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10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies 2017

JASK accelerates Cyber Security Operations to new levels

thesiliconreview-greg-martin-ceo-jask-17In today’s environment, virtually all organizations have complex internet-connected networks and systems that struggle to reduce risk and exposure to cyber threats. With the increasing proliferation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and the growing opportunity for real-time borderless exchange, cybersecurity is a complex transnational issue that requires global cooperation for ensuring a safe Internet. With the companies adding more and more software applications to their networks, including many in the cloud, smarter security technologies are required and JASK renders it in a systematic manner.

“When weaponry changes weekly, the best hunters turn to speed!”

Transform What A Single Analyst Can Do In A Day

Headquartered at San Francisco, Ca, JASK is a Silicon Valley based cyber Security Company founded in 2016 by serial security entrepreneur Greg Martin. It leverages artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to offer companies a more holistic view of corporate data, inside and outside the firewall, and provide next-generation tools to keep corporate operations secure. It injects a modern sensing and investigation layer into the security operations and makes use of the Artificial Intelligence to track the emerging cyber threats. With JASK, the analysts can focus more on the strategic defenses as it can detect and reveal the attacks lurking across any recess of the network. A fast and accurate solution to the cyber security challenges.

It Complements, existing investments

JASK is built on open source so that it can easily be customized at will, with speed. It complements the technology, never replaces it. It easily integrates with the existing processes so organizations can have the power of smarter alerts without a complete redesign or rebuild. The artificial intelligence and machine learning has greatly helped in detecting the threats at an earlier phase and then protects the system more effectively in the future. JASK is known for the first-ever, predictive “security operations center” to help companies move past the limitations of existing security-management and monitoring solutions. The next-generation technology is part of the broader trend of leveraging artificial intelligence to make security measures more proactive and stay ahead of sophisticated cyber-attacks proliferating in the industry.

How It Helps In Managing Threats?

JASK as mentioned is an open source and provides a platform for customers to add as much enrichment to the results JASK provides and to be able to seamlessly integrate into their existing response workflows. It leverages the AI technology to develop a cumulative understanding of connected sequences of events. JASK monitors networks end to end, using advanced AI to surface and triage the most relevant attacks, while providing a clear picture of the attack surface. With instantaneous, deep knowledge about attacks, analysts can make decisions with more confidence and speed. With a completely agile and visible environment, JASK can instantly shift when a new technology comes up and it also gives visibility across the entire network, no matter how complex. As a whole, it assists the analysts in ruling out the traditional security barriers and brings in a new atmosphere in cyber security.

The Smarter Alert

Here is a better way to get a clear picture of each attacks impact. The smart alert system enables the system to detect the threats or attacks quickly without much required time. In this way it helps in analyzing the threat and makes it for the analysts to quickly and effectively eradicate the threat—and learn from—the attack. It ensures that the same threat will automatically be found and eradicated the next time with the machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies that it deploys.

“Coming Together Is a Beginning; Keeping Together Is Progress; Working Together Is Success”

The growing dependence of states and societies on ICT systems means they face a higher risk of cyber attacks. Increasingly sophisticated hacking attacks target not only individual people and companies, but also highly developed countries. And to fight this big battle JASK is built on an open source so that you can evolve the solution to reflect your own expertise. That is one reason that the company created The Hive, a first-of-its-kind private collaboration center for top security teams to share knowledge and strategies. This helps in supporting analysts in achieving their highest possible level of speed, leverage, and precision in their fight against exposure. This is made possible by advanced AI and machine learning, designed by some of the most deeply experienced technologists in the security operations space. As it is said, “coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”!

Introducing the Team

Greg Martin, CEO, President and Co-Founder: Greg Martin is the CEO and founder of JASK. He is a cybersecurity expert and entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. Prior to JASK, Martin founded Anomali (formerly ThreatStream). His cybersecurity experience includes roles as a cybersecurity advisor to the FBI, Secret Service and NASA; chief information security officer (CISO) at Sentinel IPS; and, principal security architect at ArcSight. Martin is passionate about attracting and motivating talented teams to shift the balance of power in security away from bad actors.

Damian Miller, VP of Customer Success and Co-Founder: Damian is passionate about helping customers solve problems with precision analytics by leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing. He brings more than 15 years of experience at enterprise security companies and prior to JASK; he held key leadership positions at ArcSight (Acquired by HP) Intel, McAfee Security and IBM Security.

“By accelerating discovery, analysis, and triage, our security operations teams work with more leverage and are able to focus on increasingly smarter, ever evolving threats”