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Good Deeds Canada – Cultivating a Diverse and Inclusive Environment through Equality, Kindness, Trust, and Compassion for All


Imagine if the whole world was a kinder place. What a difference that would make. Practicing the art of kindness and giving isn’t just about digging deep for charity: it’s showing compassion and thoughtfulness towards others, a spur-of-the-moment act of generosity, or a valued commitment to volunteer for a cause you believe in.

At a time when kindness and compassion are needed more than ever, Good Deeds Canada, an innovative Toronto-based company, is rallied behind the acts of sharing and sustainable living. Good Deeds is the first-ever free, non-monetized digital marketplace where users can exchange free items, services, and experiences with each other with free virtual credits instead of money. With a mantra of “Do Good, Feel Better” that drives every aspect of its operations, Good Deeds is creating a continuous cycle of kindness by promoting and rewarding users for doing good in their communities, country, and the world.

Amber Yakutchik, Founder & CEO of Good Deeds Canada, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review on how her company is on a mission to build stronger and more sustainable communities one good deed at a time.

Interview Highlights

Q. What’s your story, and what led to the establishment of Good Deeds?

With over 18 years of professional experience in the Canadian healthcare industry, I witnessed firsthand that the aging population is one of the biggest concerns faced by our nation. It came to my mind that it would be ideal for the younger members of our communities to go the extra mile in lending a helping hand to support seniors while they aged gracefully in the comforts of their homes.

At about the same time, I researched the natural benefits of giving, including improved social, environmental, and mental health benefits. And since most members of the younger generation already spend a great deal of time in front of their mobile devices, I thought, why not create an app that rewards the act of giving and assisting vulnerable populations? And that passion gradually grew and shaped the beginning of the Good Deeds concept.

Q. How is Good Deeds promoting the act of reciprocity?

Good Deeds is an intuitive platform that encourages users or do-gooders as we call them, to give in the form of donations or acts of kindness, such as providing a skill or service free of charge. Do-gooders earn virtual in-app credits that they can spend on good deeds contributed by others on the platform. We create a positive ecosystem that inspires a cycle of kindness and generosity through reciprocity.

Essentially, we wanted to create a proactively generous world where there would be no ulterior motive behind a gift and where kindness is the only currency that matters. That’s why do-gooders exclusively receive our virtual credits by demonstrating acts of kindness on the platform or by participating in Good Deeds campaigns. There is no third option to purchase Good Deeds credits with fiat currency.

Q. ‘Our platform blurs the socioeconomic status of its citizens and promotes equality, trust, dignity, respect, and compassion for all mankind.’ Splendid. Would you like to elaborate on this a bit more?

We rate our platform as (E) for everyone. The Good Deeds initiative welcomes and celebrates do-gooders from all backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if a do-gooder works as a freelancer in the emerging gig economy, someone with a side hustle as a performer, volunteers at an NPO or local charity. We truly appreciate every person who wishes to make a positive impact in the lives of their fellow humans.

We believe that every contribution goes a long way, regardless of socioeconomic status and that every person has the heart and natural inclination to lend a helping hand. And it’s not about the size of your contribution that matters, but the sheer act of kindness in taking the time and effort to slow down from your busy life to brighten another person’s day.

It is safe to say that most people have some form of decluttering to do in their homes or a skill they can share. Good Deeds provides the opportunity for everyone to get together and turn those thoughts of kindness into meaningful action. The same idea applies to companies of all sizes, whether you’re a startup, an SMB, or an enterprise.

Q. Can you brief us on how Good Deeds is building stronger and more sustainable communities?

We believe that Good Deeds will serve as the perfect springboard for individuals and groups who intend to give but always lack the opportunity to do so. In that sense, we can help bridge conversations and start the ball rolling to realize a better world.

Also, we believe in fostering camaraderie among fellow do-gooders. If individuals are in need, the community can unite skills and resources to help them emerge from scraping by, eventually grow, and thrive. It’s quite like an “all-for-one, one-for-all” concept, where our platform promotes generosity as the building block for stronger and sustainable relationships.

Q. What is the Good Deeds Challenge? How can people participate in it?

The Good Deeds Challenge was an idea that came up when I considered the recent events and the state of things worldwide. It was beautiful how communities remained positive and supportive through social media outlets despite the challenges in the immediate present. People shared heart-warming videos and messages from various parts of the world, advancing the familiar narrative of resilience, care, and love.The Good Deeds Challenge taps on that wonderful community spirit through social media, but on a national scale. Essentially, we welcome all people far and wide to share their acts of kindness via social media by posting their good deeds on Instagram and TikTok and tagging us @gooddeedsllc.

Our challenge will span across April in observance of international volunteer month. We will accept all entries; compile them in a montage at the end of the month, which we will publish on our official site and socials in recognition that no act of kindness goes unnoticed.

Q. Will Good Deeds bring on new initiatives to encourage fellow Canadians and others to be a part of the change?

Yes, there are more community-building projects with charities and NPOs in the pipeline, and we look forward to sharing them with our do-gooders real soon. For the moment, we have partnered with Canadian Blood Services to reward and promote the contributions of plasma and blood donors throughout April.

Q. What plans for transformation are you pursuing to remain relevant now and in the future?

We believe that mobile technology remains an essential driver of communication and action in the modern digital world. Therefore, we plan to launch a full mobile Good Deeds application within six to twelve months.

Also, we believe that Good Deeds is a universal initiative, so we have goals to develop and spread the mission to other parts of the globe, such as the US, UK, Asia, and Africa. Eventually, we would like to normalize the Good Deeds approach and make giving an accessible and highly satisfying process.

Q. Is there anything else you want us to highlight that we might have missed?

“Do good, feel better” is more than a cool catchphrase or slogan. Our rewarding platform adds to the scientifically documented natural benefits of giving, such as stress release and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. We invite do-gooders of all ages to join the platform, to make giving a healthy lifelong practice.

Also, we’d like to have companies and businesses become a part of the Good Deeds movement, to share the ongoing initiative with employees and clients, perhaps as a part of their corporate responsibility initiatives. We welcome leaders of interest groups and organizations to support our platform and reach out to us if they have any ideas for impactful partnerships.

The Benevolent Leader Upfront

Amber Yakutchik is the founder and CEO of Good Deeds Canada. She is no stranger to the profound impact of care and kindness, having over 18 years of experience in the Canadian healthcare industry. Her unbridled passion for the act of giving led to the founding of Good Deeds.

Through Good Deeds, Amber aims to improve relationships by nurturing the natural connection between each person regardless of their differences. Amber dedicated years toward researching the lasting emotional and physical health benefits of generous giving and plans to inspire greater awareness and widespread practice through a meaningful rewards system.

“Good Deeds provides the opportunity for everyone to get together and turn thoughts of kindness into meaningful action.”

“We want to normalize the Good Deeds approach and make giving an accessible and highly satisfying process.”