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Develops the Highest Performing Test and Measurement Instruments for Optical Commination: Coherent Solutions


Our strength is building customized solutions to meet your exact test requirements.

The market has many developers of optical communication instruments but among them, the one who stands out the most is Coherent Solutions. It makes the world’s highest performing test and measurement instruments for high-speed optical communications. This is a privilege it never takes for granted. In fact, like millions of businesses, it directly benefits from the advances in communications technology and its products enable in research labs all over the world.

It’s this global perspective that has enabled Coherent Solutions to emerge as a world leader from its headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. The company is surrounded by technology companies making a worldwide impact. This provides daily inspiration to build best-in-class solutions by focusing on its customers’ needs and harnessing the latest advances in technology.

The Company’s Motivation

Coherent Solutions’ motivation comes from a desire to solve problems just like the industry it serves. That is how it likes to measure its success. It knows the only way to be a world-class business is through its passionate and loyal customers. Coherent never pass up the opportunity to help them succeed and this keeps the company motivated.

This customer-first philosophy extends all the way from sourcing the best components, assembling the highest-performing test instruments and empowering researchers and engineers with easy-to-use software. Coherent Solutions takes the extra mile to deliver the absolute best solutions to its customers.

The Experienced Team

The international team of engineers and developers has global experience, knowledge and capability. They understand your problems and can build bespoke solutions, backed by exceptional customer service. Everyone at the company loves the excitement of solving complex and challenging problems that push the boundaries of technology. “We’re up for the challenge and we hope you are too,” says Coherent Solutions.

The Products Offered by the Company

The PXIe Optical Test Modules

Mixed-signal testing has never been easier. Coherent Solutions’ expanding portfolio of PXIe optical test modules brings a wide range of new mixed-signal test capabilities to the PXI platform. The new modules offer seamless integration with PXI Platform and deliver reliable and repeatable results across a wide range of optical and mixed-signal test applications.

Target Applications

The PXIe Platform is widely used in production and R&D environments. Example applications include:

  • Transceiver stress testing
  • Receiver sensitivity testing
  • Loss simulation
  • Optical power budget analysis
  • Instrument power calibration
  • EDFA gain linearity test
  • Optical signal eye diagram measurement
  • Relative intensity noise (RIN) measurement
  • Optical pulse characterization
  • Modulation depth measurement
  • Extinction ratio measurement
  • Precision timing/triggering
  • Frequency response measurement of devices
  • Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating Pulse Analyzer

The IQFROG measures pulse intensity and phase in both spectral and temporal domains, yielding a complete pulse characterization. With its long delay arm and high-resolution spectrometer, it measures chirped pulses up to 50 ps wide, or up to 10 ps wide if the pulse is transformed limited. The IQFROG is available in 1.0 and 1.5-micron wavelengths.

The IQFROG 1.0 μm is perfect for seed laser pulses for chirped pulse amplification (CPA) and the IQFROG 1.5 μm is ideal for C-band femtosecond and picosecond pulsed fibre lasers.

The Features it offers

High spectral resolution

The FROG measurement technique requires the measurement of the second harmonic spectrum of the pulse. The resolution of the spectral measurement often limits the broadest pulse width that a pulse analyzer can measure, most other competitive products can only measure pulses less than 1ps. The IQFROG has a built-in high-resolution spectrometer to enable measurement of transform-limited pulses of up to 10 ps width, or broader if the pulse has a frequency chirp.

Long temporal scan range

The IQFROG uses a long mechanical translation stage to provide up to 200 ps of scan range to allow autocorrelation measurement of up to 50 ps long pulses. It is one of the few pulse analyzers on the market which can measure such broad picosecond pulses, as well as short pulses down to 300 fs width. In comparison, the competitive SPIDER technique is limited in the ability to measure pulses broader than 1 ps.

Autocorrelator function

The IQFROG can scan and save autocorrelation traces even if the pulse is too broad (with a very narrow spectral width) or is unsuitable for FROG recovery. The IQFROG can be used as an autocorrelator and measure pulses up to 50 ps.

Connectorized input

The connectorized input makes coupling of the beam easy and fast by eliminating the need to align the beam into the unit manually. IQFROG is by far the most easy-to-use optical pulse analyzer on the market.

Full software control

The mechanical control, alignment and tuning is controlled by the software, no need to align manually.

The One Showing the Way

Andy Stevens, PhD, CEO: Andy is a results-focused professional, offering comprehensive experience and visible achievements in the development and manufacture of opto-electronic, photonic and electronic products. He has a proven track record for building and leading successful product teams that take products from conception through to high-volume manufacturing. Andy is acknowledged for his ability to develop and maintain long-term successful relationships with partners, suppliers, and customers around the globe.

“Our products are developed with leading-edge technology and are backed by exceptional customer service.”