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An award-winning inside sales rep and manager training company focused 100% on helping sales teams sell in a virtual world: Factor 8


Factor 8 is an award-winning sales rep and manager training company focused 100% on helping sales teams sell in a virtual world. Factor 8 is not a big six consultancy, the company is not a national curriculum house, and also it is not selling books. What Factor 8 is a team of expert sales leaders who quit the daily grind so that they could spend their time developing people – their favorite part of the job. Together Factor 8 has solved the big problem: Sales Reps & Managers are not gaining the skills they need to quickly feel confident and successful long-term. That means they ramp slowly and leave quickly. Factor 8 has made the calls, done the demos, managed the teams, and forecasted the deals. Factor 8 has a better way to ensure teams hit higher revenue goals faster.

The Factor 8 story starts with Lauren\’s first sales management role back in the 90s when we still used tape recorders hooked up to desk phones. Fast forward and here\’s what LB learned: Most training sucks, selling over the phone is scary to a lot of people at first, virtual sales is a confidence sport and she hated her boss. It was time to do her own thing. Then, Factor 8 was born. The first year was spent doing favors for friends then Factor 8 started to come into focus. Factor 8 specialized in sales – virtual sales. The company was special. Word spread. Today Factor 8 still acts like this outsourced training department for sales leaders and much of its business is referral and repeat business. Totally awesome, right? At the heart of Factor8's success lies its revolutionary approach to sales training. Traditional training methods often rely on one-size-fits-all approaches, failing to account for the diverse skill sets, learning styles, and market dynamics that sales teams encounter. Factor8 recognized this gap and introduced a customized training methodology that tailors strategies to individual teams, enabling them to harness their unique strengths.

Factor8's programs encompass a holistic view of sales, focusing not only on product knowledge but also on soft skills like communication, empathy, and relationship building. By nurturing these essential attributes, Factor8 empowers sales professionals to connect with clients on a deeper level, fostering trust and long-lasting partnerships.

The Human Element

One of the most distinctive aspects of Factor8's approach is its emphasis on the human element of sales. In an era dominated by automation and digital interactions, Factor8 reminds us that successful sales hinge on authentic human connections. Their training programs guide sales teams in crafting compelling narratives, actively listening to clients' needs, and tailoring solutions that genuinely address pain points. This emphasis on empathy and personalization not only drives sales but also enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Innovative Techniques for Lasting Impact

Factor8's arsenal of innovative techniques goes beyond traditional training methods. The company leverages cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to simulate real-world sales scenarios. This immersive approach allows sales professionals to refine their skills in a risk-free environment, building confidence and competence in handling even the most complex client interactions.

Furthermore, Factor8's commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in its data-driven approach. Through detailed performance analytics and feedback loops, sales teams can identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. This iterative process ensures that training remains relevant and effective, adapting to changing market dynamics and evolving customer expectations. Factor8's transformative impact on sales teams has transcended borders, making it a global force to be reckoned with. Businesses across industries, from technology to healthcare, have experienced remarkable growth thanks to Factor8's intervention. As a testament to its success, Factor8 has garnered accolades and recognition from esteemed industry bodies, cementing its reputation as a trailblazer in the realm of sales performance.

Empowering Growth, One Sale at a Time

Factor8's journey is not just about sales; it's about empowerment, growth, and unlocking the full potential of sales teams. In an era where sales excellence is a non-negotiable, Factor8 has emerged as a beacon of hope for businesses seeking to elevate their sales strategies. Through customized training, innovative techniques, and an unyielding commitment to human connection, Factor8 has reshaped the sales landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

As we look to the future, Factor8's impact is poised to grow even further, as more businesses recognize the significance of investing in their sales teams' development. In an ever-competitive business world, Factor8 stands as a true partner in success, armed with the tools and vision to lead sales teams towards a brighter, more prosperous future.

Meet the leader behind the success of Factor 8

Lauren Bailey, President and Founder of  Factor 8 is a twenty-year veteran of the Inside Sales industry, Lauren has worked as both the Director of Sales and Director of Training while traveling the world to launch Inside Sales teams. Lauren has worked with in-house and outsourced sales teams selling outbound, inbound, via chat, direct, field-teamed, & channel. Her primary industry experience is in IT, Software, and Distribution. Corporate experience & clients include SAP, Sony, Waste Management, Ingram Micro, Grainger, Microsoft & Google. Lauren founded Factor 8 in 2007 and now also Founder of #GirlsClub, an organization committed to getting more women in Sales Management and Leadership.

“We have a better way to ensure teams hit higher revenue goals faster. It’s all we do, and we love it. You’ll love the payoff.”