February Edition 2020

DigitalBridge– Eliminating complexity with Artificial Intelligence to accelerate your kitchen and bathroom revenue


The home renovation projects are complicated. Each project has so many details from knobs, lighting, accents, surfaces, finishes, and more that even with a good imagination and a strong sense of taste, it can be hard to envision what the completed project will look like before you have to commit to buying. This is a market where Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can really shine, and several companies are jumping on board as pioneers in the field.

DigitalBridge is one such firm that is a guided design platform that helps kitchen and bathroom retailers streamline their customers’ renovation process. The firm guidesits customers through the entire process of creating their dream kitchen or bathroom, from concept to design to visualization and completion. By reducing friction and reducing difficult decisions, the firm enablesits customers to shorten salescycles and increase conversion and revenue. The company is focused on helping consumers and retailers in the home decor market overcome the problem of the imagination gap, which occurs when customers delay or decide against making a purchase because they can’t visualize how products will look in their own homes.

Strategies that make DigitalBridge standout

The firm uses technology which is smart, capable, and powered by AI, with their guided design platform so that the customers will be able to understand, design and confidently approve their dream kitchen and bathroom with ease.


The firm understands its customers and shows them what inspires them when designing their living space and will find the right products from the catalog for their needs, style, and budget.


With the best products chosen DigitalBridge’s AI-powered Guided Design automatically configures the layout for their customer. If they want to make changes, the platform will support them every step of the way.


Once everything is in place the Guided Design platform will validate the entire design to ensure correct fittings and accurate placement, allowing the customers to purchase quickly and with confidence.

Furnishing products that reduce the purchasing cycle

Acquire Customers Earlier

The firm helpsitscustomers to design their new dream space long before they step into their store by engaging on the website. The firm also implements the guides design platform that doesn’t require re engineering of entire customer experience and can be integrated into an existing website and in-store design consultation process with greater ease.

Enjoyable & Engaging Experience

The company makes sure that their clients’ website no longer has to feel like a catalog. Products come to life when customers are able to visualize their new room design and layout.

Purchase quickly with confidence

Confident consumers purchase faster. The guided process removes friction and unknowns that cause customers to think twice, return items or drop out entirely.

Increase average order value

Customers who are guided through the design process realize why they need more products (e.g. tiles, drainage, accessories) to complete their projects.

Plan My Bathroom

Plan My Bathroom was launched in the year 2018; it is the first web-based, mobile-first, consumer-focused bathroom design, and 3D visualization tool. Designing can happen at any place and at any time and the firm has built Plan My Bathroom to work on desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Using pinpoint room measurement tools to generate an accurate floor plan, customers can paint walls, tile floors, and add products. When they are finished, everything is brought together to make purchasing quick and easy.


  • NVIDIA Most Innovative Machine Learning Startup - 2017
  • John Lewis Accelerator Winner - 2016
  • Wired Retail Startup of the Year Runner-up - 2016
  • Retail Week Live Startup of the Year - 2015

The formidable leader behind the success of DigitalBridge

David Levine serves as the Chief Executive Officer of DigitalBridge. Mr. David Levine is an energetic entrepreneur with a track record of high-value business development deal-making. Most recently, he was the Global Director for Automotive Telematics at Vodafone, following a career as International BD Director at INRIX (ITIS Holdings Plc.) where he was responsible for the sale and delivery of leading-edge technology projects to the likes of BMW, Toyota, Audi, Nissan, and Hyundai-Kia.

He spent 7 years working for the Office of the CTO at HP, specifically on innovative projects incubated outside of the standard business-unit structure. He has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Manchester and an MBA from the Manchester Business School.