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Daniel Daboczy, CEO: “The heart of Influencio is all about recovering content sharing and reclaiming it from web 2.0 giant corporations, decentralising and redistributing the power to the people”


It is well-known that digital presence plays a major role in a business’ marketing strategy—but what is even more rewarding is the fact that you can monetise social media. The process of generating revenue using social media can be achieved in a number of ways, like building your community, optimising your profiles, and defining your niche. Ultimately, the factors that influence your growth will depend on your product, the technology available, the level of insights, and the social channel you use. It is very important for an influencer to understand WHO they are speaking to and what are the pain points, desires, and common challenges that must not be overlooked.

Globally there are various companies delivering excellent solutions for influencers to monetize their following, but stands out from the rest. Influencio is the new generation of social amplification and monetisation platform that takes the current social media systems and gives them superpowers. It is the first of its kind to amplify the effects and benefits of a social media platform where established influencers, high-growth micro-influencers, and their followers can monetise, grow their following and gain from their interactions.

In conversation with Daniel Daboczy, CEO of

Q. What was the motivation behind starting

My last big venture was Europe’s fastest-growing equity and reward-based crowdfunding platform called FundedByMe, where we helped to fund over 650 companies. Even during those days, I kept thinking how much more effective it would be to engage small and medium influencers – like you and me – for marketing those companies and crowdfunding. Fast forward to recent times, I started looking at the influencer marketing industry in more, its pros and cons, and analysing friction points. On one hand, it is a promising and growing industry: this year, the market is projected to expand to a whopping $16.4 billion industry. On the other hand, social media networks generate profits from increased traffic and engagement in the form of billions of dollars in ad revenue, whilst consumers only benefit from utilizing the platform. These advantages are unfair, which is why Influencio’s features enable users - both influencers and followers - to monetize their social impact. This is how the inspiration to create Influencio – built by a team of influencers for influencers – came about.

Q. To manage enormous amount of data must be a challenging task. Tell us about your data management system.

Data has been long called to be the new gold. It is even more true nowadays, with the Web 3.0 being built in parallel to our everyday ‘normal’ way of doing business. Our tech team is building a unique Influencio platform that will be capable of automatically tracking, assessing, and monetising influencer and follower engagements both across regular social media channels and throughout the new world of blockchain and metaverses.

Q. Compliance is important for any organization. What are the measures you adopt to comply with regulations?

Trust and compliance are our guiding principles. One of our main partners helping build Influencio is Technicorum and its subsidiary Gravitas International Associates. The latter one is certified by the Singapore Fintech Association and is closely monitored. This in turn means that we have created robust internal compliance policies and procedures. For example, there is a separate team responsible to ensure KYC compliance for INFLUENCE token purchases done by our clients.

Q. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

I strongly believe the best advice for anyone starting out, regardless of their current stage in life, is to not be afraid to take risks and follow your dreams. It really is that simple. Yes, it may sound cliché, but it actually is something that I can clearly see after so many years of business experience under my belt. Well, just look at my case. I came from the traditional art world into the fintech industry to build a crowdfunding company. It took me up a steep learning curve, but I managed to build meaningful service – as it was my goal at the time. Since then, I have entered yet another unexplored territory of the blockchain and crypto world to seize the opportunity to build great products and services. Looking back, I would have never guessed I would end up in this industry and in this situation. But here I am today, taking the risky path again.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Our tech team is currently building an MVP of Influencio’s dashboard. There are still a few steps left to go before we can go public and announce more details about it. However, I can reveal that it is going to be a super convenient and effective tool for influencers to monetize their relationship with followers. Influencio dashboard will connect brand campaign requests with relevant influencers with only a few clicks of the button. Our proprietary software will then do its magic and analyse the success of the campaign. It sounds simple, but, of course, there are many moving parts to it for us to manage. Later on, we will start working on the next building blocks of Influencio, such as GameFi (online kart game), Metaverse, and others. Exciting times ahead!

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

The future is definitely bright. We are disruptors and pioneers here at Influencio. The path we are currently taking is far from the easiest one. Our big vision is to change how social media platforms are constructed and how engagement between brands, influencers, and followers is conducted. As you can imagine, it is not a small feat to take upon such a challenge. But we are grateful for all of the support received from our investors and our dedicated community. Here at Influencio we are building the product and work with our influencers every day. I am sure our early supporters will be excited to see new product updates coming out soon. Our influencer community is eager to try out new tools of Influencio and our team will not disappoint them with what is coming next. I hope we can come back to talk about Influencio after a year and meet the better, bigger, smarter version of us!

Meet the leader behind the success of

Daniel Daboczy, CEO of is a leader in the blockchain and crowdfunding industry, and has received numerous awards and distinctions including “Disruptor of the Year,” “European Fintech Awards,” “Supertalent- category Financial Prodigies,” winner of Digital Winners Award “No Guts - No Glory” by Telenor Norway,  “Best Service Provider - Finalist,” winner of the Nordic “Best Service Provider Awards,” winner of the “White Bull Bully Award,”  and winner of Sollos Memorial Fund’s “An Entrepreneurial Initiative Worthy of Encouragement.” His company was also listed as one of Wired UK’s Top 100 Startups and one of Internet World’s 100 Top Websites. Prior to FundedByMe, Daboczy also led the online video hosting service Dabber as its CEO.

“Influencio mixes classic word-of-mouth and influencer marketing principles with gamification and methods that have helped to build and empower communities within token economies”