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EnginX–Shaping the Future of Engineering Excellence


“With EnginX’s software, engineers embrace Industry 4.0 advancements. We prioritize lasting customer relationships, ensuring engineers stay ahead in this ever-evolving field.”

EnginX, at the forefront of technological innovation, revolutionizes the way engineers work by developing cutting-edge software that enhances efficiency and intelligence. In the intricate design process of machines, where complex calculations and reliance on complex datasheets can be overwhelming, EnginX steps in to simplify, standardize, and accelerate these tasks through its innovative software and automation solutions. This transformative approach by EnginX allows engineers to redirect their focus towards more difficult aspects of their work, as time-consuming calculations and component selection are seamlessly automated.

Positioned as a key player in preparing the design process for Industry 4.0, EnginX empowers organizations to make informed technical decisions swiftly. Offering web services tailored for system design, EnginX’s API seamlessly integrates data from diverse sources, freeing engineers from the hassles of navigating through various documents and unit conversions.

Saskia Eijkelhof, CEO of EnginX, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review about how her company, in the era of technological evolution, emerges as a catalyst for progress, propelling engineering endeavors to new heights.


The Inception of EnginX

In 2020, EnginX, a Dutch tech startup, emerged as a trailblazer in engineering innovation. Fueled by a shared commitment to transform early-phase engineering, the founders addressed the challenges inherent in manual calculations, component selection and iterations due to customer wishes. They embarked on a mission to standardize, digitize, and automate processes, envisioning a future where engineers could focus on innovation rather than waste time and energy on repetitive processes.

Saskia Eijkelhof, EnginX’s CEO, highlighted the motivation behind this journey: “The standard engineering process involves complex manual calculations, prone to errors and which is time-consuming. We aimed to standardize, digitize, and automate this process to minimize repetitive tasks for engineers.”

At the core of EnginX’s mission is a passion for modernizing engineering. Specializing in tools that simplify and optimize complex machine and system design, EnginX empowers engineers for successful and efficient innovation.

She further explained, “We specialize in unique tools that streamline and optimize the design process, allowing engineers to work more effectively.

EnginX’s strategy centers on empowering engineers to focus on innovation by automating complex calculations and eliminating reliance on complex and often outdated spreadsheets. The result is a streamlined, standardized design process aligned with Industry 4.0 where knowledge is secured in the software.

With EnginX’s software, engineers embrace Industry 4.0 advancements. We prioritize lasting customer relationships, ensuring engineers stay ahead in this ever-evolving field,” emphasized Ms. Eijkelhof.

Revolutionizing Engineering for a Sustainable Tomorrow

In the dynamic landscape of engineering, EnginX stands as a trailblazer, shaping the future through cutting-edge solutions and groundbreaking technology. Driven by a steadfast commitment to address pertinent market issues, EnginX adeptly navigates the complex challenges intertwined with the ongoing energy transition.

We’re dedicated to resolving societal issues linked to the energy transition, empowering our customers to seamlessly embrace and enhance green energy solutions. With expertise and unwavering dedication, EnginX plays a crucial role in creating a sustainable and resilient energy ecosystem” explains Saskia.

EnginX emerges as a linchpin, actively contributing to the adaptability of the energy infrastructure during this pivotal transition. The company is positioned as a driving force, steering a course toward cleaner and more efficient energy sources, including hydrogen and solar power.

EnginX extends its focus to revolutionize traditional manufacturing, particularly in fluid-control systems. “Our software seamlessly integrates manufacturing data, engineering standards, information about COTS goods, and physics data into one user-friendly platform. Our products, enriched with AI, are at the forefront of continuous advancements to support engineers on every step of their journey.

EnginX transcends its role as a technological innovator; it stands as a steadfast ally, committed to empowering engineers as they navigate the evolving landscape of their profession.

Fostering Diversity and Purpose-Driven Excellence

EnginX stands out for its commitment to diversity, representing a dynamic blend of generations and cultures across four continents. The inclusive ethos of the team encompasses genders, ethnicities, and various minority groups, creating a collaborative environment.

 “Everyone has the opportunity to contribute ideas, participate in decision-making, and play a key role in the company’s success.”

Beyond its focus on engineering excellence, EnginX is motivated by a sincere commitment to making a positive impact on the world. The team shares an honest and ethical mindset, striving to leave a lasting positive legacy.

Client Testimonial

The Challenge: Overworked Lead Engineer

A lead engineer within the client’s team found himself under immense pressure and stress, creating a situation where taking time off was seemingly impossible. The team’s heavy reliance on him resulted in stress and burnout, with impending project delays adding to the strain.

The Solution: EnginX’s Transformative Software

EnginX’s software solutions were introduced to alleviate the burden. The transformative change brought much-needed relief to the lead engineer, allowing him to leave work on time and reclaim his weekends. The software significantly reduced errors in project execution, streamlining the workflow and delays were something of the past.

The Outcome

With newfound efficiency, the engineer shifted focus from mundane tasks to driving innovation within the company. The positive change in the work environment was palpable, fostering a healthier and more productive atmosphere.

Currently, EnginX is guiding the client through the transition from gas-powered to solar-powered machines. The software facilitates rapid evaluation of design configurations, aiding in the selection of the most viable sustainable energy source based on economic considerations and customer preference.

Road Ahead

EnginX is actively engaged in several innovative projects, demonstrating a commitment to cutting-edge solutions and collaborative endeavors at both national and international levels. One noteworthy collaboration is with H2modus, a consortium focused on accelerating the adoption of hydrogen systems. EnginX’s platform plays a pivotal role, bringing together all necessary data to facilitate the easy design, configuration, and analysis of hydrogen systems.

Another impactful consortium that EnginX is an integral part of aims to optimize the current national energy infrastructure and electricity grid. In the Netherlands, challenges arise as the infrastructure struggles to meet increasing demands, leading to net congestion. EnginX’s platform proves instrumental by calculating possibilities and providing insights based on data from various sources combined.

A third significant project involves a collaboration with software giant SIENN partially funded by the Dutch government. The objective is to build the world’s largest smart database of technical components for engineering.

EnginX’s active participation in these initiatives underscores its dedication to advancing technology and fostering collaborative projects with a global impact.

Saskia Eijkelhof | CEO

EnginX stands at the forefront of innovation, driven by a motivated team, an exceptional product, strong partnerships, and enthusiastic customers—all under the guidance of its visionary leader, Saskia Eijkelhof. Saskia’s extensive experience in customer-facing roles at renowned B2B multinationals like Veco Precision (an IDEX company), DHL, and Zetes (a Panasonic company) has equipped her with the necessary business acumen for this leadership role. In addition to her contributions as a business coach at Radboud University’s incubator, where she gained insights into the local startup ecosystem, Saskia has also founded a previous international startup, leveraging her expertise in emerging industries.

“The world is changing rapidly, and urgent challenges such as energy transition call for a revolutionary engineering approach. EnginX provides that cutting-edge platform, pioneering the path forward in innovation.”