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Keenethics – Striving for a tech world devoted to the social good by leveraging robust IoT solutions


Keenethics is an ethical web and mobile development partner based in Eastern Europe and represented in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States. Since 2015, the company has been solving business challenges with full-cycle development. More than 50+ companies have turned their ideas into lucrative products with Keenethics. The successful web and mobile projects include PWA, MVP, cloud and IoT, chatbots, and AI-powered solutions.

Advantages of Internet of Things

Scalable: The Internet of Things system can be scaled up or down when needed. It is a network of interconnected modules, so some nodes can be taken away and new nodes can be added.

Future-proof: The IoT market niche is growing at a rapid pace, and it is promised a bright future. You can see it yourself if you consider how fitness trackers and smart speakers conquer the hearts of regular users

Consistent: A properly developed IoT solution shows stable performance. In the well-designed IoT system, data flows are not interrupted, and the product functions consistently.

User-friendly: IoT solutions greatly simplify the lives of average users. Smart homes, smart speakers, and wearable devices – these are designed to make our life easier and more enjoyable.

Q. Why choose Keenethics as an IoT development company?

Strike Force team: By Strike Force Team, they mean their best senior developers involved in the project at the beginning stage. The Strike Force team is used in cases when their clients have a limited budget.

Senior professionals help choose the right technologies, set up the environment, and develop an effective structure and architecture. Next, most team members have a chance to become junior or mid-level developers, while senior developers stay as project consultants. After a month, the Strike Force Team will finish the setup, leaving behind an excellent working environment. This way, you will get a perfect quality project from the start.

UX audit: Their UX audit shows you what confuses your users and holds back the success of your solution. This approach is the best way to reduce development costs and increase your ROI. During an UX audit, they analyze the design of their solutions to improve user flows. At the same time, they eliminate crucial user issues and structural failures.

Escrow account: An escrow account will help protect your development costs. For example, when you choose their company, you can use this financial instrument for secure transactions on behalf of third-party escrow.

Motivated team: Their Mental Health Officer monitors the motivation and the loyalty of all employees. Their analysis of the working conditions provides high work efficiency, quality assurance, and no project delays.

IoT Development Services Offered

With Keenethics, you have a great opportunity to either start or improve your Internet of Things business. Using the IoT development services, your operations will always be completely secure. They hope to help you make a rational choice for such an essential service as software development for IoT. They can help you with the following IoT apps:

  • Smart buildings. They solve many routine household tasks.
  • Smart speakers. They’ve become a universal voice assistant for people with verbal commands or through a smartphone app.
  • Connected vehicles. IoT experts provide vehicles with numerous smart devices (sign sensors, onboard computers) for safe movement under any conditions.
  • Environmental monitoring systems. They collect data on environmental standards, health status, weather conditions, and natural disaster forecasting.
  • Fitness trackers. They replace regular medical tests with specialists.

Internet of Things Software Development Technologies

Angular development services: By using this technology, application developers create dynamic content. They no longer need to develop additional code for constant synchro. This technology can be beneficial to you because it includes:

  • A Model-View-Controller (MVC) structure. When the developer updates the model data, the user interface changes accordingly. The MVC framework separates the app pattern from the user interface level. It receives requests for mobile apps and processes the data.
  • Two-way data binding. It saves development time by automating code generation. Two-way data binding doesn’t require additional code to keep the View and the Model aligned.
  • With this feature, developers assign unique behavior to the Document Object Model (DOM). Engineers also create dynamic content using the HTML extension.
  • Support of the JS community. AngularJS always remains a strong community among engineers. The community has provided many tutorials and tools from other developers to use AngularJS and solve various community problems effectively.

Companies use many high-class services in their work and licensed IoT development software. They also apply IoT solutions to monitor employees, track resources, and manage customer relationships.

React JS development services: Simple functionality is a critical component of React web development. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and Yahoo Mail were developed using React.  Keenethics’ professionals use this technology to create practical user interface elements.

Node.JS development services: You can apply this technology to develop responsive and high-performance apps. The Keenethics team of developers will help you detect issues affecting product performance and implement Node.js web-development best practices. They offer new strategies and solutions, thanks to which you get efficiently developed customized functionalities.  Their experts provide personalized solutions, including improving your current Node.js product or integrating it with other IoT technologies.

Max Savonin | CEO

Max has experience in dealing with the challenges a client faces. In his opinion, the cornerstones of a customer’s success are transparency, eagerness to go beyond the limits, and fast communication. Moreover, this is what he promotes and discuss in my articles.

“The Internet of Things brings the physical world close to technology. We develop innovative IoT solutions and strategies using IoT development services.”