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Evaluate Business Risk, Financial Impact and Compliance across the Enterprise Greenlight Technologies


“Deliver a real-time decision-making environment for finance and line of business.”

Greenlight Technologies is the pioneering leader of integrated risk management for the enterprise, providing financial, operational, and security solutions. Available in the cloud or on-premise, Greenlight’s solutions are used to evaluate business risk, insider threat, Segregation of Duties or other compliance activities within all systems across the enterprise, including SAP ECC, Ariba, SuccessFactors, Workday, Concur, JD Edwards, and more.

The finance team is able to view the dollar amount of each risk to determine which ones need to be investigated further, dramatically decreasing time spent on manual reviews while ensuring compliance. Global 1000 companies rely on Greenlight Technologies to efficiently enable sustainable access compliance and transaction-control monitoring across enterprise applications and business processes.

A strategic partner with SAP, Greenlight offers next-generation SAP solutions in Financial Impact of Risk, Regulatory Compliance, Continuous Monitoring, Insider Threat, and Cyber Governance. The company was incorporated in 2004 by Anand Adya and is headquartered in Flemington, New Jersey and has offices in Pune, India and Walldorf, Germany.

Sneak Peek at the Products Offered By GreenlightGreenlight provides an enterprise-wide approach to quantifying the impact of financial and operational risk, improving the process and financial performance, and managing regulatory change and cyber governance. The solutions currently include:

Access Violation Management: A certain level of access risk is unavoidable - to eliminate it all would limit business productivity. Next generation ERPs will not change this, and controls will still be required to mitigate these risks. But for many companies, these controls are manually driven, time-consuming and costly to enforce. And locating actual exceptions can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. With AVM, enterprises are able to identify every instance where actual violations have materialized, regardless of current or past user access. They can accomplish this by automating the identification and review of materialized access violations across all users and business processes, regardless of underlying technology.

Enterprise Integration for SAP GRC: If you’re not adequately evaluating business risk, insider threat, segregation of duties or other compliance activities within Ariba, SuccessFactors and other key solutions, odds are you’ll end up with a significant audit finding. With Greenlight you can quickly ensure solutions such as Ariba and SuccessFactors are secure, respond to suspicious activity and analyze business activity for risk or compliance issues.

Firefighting Capabilities: Firefighting capabilities such as compliant emergency access and support are now available for Ariba and SuccessFactors with Greenlight ResQ. This solution provides end-to-end access lifecycle management for super users including access request, approval, credentialing, and activity auditing for chosen business applications.

Regulation Management: Regulation Management allows enterprises to confidently assess and respond to regulatory changes, accelerate compliance with new mandates, and expand controls automation across the enterprise. The application enables them to establish accountability and share best practices across key stakeholders, standardize disparate regulatory requirements, and demonstrate end to end compliance. They can centrally manage and report on regulatory requirements and prioritize the impact of changes to the business. It provides enhanced visibility and enables an organization to take a holistic approach to managing and reporting on regulatory and compliance requirements from start to finish.

Financial Performance and Risk Analytics: Strategic decision-making in fast-changing environments is complex and requires a different approach. Greenlight’s integrated Financial Performance and Risk Analytics solution enables the company to achieve the next frontier of competitiveness, profitability, and efficiency. With a focus on making a financial impact, the solution includes predictive methods, easy-to-use analytics, continuous monitoring and integrated information from multiple system domains to enable strategic decision-making, improvement actions, and Finance Transformation initiatives.

Security Risk Analytics: Existing security solutions which prevent, detect, and remediate security events operate on network, device and system level information but are often siloed and disconnected from the business risks of these security alerts and incidents. As a result, cybersecurity and response teams are often inundated with noisy, low impact security alerts and spend exhaustive efforts chasing down events which have a nominal business impact. Greenlight’s Security Risk Analytics solution is designed to work with existing security solutions to correlate the business risk to security events and alerts in order to provide streamlined, effective management of threats and improve cybersecurity posture. It leverages data from multiple sources and analyzes asset, network, business function and risk intelligence with security, compliance and incident data.

Bright Future on the Horizon

With the changing financial landscape, Greenlight is releasing advanced analytics products to enable strategic decision-making and help companies achieve finance transformation.

Greenlight’s solutions enable an organization to take a true enterprise approach to governing risks and financial performance. With more businesses investing in best-of-breed solutions and making the move to the cloud, Greenlight’s advanced integration platform ensures that they can scale as their business changes and grows. The firm’s ability to integrate with and correlate data across multiple business applications, whether on-premise or in the cloud, coupled with powerful analytics aimed at business users, delivers enterprise visibility of risk exposure and regulatory compliance from a single platform.

About the CEO

Anand Adya, Founder, and CEO: Anand has more than 15 years of experience leading technology teams as well as having worked in the management consulting field and for the information technology advisory practice at PwC. As a serial entrepreneur, he has been a founding member of two successful technology start-up organizations prior to Greenlight Technologies. As CEO of Greenlight Technologies, Anand is responsible for driving the organization’s strategic agenda, technology vision, and business operations. He is considered to be an industry thought-leader on the topic of governance, risk and compliance management and is a frequent speaker at major conferences on this domain. Anand received his MBA from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and his undergraduate degree from Indian Institute of Management.

“Our solutions are able to integrate with any system across the enterprise, automate critical but time-consuming compliance processes, and provide the finance team with actionable information to boost the bottom line.”