August Special Edition 2021

Fluidly – Fundamentally rethinking the way businesses plan and manage their finances, from cashflow to funding


Cashflow is the ultimate measure of how a business is doing – and that makes cashflow a vital indicator for investors when analysing whether a company is making money, or losing money. Before potential investors will consider putting funds into your business, they’ll want to know that the company is in good financial health. In other words, they’ll want to see good revenues, solid accounts and a positive cashflow position – giving investors real security that they’ll see a healthy return on investment (ROI) from any funds they invest. So with cashflow giving the clearest overview of business performance, it’s vital to provide banks, lenders and private investors the most detailed view possible of your cash.

Fluidly is one such firm that defines a new category of Intelligent Cash flow to help business owners sleep better at night by assisting them to get cash in the bank when they actually need it. The company combines financial data and machine learning to automate cash flow forecasting, providing an exact look at what's going on in a business's finances. It also offers insights into the best next course of action, whether that's chasing an overdue invoice or considering a smart funding option. The company has been recognized in the Wired Top 100 European startups, as one of the 'Hot 10' in the Fintech50, as well as winning the 2020 Xero Practice App of the Year award. Fluidly is backed by leading financial technology investors (Octopus, Nyca, and Anthemis) and have a diverse, top-tier team across the board, drawn from leading firms and universities. The firm is working with businesses and accountants across the UK to achieve just that.

Cutting-Edge Cash Flow Services Offered

Cash Forecast: Company's real-time cash flow software connects with your accounting ledger and automatically builds you an accurate forecast that's always up-to-date. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, and hello to a new way of understanding your cash position. While spreadsheets are useful, they rely on you manually inputting accurate data almost always which, most business owners don't have time for. Fluidly, one can analyze transactions, all day, every day, to give you an up-to-date cash position. If a customer just started paying late, the firm will instantly update the predictions to show future payments coming in late too. Fluidly's automated cashflow software connects with your Xero or QuickBooks ledger to instantly produce an up-to-date forecast, just like magic.

Intelligent scenario planning: Being able to adapt in business is crucial, whether it's adjusting costs or a hiring plan, but before you make a change, it's essential to understand the implications. Start planning and make smart decisions for your business now. Plan feature sits on top of existing automated cash flow forecasts to help companies to prepare for 'what if' scenarios and for accountants to assist their clients with different modeling options. The firm takes your forecast as the base and guides you through elements to consider making adjustments or additions to, using simple sliders to increase or decrease values at the right time.

Tailored Business Funding: Getting funding is historically a long and complicated pain point for business owners. You can stop wasting hours trawling different options now and use tailored options. Having cash in the bank when it's needed is the biggest problem facing small businesses. With Fluidly, not only can the forecast tool let you know when money is running low but can match you with lenders to find pre-qualified funding offers. The firm is passionate about getting business owners the right amount of cash at the best rate.

The Leader Upfront

Caroline Plumb OBE serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Fluidly. She's on a mission to help businesses sleep more soundly by forecasting and optimizing their cash flow, so they never worry about the finances. Ms. Caroline is also one of the Prime Minister's Business Ambassadors, representing the Professional Services sector, and serves as a non-executive director of AIM-listed Mercia Technologies. She previously co-founded consultancy FreshMinds. She has a First Class degree in Engineering, Economics, and Management from Oxford University and was awarded an OBE in the Queen's 90th Birthday Honours List in 2016.

“From our fantastic engineers, who are dedicated to building a world-class product, to our funding team, we want to help business owners sleep better with our brand new way of thinking about cashflow.”