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Dreamr — The Tech Platform Turned Movement, helping achieve biggest dreams


“With the introduction of the DMR Governance Token by Dreamr Labs, Dreamr is taking a stand for community-led governance and collaborative community development, while simultaneously charting a path towards self-sustainability and decentralization.”

Dreamr is a digital ecosystem of tools and resources designed to make it more practical for people to dream without limits. The company’s primary aim is to help young creatives & entrepreneurs define their dreams and start taking action today, in a way that feels a lot like the social media we’re all accustomed to.

Dreamr combines purposeful social networking tools with planned crowdfunding and a peer-to-peer service marketplace to provide users with the tools and resources necessary to achieve their dreams.

Dreamr was founded in July 2015 and operated in stealth until 2019, with the Dreamr app officially launching on iOS and Android in September 2020. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To highlight and further understand what Dreamr, as a company, stands for and seeks to accomplish, I sat down with Chris Adams, who serves as the company’s CEO. Below is an excerpt.

“We believe when given the right set of tools, relationships, and opportunities… that anyone is capable of achieving their biggest dreams and aspirations.”

The Dreamr platform is a positive space for users to declare their dream and build a supportive community of new, like-minded connections.

“We achieve this by gamifying the process of social networking through our primary networking feature, Dream Connect.”

“Our work at Dreamr is simple in its intention, which is to build tools and provide resources that make it more practical for people to pursue their dreams, but on the other hand, it is extremely complex in its execution.”

“As the first platform to truly offer a safe, positive online space where users can declare their dreams out loud and immediately start making new, like-minded and supportive connections, I believe we are effectively serving our users’ first steps towards their dreams’ eventual manifestation and helping them to build a community that will be the foundation of their support moving forward.”

“At the root, we have discovered that a dreamer (and their dream) needs three key pillars of support to practically start pursuing a big dream that they have put on the back burner for who knows how long. 1) An engaged community of supporters who are aware of their goal. 2) An avenue to overcome financial roadblocks i.e. the ability to raise capital or monetize skills for additional income. 3) Opportunities to learn any new, high value skills that may be necessary or useful in the pursuit of the dream.”

Parallelly, Dreamr is introducing The Dreamr Platform Token (DMR) to give its community of dreamrs governance of the future development of the platform. Financial tools are in development to help users monetize their dream-network; Dreamr® Crowdfunding, P2P Service Marketplace, and P2P payments.

Outside of the technology, Dreamr focuses on philanthropy and giving back.

“We have an entire foundation arm now. In 2020, Dreamr and its Chief Dream Officer, Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley, launched Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine Tour ‘20-21 during the pandemic to help people and communities in a time of need, and be a positive reminder that no matter where we are in life, we can begin to create the life of our dreams. It’s really because of our practice of integrating giving back into everything we do, that I think we have a shot at becoming one of the biggest brands in the world.”

Raising the Bar

What makes Dreamr special is combining the aforementioned utilities in a positive and purpose-driven environment, with the end goal of making a positive difference in the user’s journey of self-development. Dreamr aims to provide the full-vertical suite of digital tools needed to pursue one’s dreams, compared to services such as social networks, chat apps, and crowdfunding platforms that exist in silos. Put simply, users have to build a community on one platform and crowd-fund on another, which is quite tedious.

“In my opinion, it’s our publicly stated-goal of the complete decentralization of our technology stack, complete with community-led governance through the DMR Token that will ultimately transform the market we are serving. Rather than transform the market, my hope is that in completely handing over the reins of the Dreamr platform to the community (a process that will happen gradually over several years), the market we once served will transform into its own economy that sustains and serves itself in the best interests of all its members equally.”

Currently, Dreamr is in the process of launching and rolling out the Dreamr (DMR) Platform Token, which it is giving away a healthy portion of the total supply (33%) to the Dreamr community through a rewards program called Giving Dreams Power. The company is developing the full build-out of its social and communications tools, including dream updates, Moments, group chats, and a digital wallet within the Dreamr App, which will activate P2P payment capabilities on the blockchain. The company has also begun work on Dreamr Crowdfunding, which is set to debut late this year.

Creating and Sustaining a Winning Culture

Dreamr implemented a results-oriented work environment. There are no set hours per week or time requirements in most cases, whereas the company's executive team works with its employees to set 30-60-90 day goals and then evaluate performance based on results. The type of employee who thrives with Dreamr is a self-starter, has entrepreneurial tendencies, and wants to leave a positive impact on the world with their work.

“We haven't had time to quantify anything with hard numbers, but there is something special that happens when your team knows that their personal pursuits outside of work are encouraged and also supported at any opportunity. This approach comes naturally to us, of course, but it's counter-intuitive to building a business when you're hiring someone to focus on the work you're going to be paying them for.”

“One example that has been a noticeable positive result from our culture of deeply caring about our team members’ dreams (this can’t be faked) is that people feel much more empowered to pursue big new ideas and be creative within their role at Dreamr; as well.”

“We put a big emphasis on building our company culture at Dreamr, it’s something we take very seriously. With my co-founder Ashish Bagrecha (being Indian) and myself (American), we have been a distributed organization from the day we started."

Needless to say, Dreamr promotes creativity and innovation by supporting the dreams of its employees.

Eyeing a Bright Future

Human beings are capable of incredible accomplishments that enrich their lives and add value to society overall. The Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, Steve Jobs, Mother Theresa, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, there are probably millions of examples throughout history of people who helped move their community, or even society as a whole, forward in a positive direction by fearlessly following their dreams.

“I look at Elon Musk today, and all I can think about is how every automaker is making electric cars now. He and his team at Tesla were able to move society in a positive direction. It took a new automaker willing to be different, ambitious, and lead by example to create that change in a positive direction for everyone else.”

“We believe everyone has a limitless potential lying dormant within them. One of my favorite Einstein quotes illustrates this: ‘Every human being is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.’”

“Our society is not currently set up to support everyday people pursuing their dreams. It is way harder than it needs to be, given the tools and technology we have available to us and where technology is going. With that said, people utilizing the Dreamr platform to turn their dreams into reality is the future I see unfolding before us, which means it’s happening now, and it's a future I am really excited to be living in.

The Fearless Leader

Chris Adams, co-founder, serves as the CEO of Dreamr®. He’s a serial entrepreneur with an unshakable belief in the limitless potential of the human spirit.

“People utilizing the Dreamr platform to turn their dreams into reality is the future I see unfolding before us, which means it's happening now, and it's a future I am really excited to be living in.”