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Driving healthcare efficiency by unleashing the power of data – Innovaccer


Health care is embracing AI for a range of applications, from robotic surgery to drug development to clinical research. In addition, AI is being adopted as a practical tool to reduce costs, improve outcomes and replace labor-intensive, repetitive tasks that are prone to error. Those applications make AI poised to transform medication management.

One such firm which is revolutionizing the field of healthcare is Innovaccer.

Innovaccer is a leading healthcare technology company. The firm is pioneering the Data Activation Platform that’s helping the industry realize the promise of value-based care.Innovaccer’s proprietary integration & analysis engine activates the data where the industry has worked so hard to collect. It cleans, aggregates, and delivers insights when physicians need it most—at the moment of care.

This revolutionary technology streams rich analytics with custom insights and dashboards automates workflows, provides real-time decisions for care teams, and point-of-care alerts—actionable intelligence without leaving the EHR experience.Innovaccer is based in San Francisco with offices across the United States and Asia.

Furnishing the data activation platform

Each patient gets private, customized care with unique plans, a dedicated team, and outcome-focused goals. The Data Activation Platform connects the healthcare industry like never before. It connects you to your patients like never before. It opens our eyes to what healthcare should be.

The Data Activation Platform brings together EHRs, PMS, payer claims, and puts it all in your hands. Being the industry’s most flexible and scalable data platform, it delivers fast and reliable integration of data with built-in connectors and visually enabled ETL processes. It captures comprehensive data on a wide array of clinical or care applications such as;

  • Robust EMPI engine
  • Patient matching algorithms
  • Accurate provider attribution

Whether it's quality management or data management, the data activation platform makes it simple. It does integrity checks, data normalization, validations, unified data modeling, and has a master patient index. The data activation platform powers Innovaccer’s unique capabilities byoffering four products for key users, which are;


Seize the nanosecond and get automated care delivery that helps boost your clinical outcomes with InCare, the industry’s most advanced care management, and coordinated care offering. InCare provides a wide range of solutions to help care teams simplify redundant tasks, bridge care, and coding gaps, improve patient engagement, and deliver better care outcomes.


With InGraph, you have a wide array of analytics at your fingertips with more than 250 quality, utilization, and cost measures, risk models, and episodes supported with the capability to build your own measures whenever you want. It comes with six built-in dashboards covering quality, network, utilization flow, episodes, and cost of care.


InNote brings a full view of the patient's right to the moment of care. It helps networks cut through the noise and enables them to close the gaps in real-time to deliver quality outcomes with 100% efficiency.


The days of doing things manually are thankfully over. Take delivery of care to the next level with InConnect, a one-stop patient engagement solution. InConnect helps you build relationships with your patients far more efficiently and effectively. You can better engage and empower patients to make more informed decisions about their health.


From demographics to measures to attributions and much more, InAPI has all of it covered under its vast library of APIs to support any operation. Make your organization truly interoperable and transform your healthcare data into actionable insights with healthcare’s most advanced data integration engine.

The mastermind behind the glory of Innovaccer

Abhinav Shashank is the Co-founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Innovaccer.

“Combine Data, Technology, and Innovation with Passion, Commitment, and Disruption.”