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A trusted leader in retail data management, Krunchbox is leveraging quality service that is second to none through power of POS data


According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, only 47% of new retail businesses remain in operation in their first four years. This research explains that many new business owners don’t understand how to run and grow a profitable retail business because many retailers stick to the old-fashioned way of doing business. A little touch of software and technology can automate the boring stuff and bring your business on the fast track. With the technology development, manual tasks like billing, calculating the final bill, adding discounts, etc. can now be automated with POS software. Point of Sale is where the sale is made, whether it’s a mall, market, or a small shop. Going in-depth, Point of Sale referred to as the area of the checkout counter where customers complete the transactions. Thus, for retailers who are considering buying software to manage their business, POS software is the best choice. With a cloud-based POS, retailers can access the store data anywhere and anytime by logging in to the administrator account. Even if you are outside or traveling, you can access the shop’s real-time activities from anywhere. Cloud-based POS is also useful in updating information like offers and discounts while you are out-of-office and have plenty of time to do such work. With the fast and competitive world of retail, shop owners can choose a POS system to replace manual paper-based work management to make better business decisions. The retail business is getting tougher as it becomes more customer-centric.

Krunchbox is global SaaS company that has rapidly establishing a reputation for helping retail product suppliers achieve a significant competitive advantage. It aggregates and cleans POS data for retail suppliers, then transforms it into an analytics platform that provides insights and helps make better decisions to drive sales and optimize inventory. The company automates the collection of your POS Data from any source or format including Spreadsheets, EDI, and Retailer Portals. With more than 15 years of experience handling and cleansing POS data, Krunchbox understands the challenges with the perspective of deep domain expertise. It is currently processing weekly data from over 200 major retailers globally. All the data collected is available to analyze for insights with reports and dashboards in the Krunchbox platform. Krunchbox identifies the insights and appropriate actions that can’t be found on a spreadsheet, allowing you to deliver data backed suggestions to retail partners.

Providing Robust Retail Analytics Software

Krunchbox is a simple-to-use, cloud-based business intelligence tool designed specifically for suppliers to help them collaborate with their retailers around point-of-sale scan data and make more effective inventory decisions to drive sales. Krunchbox makes a powerful point-of-sale analytics software for wholesalers that optimizes inventory, increases collaboration between both internal and external team members, and drives incremental sales. But they are more than just a software company—they focus on building and maintaining quality relationships with their clients through exceptional customer service. From set up and troubleshooting to ongoing consultancy, they help clients make inventory decisions that maximize sales. The company helps retail suppliers analyze electronic point-of-sale (POS) data in order to optimize inventory and drive incremental sales. They fetch your POS data from multiple sources and normalize the data so that you can slice and dice across channels, between retailers, and within a specific retailer — right down to the store or article level. Place the right amount of stock in the right stores at the right time. As an exception-based platform, Krunchbox helps allocate resources wisely and maximize the efficiency of your supply chain.

Krunchbox illuminates opportunities that can be slow to uncover with traditional spreadsheet analysis. Quickly see how you need to adjust your inventory in order to optimize sales and increase your bottom line. Understand how your products are performing in every location and gain insight from Krunchbox dashboards, reports and more. Krunchbox helps you head into buyer meetings with the knowledge you need to make impactful decisions that increase sales for both you and your retailers. Quadrant analysis, built-in dashboards and real-time alerts let you swiftly make decisions that can change the course of your business. With Krunchbox, your time to action goes from two weeks to two minutes. Out-of-stocks can be detrimental if you don't have measures in place to help you anticipate them. Krunchbox keeps you fully aware of how well your products are performing in each market so that you can anticipate stockouts and take action before they harm your profit.

John Pitman | Co-founder and CEO

Graduating from Cambridge with a degree in Biological Anthropology, life took the first of many twists, and John Pitman spent the next six years with The Dow Chemical Company. After completing an MBA at IMD in Switzerland, the next twist landed him at Coca-Cola Amatil in Sydney, Australia, where he spent four years as Head of Commercial Planning. In 2000, he joined the Sydney based News Corporation- Softbank vehicle, “e-Ventures”, as Chief Operating Officer. John then took on the role of Managing Director at a privately owned accessories wholesale business, where he remained for 12 years. It was during this time that he and his business partner first conceived the concept of utilizing Point of Sale data to drive incremental growth in a wholesale business, and the Krunchbox model was born. John is passionate about data visualization and collaboration. When he is not krunching data, John has an alter ego as a professional musician, and has been a Board Member of a number of prominent Australian Arts companies.

"To help you thrive in this chaotic world, we wrangle data to help you unlock insights hidden in your retailers’ POS data to drive quicker and smarter decisions."