October Monthly Special 2022

Innovative coaching solutions to build high-performance sales teams: Groval Euler’s Consulting

In the competitive world we live in, a skilled sales team forms the backbone of a successful business. It ensures growth and garners more customers and profits for enterprises. The sales teams represent the company as they are the ones who interact with customers and hence play a crucial role in brand-building. Hence the right training for the sales team is of utmost importance. Globally, there are various companies that provide excellent sales training and coaching to sales teams of companies, Groval Euler’s stands out among them.

Groval Euler’s is a Management Consulting Company enabling Sales Performance, Service Performance and Leadership development. With its customized Sales Training and Business Coaching, the company helps the salespeople achieve their sales results, their personal growth ambitions, and the business KPIs of the organisation (Key Performance Indicators). Ultimately, sales capability engagements lead to higher chances of business growth, a better sales culture, employee brand building and a better market presence. Groval Euler’s support the business growth aspirations for a wide variety of industries, with varying sizes (MSME, Global MNCs and large Corporations) having different business formats (B2B, B2C, B2B2C), located across the globe. Sales team development basically leads to greater possibilities of business success. Through Service team training and coaching, it helps the organization achieve better retention of customers. The company supports the teams to achieve better Service KPIs (Key performance indicators). Groval Euler’s help progressively build and sustain CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and NPS (Net promoter score). The business goal is to strengthen its existing customers and progressively win opportunities.

The progressive development of leadership capabilities is crucial for the development of organisation. Therefore, Groval Euler’s assesses and develops the leadership capabilities to enable the growth objectives of the organisations. Leadership teams can certainly enable high performance teams. Involvement of leadership can build a greater success in Sales training and business coaching. Encouragement from CEOs and board level can certainly help Sales transformation initiatives. In this fast-changing world, it has a good mix of online and offline engagements, optimizing the resources of the organisation to deliver precise business KPIs and building the appropriate people strategy. The company has been able to create a positive impact for the participant companies and Groval Euler’s is steadily innovating its approaches to suit the requirements of organisations.

Key Account Management

Key account management (KAM) is one of the most important cultural changes in the sales approach that has evolved in the business landscape over the years. KAM is a unique organizational process used by business-to-business suppliers to manage their relationships with strategically-important customers. It produces measurable business benefits for both the organisations. KAM initiative has to be customized to your business to be able to make it simple, effective and Implementable .Beyond “selling big,” key account management requires Vision, organizational and operational commitment to do it properly. Groval Euler’s key relationships can deliver outstanding results, but only with a robust and structured relationship management process. Enabling a simple and powerful Key account Management Framework relevant to its business is the key. Achieving success in key account management has become more complex and more significant in ensuring growth excellence in the world that is full of options. Key account Management requires building up a sustainable sales culture having elements of Trust, Care and Credibility embedded into the practice.

Achieving Sales Growth

You might need a sounding board to share your plans and get fresh perspectives. The objective of Achieving Sales Growth (ASG) workouts is to simplify the whole ambition of sales growth and create momentum to enable results. These grounded conversations aim to bring clarity on effort management and enable the right preparation to perform well. Such conversations can also lead the participant to take some crucial decisions about business. Groval Euler’s work with the Coachee on One on One mode to initiate a well-defined Growth path. It also does a thorough homework to make sure that each session is an enriching experience to the Coach. The team gives assignments and training material to the coach to work upon, before Groval Euler’s engage for the next session. These sessions are highly personalized and are designed to inspire the achievement of professional goals.Practical application through customized assignments make these engagements a deep learning experience. Groval Euler’s make all efforts to understand the uniqueness of each coach and that makes a lot of difference to the learning process.

Meet the Leader

Dinkar Rao, Managing Director of Groval Euler’s has worked with many organizations on various high impact consulting and coaching projects related to people strategy. He has a rich experience as an International Partner and Sales Coach. He is also engaged in developing the leadership capabilities of Senior Management. He has coached young high potential talent from various MNCs and Indian Companies.

He has helped to develop the skills and behavior of over 11000+ resources from various business functions. He is a sought after Sales and business coach for many organizations. He is also involved in the leadership capability assessment and development of high profile MNCs and Indian companies.

“Groval Euler’s help progressively build and sustain CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and NPS (Net promoter score). The business goal is to strengthen its existing customers and progressively win opportunities.”