compliance around disclaimers and disclosure management and internal organization checks and controls.
  • Promotes content distribution to multiple channels and captures analytics on readership across the client base ensuring compliance around MiFID II criteria around “research inducement”.
  • Enhances the organization’s ability to deliver on bespoke client service requests with minimum tedium or resource intensity.

ANALEC ClientManager: It is a CRM that is specifically geared to address the client service challenge of broker-dealers and investment banks. The platform delivers the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Intelligent Contact Management capability at the individual service provider level ensuring each research analyst, sales and trading professional has easy access to their individual client lists and tasks around them.
  • Proactive and insightful Account Management capabilities ensuring close alignment of service organization to the client’s needs and priorities.
  • Integration across all communication platforms for a seamless experience – email, telephony and mobility.
  • Managing of high touch services like Roadshows and Corporate Access with the appropriate checks and balances with respect to MiFID II related compliance.
  • Integrated buy-side database from Thomson Reuters providing intelligence around portfolio holdings and contact information on client base.
  • Powerful management reporting capabilities to ensure proactive client servicing as well as transparency in resource allocation initiatives.

Winning the Total-Cost-of-Ownership Challenge

Developments in financial technology market space are moving rapidly and one has to remain flexible and agile to adapt and innovate swiftly in order to remain competitive.

ANALEC is the only firm that offers capability across the research and CRM spectrum in the market place for its customer segment. With its combined offering, ANALEC is able to win the total-cost-of-ownership comparison with other offerings in the market place.

The financial technology leader’s client base is increasingly diverse and spread across the globe. ANALEC works with reputed institutions across Asia in markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia. Over the last couple of years, it has been expanding its geographic footprint in the US and UK/Europe.

ANALEC’s domain knowledge & expertise of the capital markets, and its ability to solve for its customer challenges, both tactical and strategic sets ANALEC apart from its competitors in the industry.

The leadership team at ANALEC brings over 100 years of combined capital markets expertise in front-end client servicing roles as well as technology development and deployment. ANALEC always stands out in the market place whenever its customers seek an integrated offering across their research and client servicing CRM needs.

Future Roadmap

ANALEC’s focus for the next coming years is to rapidly expand its customer base globally. With deep structural and regulatory changes reshaping the operating landscape for its customers, the company believes that its integrated technology solutions will go a long way to address challenges face by its target customers.


Indy Sarker is the CE0 at ANALEC. He is responsible for general management and strategic business development, and brings over 20 years of relevant experience. Prior to turning entrepreneur and founding ANALEC, Indy spent years in investment banks as a top ranked investment research analyst. Indy holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Cambridge University (UK).

“Our deep domain knowledge of the capital markets space coupled with our ability to bring software solutions to solve for intricate workflow and customer service challenges in the market place is our real forte at ANALEC.”