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Hanatech IoT Inc. – Improving business performance and revenue by harnessing the power of smart IoT technology


Hanatech IoT Inc. specializes in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) to create intelligent, connected systems that optimize efficiency, safety, and sustainability. AI and ML are technologies that allow machines to learn and adapt to changing conditions, making them highly effective at analyzing and interpreting complex data. The company is proud to be at the forefront of the smart technology revolution, and its team of experts is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its customers.

Together, these technologies allow the company to create highly efficient and intelligent systems, which is where its expertise in the areas of smart buildings, sub-metering, smart parking, and smart agriculture come into play. Smart buildings, for example, leverage IoT sensors and data analytics to create optimal environmental conditions, improve energy efficiency, and enhance security. With cutting-edge solutions, you can easily monitor and control your building’s heating, cooling, and lighting systems, and optimize energy consumption in real time.

Sub-metering is another powerful application of its technology, which allows you to accurately measure and track energy usage at a granular level. This not only helps you save money by identifying and reducing wasteful consumption but also helps you comply with regulations and meet sustainability targets. Smart parking is yet another area where these solutions can make a big impact. Its IoT-based parking solutions provide real-time information on parking availability and traffic flow, helping drivers find the most convenient spots and reducing traffic congestion and dynamic pricing, and fully automated parking.

Bringing Smart IT to Life with Robust Solutions

Business Continuity Solution: Downtime can be disastrous to business operations. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are continually generating more data and it is crucial to have data protection in place to avoid security breaches and downtime. 1 in 5 SMBs report they have fallen to some ransomware attack and PWC reports 70% of SMBs went out of business within a year after major data loss. Backup alone is not enough. You also need disaster recovery to keep your business prepared for restoration of operations.

With Hanatech’s business continuity solution, you are 4X more likely to recover from cyber-attacks as your network devices are monitored and identified risks averted before they result in downtime. If disasters occur, they ensure your operations are equipped to be restored in little time.

Managed IT Support: Focus your core business with 24/7 monitoring and management of all your IT assets including: systems, software, devices and virtual resources. Operations are a key part of every business and downtime usually results in loss of revenues and productive hours for organizations. Hence, it is necessary for small and medium businesses to find quick resolutions to any problems encountered to ensure their business is back up and running after repairs have taken place.

Small and medium businesses have variety of challenges like insufficient staff, network security issues and operating on a tight budget. These make it difficult for business needs to be resolved in timely manner. Having Hanatech as your service provider, helps overcome the earlier highlighted issues as they can meet all your business needs with their team of diverse engineers and experts. For a fixed fee, Hanatech provides a free network assessment and select services for clients.

Network Security & Structures: Generally, small and medium businesses (SMBs) believe their business operations are protected from all security threats through the use of data firewalls, antivirus software’s and two-factor authentication. Unfortunately, there is a need for added layers of security due to the changing landscape of security threats on the rise such as ransomware, phishing, malwares and other malicious activities.

Now, more data which are vital to business operations are been generated by SMBs. This has led to SMBs becoming the primary target of cyber-attacks. About 60% of these organizations go out of business 6 months after a breach due to unpreparedness. Hence, it is important to ensure all workstations and organizational assets are protected from damages. With Hanatech, you will have a secure network with improved availability and reduced vulnerabilities from attacks.

Remote Monitoring & Management: With flexible and scalable virtualization solutions, you can gain access to your office desktops from anywhere at any time, reducing your IT assets management costs. Network infrastructures are a key part of business operations and must be monitored all the time to prevent downtime from security threats and disruptions to operations. Alongside monitoring security threats, it is important to regularly check health status of devices, storage, backups and notification alerts for unusual events.

Hanatech is well equipped to monitor your network devices across operating systems and platforms. They ensure your business IT systems remain secured with adequate maintenance and avert identified threats before they result in downtime for operations.

Hybrid Cloud Services: An integrated, flexible Cloud Services & Solutions enabling your business to grow without the need of increasing costly on-site IT resources. Network infrastructures require huge capital expenses and this is almost impossible for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to afford. This is due to the high cost of assets like servers, routers, switches and data center services which are capital intensive. Cloud service solutions are easily flexible and scalable to changing business needs.

Hanatech is offering integrated and flexible cloud services enabling your business to grow without the need of increasing costly on-site IT resources. This would help change your business model from capital expenditures to operating expenditures which would better suit SMB cashflow. They provide reliable support, management and security for your business assets on site and also on cloud.

Ali Nafarieh | Co-Founder and CEO

Ali, an Electrical Engineer with a focus on the IT field, holds MSc in Electrical Engineering and PhD in Internet working Engineering from Dalhousie University. With over 15 years of IT experience, he has led many local and international IT projects. He is an active senior lecturer at Dalhousie University in the Internet Working Engineering.

In 2013 he founded Hanatech Inc. with Ali Hamidi, to provide edge technology to SMBs and Commercial and Residential buildings. Through his leadership, Hanatech has introduced advanced IT services for SMBs, cloud-based technologies, SDN-based architecture migration, and IoT-enabled environments.

“With a tailored approach, we harness the power of smart technology to help you grow your business.”