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Infowatch – The watchdog of your confidential data and information

“One can have data without information, but one cannot have information without data” – Daniel Keys Moran

Data is critical to any organization dealing in any kind of business. Because depending on that a company can follow up with its research and work. InfoWatch is not a single entity rather a group of companies dedicated to develop and dispatch up-to-date technologies and solutions for preventing loss of data and protection o f the same. Intellectual property protection, customer experience and reputation management are few other areas that Infowatch specializes in. Also it looks into Risk management and compliance solutions.

InfoWatch Group consists of four companies within the information security industry:
• InfoWatch Ltd. (data leakage prevention software),
• Kribrum Ltd. (social media monitoring and analysis aimed at online reputation management),
• EgoSecure GmbH (end-point security software), and
• Appercut (business application source code analysis).

What it has to offer?
InfoWatch software solutions are designed to control the handling of corporate data and protect it from being leaked or inappropriately shared, and to minimize the risks associated with the transmission of information.

Integrated DLP system
Endpoint protection
• INFOWATCH APPERCUT Monitoring of changes to business application code

Areas of Specialization
• Confidential Information Protection
• Investigation of Information Security Incidents
• Risk Management
• Regulatory Compliance
• Corporate Reputation Management
• Business Process Optimization

Infowatch has joined hands with few of the top Technology providers –
• HP
• Kaspersky
• Aladdin
• Blue coat
• CYAN Network Security

Infowatch functions by first monitoring and keeping a close watch of the movement of data at all stages. It begins with auditing, i.e., what and where is it stored. Then comes identifying the content paths for the transfer of information; from who to who will this information be transferred and what amount and category of data is being transferred. And this whole process ends with the use of a DLP system and finally creating an information security policy to have control on the distribution of confidential data/information.
InfoWatch technologies allow all of a client’s documents to be analyzed, dividing them into categories, and enable information assets to be structured and confidential data to be identified from within large volumes of information.

Infowatch watch provides an array of advanced and state-of-the-art technology intelligence to secure and protect your data from being mishandled by third parties. Some of the key areas which it looks into are:
• Hybrid Analysis
• Linguistic Analysis
• Digital Fingerprints
• Templates Analyzer
• Passport Detection
• Database Detection
• Filled forms detection
• Stamp Detection

Clients are company’s assets
• Nordea
• First Energy Bank
• Beeline
• Prime Focus
• Sukhoi
• RusHydro
• RosEvroBank
• Raiffeisen Bank