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Khanna Consulting: A one stop shop for its clients, offering all aspects of Retail Energy Solutions

“Stetted its foundation in the year 2007, Khanna Consulting is niche player in the retail energy industry. Since its inception they have been credited for bringing resources with deep knowledge of retail energy industry.”

Headquartered in Sugar Land TX, Khanna Consulting holds expertise in each sub-domain of retail energy industry, starting from end digital operations to all the way to backend system and process. By keeping themselves abreast with the latest trends on the technology side, their focus always lies on business value and user experience. Khanna Consulting specializes in designing and implementing systems and process that allows the retail energy companies to serve all the disparate markets out of a single system using common processes across markets. This not only reduces the costs and confusion but also better prepares the companies to grow, get a true picture of the customer and become customer-centric instead of being account-centric. This unlocks the potential for the companies to become more customer friendly and build competitive advantage. So far, they have been focusing on the US Retail Energy industry only.

Giving competitors a tough competition
Having a deep expertise in all aspects of retail energy business, Khanna Consulting believes that there is no other company that offers the expertise they have. Most of their competitors focus on some aspects of retail energy business, Khanna Consulting on the other hand claims to provide end-to-end solution for the respective industry which spans from marketing, sales, service, transaction management, billing, contract management, pricing, communication, supply hedging & procurement, risk management, collections, credit, load settlements, load forecasting, load profiling, etc. The other area where Khanna differentiates itself from its competitors is that it focuses heavily on user experience.

Clients and clientele
Having always focused on the retail energy industry, Khanna Consulting specializes in every aspect of the industry including (but not limited to) marketing, sales, credit, contracts, pricing, billing, forecasting, risk, supply, hedging, customer care, retention, EDI transactions, collections, etc which gained them some ‘Clients for Life’ such as Exelon Corp., Direct Energy, Crius Energy, Affordable Power Gas & Electric, Liberty Power, etc. In fact the company has been helping Exelon Corp (one of the largest retail energy company in US) with various system consolidations, mergers & acquisitions, new market entries, new product development and process improvements.

With the endeavor to deliver the best to their clients, the team at Khanna Consulting has built a sales platform for mass market business in Exelon that allows them to sell in 60+ sub-markets to both Residential and non-Residential customers through various channels using a single sales platform which in turn feeds to multiple operations platform!

Siebel, one of the biggest CRM systems for Exelon, had to build series of interfaces to be able to integrate with various applications in the past. Moreover these interfaces were using different strategies and technologies making it too expensive and time consuming to build and maintain such interfaces. Khanna Consultancy built a single web service (Dot Net) that allowed any number of interfaces to be implemented using the same service without writing any non-Siebel code.

Well that’s not it, the mass market business in Exelon in the past did not have a sophisticated notification system and it was team Khanna Consulting that built a smart notification system allowing millions of notices to be delivered to the customers with minimal configuration. Also the system saved company millions of dollars by avoiding the need to send paper notices in most cases.

The Goal
To get more hold of the market in near future Khanna Consulting plans to build software in future that will offer out-of-box all the features needed to effectively operate in this industry. This will allow the companies not only to reduce cost but focus more on revenue generation activities instead of being software building shop. Currently focusing on Digital areas with the believe that future belongs to Digital world, Khanna Consulting eyes on to deepen its expertise in the Content Management Systems, Building Mobile applications, building Customer self-service capabilities for its client.

And the Laurels They Brought…..
Khanna Consulting was recognized by CIO Review Magazine as 50 Most Promising Utilities Tech Solution Providers
Khanna Consulting was recognized by CIO Review Magazine as 100 Most Promising Oracle Solutions Providers.

Executive Thoughts
“We provide business and IT consulting to Retail Energy companies and offer them a complete solution lifecycle using our Design, Build and Manage approach. Our clients on the other hand make use of their industrial and technological knowledge along with their expertise to anticipate the unstated requirements. This approach has led to a very high customer satisfaction for us. We mostly use Oracle products like Oracle-Siebel, Oracle Utilities, OBIEE, etc. for mid-office and back-office solutions. We also specialize in the digital space and are technology agnostic in the digital space as there are diverse technologies available to deliver digital business solutions that match our client’s requirements. I believe we provide great value to our clients by ensuring a great user experience. We admire Apple on their ability to think outside the box and provide great user experience and we try to do the same in our field of expertise.” Sanjiv Khanna.

Key Executives:
Sanjiv Khanna and Renu Khanna, CEO’s
Founding partners both Sanjiv and Renu hold bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering as well as MBA in Strategic Management. In the earlier part of their career both worked as employees for various retail energy companies. Prior to founding Khanna Consulting, both had helped Reliant Energy (currently owned by NRG) prepare for deregulation of electric market in ERCOR (Texas). Later on they helped Reliant in PJM (Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland) markets. After that Sanjiv played key role by helping Gdf-Suez to build their systems that would serve all deregulated markets in US using a single platform. After that Sanjiv helped ERCOT with their Nodal project where the market switched from being a zonal market to Nodal market. During the Nodal project at ERCOT, Sanjiv learned various electric market participants.