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A Global Leader In Producing Sustainable And Cost Effective Green Remediation Technology: Ivey International Inc.


“Innovative soil and groundwater remediation with consistent, sustainable, and cost-effective results remains our primary focus.”

Ivey International Inc., a Vancouver-based environmental technology development company, is committed to providing outstanding products and services through developing and applying innovative remediation technology. Ivey has a global focus with an expanding network of national technology representatives, joint venture partners, distributors, and sales representatives, currently numbering in the hundreds worldwide.

The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Surrey, near Vancouver, Canada.

To highlight and further understand what Ivey International Inc. stands for and seeks to explore in this segment, I sat down with George (Bud) Ivey, who serves as the company’s President and Senior Remediation Specialist.

Below is an excerpt.

Q. Ivey International Inc. specializes in developing and applying innovative vapor, soil, and groundwater remediation technology for treating petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, PFAS, and organometallics heavy metals. With that said, how uniquely do you serve your clients’ needs?

Ivey International Inc. is an international award-winning remediation technology company that’s developed several innovative remediation products, including Ivey-sol® (Surfactant Remediation Technology) and DECON-IT® (Surface Decontamination Products) line of products. Ivey-sol® has gained global recognition for its guaranteed capacity to improve physical, biological, and chemical remediation of petroleum, chlorinated solvents, PFAS, and organometallic contamination in soil, sediments, fractured bedrock, and groundwater, with significant time and costs saving. Client testimonials, international awards, published journal papers, and international case studies speak volumes about our role and commitment to sustainable environmental improvements, stemming from our powering remediation for over 25 years.

Q. What are your focus areas? Please share an overview.

Innovative vapor, soil, and groundwater remediation with consistent, sustainable, and cost-effective results still remains our primary client-based focus.

Q. What are your unique remediation technologies in place? And what can you tell us about Ivey-sol® Surfactant Technology?

Contaminate sorption is the number limiting negative factor that affects vapor, soil, and groundwater remediation, resulting in slow, costly, and/or failed remediation applications. Ivey-sol® has the proven ability to selectively desorb contaminants, below the critical micelle concentration (CMC), making them more ‘Available’ for all forms of physical, biological, or chemical remediation, including innovative combinations thereof.

Q. What can you tell us about DECON-IT®?

DECON-IT® is a pH neutral, biodegradable, impurity free, surface decontamination product that meets and exceeds the ASTM D5088 standard to avert cross-contamination. It’s very effective for decontaminating a broad range of petroleum hydrocarbon, chlorinated solvent, PFAS, and organometallic contaminated material surfaces, including: metals, plastics, carbon fiber, ceramics, rubber, glass, synthetic fabrics, concrete, leather, and wood. Post treated surface pass the scrutiny of Swab and/or Rinsate tests.

Q. What new endeavors is your company currently undertaking?

We, at Ivey, seek to enhance PFOA, PFAS, and expand our current organometallic remediation capacity within soil, bedrock, and groundwater regimes.

Q. Forming and managing innovation teams is overwhelming. That said, how do you keep your decision-makers focused?

I do this through a combination of listening to client and stakeholder needs and regulatory factors, coupled with market maturity factors, for each innovation, so bench-scale testing, to client pilot-scale site applications, to full-scale testing, align well, so are not too early or too late to market.

About | George (Bud) Ivey

George (Bud) Ivey is the President and Senior Remediation Specialist with Ivey International Inc. He has over 25 years of environmental site assessment and remediation experience and has worked on more than 2500 major environmental projects, taking him to over 50 countries globally. His multi-disciplinary education includes Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Geological Engineering, and a Master’s Certification in Project Management.

Among his more notable accomplishments include:

  • Several International Environmental Remediation Product and Process Patents;
  • Recipient of many International Environmental Awards;
  • Completed a ‘first’ to early market remediation projects in developing countries;
  • Developed a PFAS free, biodegradable fire suppression product that can replace banned AFFF; and
  • Completed an IRONMAN

When he’s not busy remediating contaminated sites, or giving presentations and workshops, he enjoys the outdoors, with a fondness for trail running, multi-day hiking, kayaking, and cooking. In addition, Mr. Ivey takes great joy pairing good wines and food while breaking bread with good friends.

“We provide market leading solutions to environmental consultants, environmental contractors, and oil and gas companies to restore air, soil, and water quality.”