50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2019

Imprivata – Enabling healthcare securely by establishing trust between people, technology, and information


In today’s world Information Technology is involved in the design, development, creation, use, and maintenance of information systems for the healthcare industry. Automated and interoperable healthcare information systems will continue to improve medical care and public health, lower costs, increase efficiency, reduce errors and improve patient satisfaction, while also optimizing reimbursement for ambulatory and inpatient healthcare providers.

One such firm which brings both Information Technology and healthcare togetherunder one roof is Imprivata.

Imprivata establishes trust and streamlines clinical workflows by offering positive identity, ubiquitous access, and multifactor authentication solutions. Imprivata enables healthcare securely – a simple promise with a complex path. In 2002, the company invested many hours listening to prospective customers across numerous verticals. They learned what caused frustration and what was missing from existing tech toolkits, sparking the passion for balancing security and convenience – a passion that continues to this day.


Work isn’t just about earning a paycheck. Spending time with the same people each day should be an enjoyable and meaningful experience. The company is building a global community that is united by its commitment toits customers, company values, and philanthropic outlook with a sense of community spirit.


Customers for life

At Imprivata, the goal is to deliver a signature experience, based on providing value through positive outcomes that ensure they create customers for life.

The courage of your convictions

The firm wants its employees to have a voice and step outside of their comfort zone to challenge the norm, change the game, and make their mark.


The company strives to do right by its employees and customers. They hold themselves to high standards and treat each other with respect.


The passion that its employees bring to work every day creates undeniable energy that drives the firm to transform the healthcare industry.

Imprivata’s trusted digital identities

Digital identity is the cornerstone of what the firm does, enabling effective, efficient, secure, and compliant access and management for the systems, applications, and data that providers need to deliver quality care. It also provides access to clinical workflows, scalability, security, and compliance in mind. They're committed to progress and innovation, all in support of customers' needs – now and in the future.

Strategic partnership ecosystem

Imprivata integrates with core strategic investments of healthcare organizations to ensure ROI not only of Imprivata solutions but of other technology investments as well – such as EHR vendors like Cerner and Epic. They actively maintain and expand upon a strategic partnership ecosystem in all of the right places: clinical access and patient identification, virtualization and desktop delivery, clinical mobility and communication, and medical devices.

Global clinical experience

Imprivata is uniquely positioned to enable healthcare securely not just because of our solutions and partner ecosystem, but also because we understand healthcare and clinical workflows. In fact, Imprivata boasts a global clinical team that understands the problems that care providers – and healthcare as a whole – are facing, and who are dedicated to solving clinical problems and ensuring success.

The Imprivata advantage

The company’s history, market presence, and understanding of clinical workflows enable them to continue to solve the challenges healthcare organizations face today, as well as the challenges healthcare organizations will face in the future.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Imprivata OneSign® offers a single sign-on (SSO) solution that enables care providers to spend less time with technology and more time with patients. By eliminating the need to repeatedly type usernames and passwords, Imprivata OneSign allows providers to quickly and securely access clinical and administrative applications, which streamlines clinical workflows and drives EHR adoption.

Care providers regularly need to remember eight or more application passwords. Security best practices require those passwords to be unique, strong and frequently changed. In the absence of an SSO solution, it’s no wonder care providers write passwords down, stick them to the monitor, or just forget them.

Multifactor authentication platform

Imprivata Confirm ID is the comprehensive identity and multifactor authentication platform for healthcare. The need for holistic, enterprise-wide multifactor authentication in healthcare has never been greater, and Imprivata Confirm ID provides a secure, auditable chain of trust wherever, whenever, and however users interact with the patient record.

Imprivata Virtual Desktop Access

Imprivata OneSign® gives care providers fast and easy access to their Citrix- or VMware-based virtual desktops. By replacing repetitive, manual log-ins with automated processes, Imprivata OneSign helps providers obtain information more efficiently, so they can spend more time with patients.

Imprivata Virtual Desktop Access provides fast access to virtual desktops that ‘follow’ care providers as they move around a hospital, maintaining the state of their systems and applications as they change locations and devices. That lets care providers leverage virtualization for more efficient care delivery while maintaining compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements.

The leader behind the glory of Imprivata

Gus Malezis is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Imprivata. Mr. Gus is widely recognized as a visionary leader in the information technology security industry where he brings more than 30 years of experience driving innovation and growth while building market-leading organizations.Prior to joining Imprivata, he was most recently the President of Tripwire, a leading global provider of endpoint detection and response, security and compliance solutions. In his career, he has built a strong track record of delivering growth and innovation for leading technology and security companies such as Tripwire, McAfee, and 3Com.

He combines extensive knowledge of global markets including North America, Europe, and Asia with strong technical knowledge and a passion for enabling customer success in the rapidly changing IT marketplace. Gus has extensive background and expertise in information security and compliance, networking, network systems management, CRM, and application design and development.Gus studied Computer Science and Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

“To ensure the success of our customers, our collaborative teams work with leaders of diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.”