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On a mission to use the power of blockchain technology to radically transform financial service: Figure


Blockchain technology has shown its ability to revolutionize different industries, even in its infancy. The features of decentralization, transparency, and immutability are appealing for business sectors all over the world, but the industry leading the way in implementation is finance. Blockchain technology is a decentralized, distributed, and public ledger that can be used to record transactions across many computers within a network. Because of its design and properties, blockchain is secure, transparent, and nearly impossible to alter. In the finance industry, this underlying technology allows the transfer of currency with confidence that the transaction is secure and reliable. Transferring money to other countries presents many problems and challenges for consumers and financial institutions. People can send billions of dollars internationally each year, and the process is usually expensive, laborious, and error prone. Blockchain can change all that. Many major banks have adopted international payments with blockchain technology, which saves time and money. Consumers can also use blockchain money transfers to complete electronic transfers with mobile devices, avoiding the cumbersome process of visiting a money transfer facility, standing in line, and paying fees for a transaction.

Figure is transforming the trillion-dollar financial services industry using blockchain technology. In three short years, Figure has unveiled a series of fintech firsts using the Provenance Blockchain for loan origination, equity management, private fund services, banking, and payments sectors - bringing speed, efficiency, and savings to both consumers and institutions. Today, Figure is one of less than a thousand companies considered a unicorn, globally.

Offering Robust Blockchain Platform for Financial Sector

Figure Equity Solutions: It offers a comprehensive and immutable way to manage, track, and report equity. Equipped with industry-best standard features that are easy to use and keep your cap table accurate including digital securities issuance and 409A valuation. The platform combines the distributed, trustless, and immutable characteristics of blockchain with the functions of the ledger, registry, and a trading platform for assets and markets - driving efficiency, affordability, and liquidity for private companies. Focus on growth with confidence, reduce errors, and track corporate actions immutably. Offer liquidity to investors and employees. Realize liquidation faster and track investments more precisely with the latest information about due diligence and vesting. Feel more invested with transparent reporting and flexible opportunities to exercise stock options and participate in secondaries. Leverage the power of Equity Solutions combined with Figure’s SEC-registered trading platform to access bilateral trading, with instant settlement and minimal counterparty risk. Private companies can conduct liquidity events on Figure’s ATS platform with full control of timing and events. Access a liquid market that allows eligible investors and sellers to transact seamlessly – like trading a public stock on an exchange.

Digital Fund Services : The first end-to-end blockchain solution that combines tools for digital fundraising and ongoing fund management with a primary marketplace for raising capital and a secondary marketplace for trading fund interests. Figure Digital Fund Services offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help fund managers create, raise and manage private funds digitally on blockchain. With a suite of tools for digital fundraising and ongoing management, connected to a marketplace for raising capital and secondary trading of fund interests. Using blockchain to digitize antiquated, paper-based processes, freeing up time and resources for fund managers to focus on what they do best. Transform the management of, and expand the eligible investor base for previously illiquid strategies with a blockchain enabled marketplace for secondary trading of fund interests. Figure uses blockchain to streamline and digitize processes and reduce time and money spent on services from “trusted helpers.” The Digital Fund Services offering is a comprehensive suite of solutions for non-investment related functions, connected to a marketplace for digitally issued fund interests that offers new avenues for discovery and distribution.

Primary Raise: Use Figure’s comprehensive platform to digitally facilitate a primary capital raise. Post-close the Company’s cap table seamlessly updates. Secondary trading can be enabled on Figure Marketplace to provide liquidity to employees and early investors. A complete end-to-end equity management solution that handles cap table management and digital fundraising – all-in-one platform. Raise capital effortlessly. Always know your cap table is in a valid state. Transform days of effort into minutes around your next capital raise. Figure’s platform transforms weeks of prep and post-close cap table updates into minutes. Private companies now have a streamlined way to manage their equity with Figure Equity Platform and Figure Marketplace. Fundraise with general solicitation or invite-only; digital experience for your investors; seamless updates to cap table post-close. Securely and confidentially verifies investor accreditation and performs KYC/AML/BSA checks on global individuals and entities. Investors can leverage their passport for multiple offerings on Provenance Blockchain eliminating redundant processes.

Mike Cagney | Co-Founder and CEO

"Using the trading platform, private companies can offer liquidity to investors and employees. Investors can discover new private investment opportunities. Employees can unlock liquidity."