30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2021

Incredible Health – Helping healthcare professionals find and do their best work and dramatically speed up the hiring process


According to recent statistical claim by 2024 the US will have a shortage of a million nurses which poses a risk of financial loss to hospitals, as contractors cost more to employ, while also contending that a growing number of unfilled nursing vacancies risks the quality of care hospitals are able to offer patients. Hospitals can’t browse all available nurses; they only see candidates the algorithm selects for them, so, as with nurses, they’re trading wider visibility of the job market for algorithmic matches based on non-disclosed “proprietary” criteria. Therefore, nurses need to spend a few minutes creating a profile and then watch as the great job offers to roll in.

Incredible Health is one such firm whose pitch to nursing professionals and hospitals is faster and more efficient hiring via proprietary matching algorithms which replace the need for hospitals to manually sift applications. Instead the platform matches job seekers to nursing vacancies based on criteria supplied by both sides of its network. Using the latest in automation, data and recruiting technology, the firm is able to provide a fantastic experience for both sides, while addressing its customers’ mission-critical needs, having enough exceptional staff to deliver top-quality care to patients, while also driving revenue and reducing costs.  The team is a fun, diverse, and senior team of experienced professionals who have worked in healthcare, technology, consumer and enterprise software across multiple functions. The team includes medical doctors, registered nurses, software engineers, designers, marketers, and sales leaders.

How it works

Showcase: Create your hospital profile. Most candidates don’t simply pick the highest offer, but are looking for the best personal fit. So this is the place to make your organization shine

Search: Browse a set of fully vetted, licensed candidates. All nurses are screened for over 40 specialties, education, experience, malpractice records and valid certifications

Connect: Send personalized interview requests to candidates you would like to meet. Since the candidates are actively looking to advance, 90% of candidates respond within a couple days

Hire: Accelerate your interview process and Days to Fill. Make the best hire in less than 20 days

Nursing CEU’s

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are a way for nurses and regulating boards or agencies to measure progress toward continuing education goals. A set amount of CEUs, contact hours, or credits is required in many states in order to maintain and renew your nursing license. Nurses in many states must earn CEUs in order to renew their license. In addition, continuing education courses provide nurses with a way to further their professional competency in key topics and skills. Many employers have their own continuing education requirements for nurses. With Incredible Health, all US nurses, including Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs), and Nurse Practitioners (NPs), can access courses for free to fulfill their continuing education requirements for license renewal.

The pre-eminent leader

Iman Abuzeid, MD is the Co-Founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Incredible Health. Ms. Iman is Incredible Health’s resident health and business nerd. A former medical doctor, she’s a McKinsey alumnus and led product management at health tech startups. She also fit in getting a Wharton MBA somewhere in-between. As CEO, she champions Incredible Health’s mission of helping healthcare professionals live better lives, and find and do their best work. To date, Incredible Health is used by hundreds of hospitals across the US, and has raised $17 million from top tier firms like Andreessen Horowitz to fuel its mission. Her immediate family has three surgeons, and as a doctor herself, she understands the importance of choosing the right stepping stones in a clinical career. It’s what drives her belief in Incredible Health and its potential to reliably help clinicians manage their career.

“Incredible Health is the most efficient use of recruiters’ valuable time and saves you costly overages on travel nurses.”