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Enabling millions of entrepreneurs to build the business of their dreams: TradeGecko


In this era where everything is digitized, E-commerce is hugely benefitting from cloud computing. There are myriad of advantages e-commerce is drawing from cloud computing today.  Cloud computing in e-commerce enables the business to look big virtually and operate extensively. Turning possibilities in to opportunities, TradeGecko is providing a powerful cloud-based commerce platform for growing companies. It is at the heart of its customers’ workflows. Its software runs the back office, and provides vital operational information to other business-critical software systems while connecting with supply chain partners in real-time. It seamlessly manages complex workflows and scalability requirements. TradeGecko supports businesses that operate with multiple users, sales channels, warehouses, currencies and tax requirements, as well as CRM tools and integrations that are essential to business including accounting software, marketplaces, and many other tools.

It started the business to see millions of entrepreneurs bloom. It enables this growth by providing operational excellence, peace of mind, a best-in-class product and a team that evolves, adapts and grows with its customers, at every stage of their journey.

The company works with thousands of amazing commerce businesses in over 100 countries who transact more than USD 3.7 Billion value of goods using its platform. Customers who are running their business operations on TradeGecko cover a wide range of industries including fashion & apparel brands, cosmetics, health & wellness, food & beverage and many others.

How it all started

The company was founded in 2012 by three New Zealand entrepreneurs, brothers Cameron and Bradley Priest along with Carl Thompson, who set out with a simple, yet powerful goal: to help enable every commerce entrepreneur to build and scale an amazing business. The founders saw an opportunity in Southeast Asia and moved to Singapore to be incubated by the country’s premier technology accelerator, JFDI. Previously running businesses ranging from retail apparel to web design, TradeGecko was born out of a frustration of being unable to efficiently manage and track retail inventory and warehouse administration. The goal was to build software that would power the entire backend operations of growing small and medium wholesale and eCommerce businesses empowering them to become as fast and efficient as the world’s biggest online stores. And to do it with software that was elegant, integrated, and easy to use.

Helping you sell more

Inventory Control: TradeGecko's Inventory Control Software enables you to avoid stockouts, make prompt reorders and get automatic stock level updates whenever sales and purchases are made. You can also manage inventory across multiple warehouses and in multiple currencies.

Warehouse Management: TradeGecko's warehouse management features assist in the management of inventory movement within a warehouse – be it shipping, receiving, picking and packing, etc. Manage your inventory efficiently across multiple locations and warehouses, all on a single platform.

Multichannel Sales: It refers to selling your products via more than one sales channel. Increasingly consumers research via multiple sites before making a purchase, such as across sites, marketplaces and mobile apps so being present how and where they shop is critical. Update your products on TradeGecko and the information will be pushed automatically to all your eCommerce channels. Your online shops will always reflect the latest product details, available products, and the exact stock on hand for each item - all without you having to update each and every channel at a time.

B2B eCommerce platform: Its B2B eCommerce solution makes selling wholesale easier than ever before, and it’s even better for your customers. Each customer sees the products that you want them to, at the prices and discounts that you decide.A searchable up-to-date catalog makes it the easiest way to sell in bulk without the complications of taking orders over phone, email or text.

Mobile Sales app

Mobile catalog: Your entire product catalog in your pocket. Update product photos with your device camera. It enables you to create a beautiful and smooth catalog, which can engage your potential customers and help you sell more. 

Sell anywhere: Create, edit, and manage sales orders, whether you are at a trade show or meeting with a customer. You or your sales reps will be able to conduct business from anywhere.

Pocket CRM: All your CRM data in easy reach. Capture new leads and contact customers or suppliers. Its software allows sales professionals to manage customer relationships on their smartphones by providing access to customer information, sales opportunities, and communication tools.

Offline access: Create and edit orders when offline and sync back with TradeGecko when online. It enables smooth interaction and gives your team improved flexibility.

Meet the visionary

Cameron Priest, CEO and Co-Founder:Cameron grew up on a kiwifruit orchard in New Zealand. When he wasn’t feeding calves, he was building cars. Claiming from the age of 9 that he’d one day be the CEO of his own enterprise, Cameron set up several small scale businesses before establishing TradeGecko; born out of a friend’s battle to efficiently manage their supply chain.

Even though TradeGecko has scaled super quickly, Cameron remains highly involved in nurturing and growing every part of the Gecko family. When he’s not trying his hand at new adventure/water sports, he can be seen wandering from team to team in the TradeGecko office sporting a pair of loafers and an impressive beard.

“At TradeGecko, we aim to free business owners from the operational complexity of running their business to spend more time building a brand their customers will love.”