50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2022

A Leader in API Security delivering outstanding solutions for companies to stay ahead of the curve securely: Noname Security

In the digital world we live in, application program interfaces, also known as APIs have become an integral business tool for businesses in all segments. From a technical point of view, APIs allow the capabilities of one computer program to be utilized by another. APIs are the means by which two programs can seamlessly communicate. In the last few years, APIs have evolved significantly to cater to the ever-changing needs of the business for growth, and hundreds of billions are spent every year to integrate disparate systems. Like how the Web opened up the potential of the internet, APIs are promoting a new wave of innovation in sharing services.

Globally, there are various companies delivering excellent testing and security APIs for businesses, but Noname Security stands out from the rest. As enterprises continue to drive innovation and embark on their digital transformation journeys, their dependency on APIs is growing every day. However, despite the power and popularity of APIs, many organizations struggle with API security. Few have a dedicated process for evaluating API security and instead treat APIs the same as web applications. Noname Security sets itself apart a new platform designed to deliver comprehensive API security. It is designed for real-time protection and updates, equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies to protect APIs proactively. Noname has security built-in from the start, allowing for updates in real-time to protect ongoing software development. This proactive approach solves an unmet need in the market and additional challenges that business leaders have experienced heavily within the past year. Noname Security has outpaced all other API security providers in API posture management, runtime security, and API testing.

In conversation with Oz Golan, Co-Founder and CEO of Noname Security

Q. What was the motivation behind starting Noname Security?

Having been friends for a long time with Shay and gaining extensive professional experience in the cybersecurity space - both in the public and private sector, we always knew we wanted to start a company together one day. We saw the opportunity for a better solution after working with CISOs and understanding why existing solutions – both purpose-built API security tools and existing network infrastructure – were unable to meet customers’ needs. Being approached by Gili Ranaan at Cyberstarts and invited to become part of the Sunrise program really solidified our passion, product idea, and the Noname API Security platform was born.

Q. Specialized services come with an expensive price tag. How do you maintain your affordability and profitability?

APIs are not specialized. APIs are the cornerstone of every digital transformation effort and cloud infrastructure, so it is absolutely critical that they are properly tested and secured, or any digital transformation effort will fail. Because APIs are so critical and cannot be protected by traditional security solutions, our service is used by many large customers to augment their AppDev process and their production applications. Our solution is offered as-a-service in popular cloud and on-prem infrastructures, so it is naturally aligned to where customers have built their applications, and therefore it is easy and low-cost to implement. We have designed our Software-as-a-Service to be optimized to use cloud infrastructure effectively for our customers and our operations. Some of our customers are quite large organizations in financial services, telecom, healthcare, and retail market segments with multiple cloud environments, and we are able to ensure API security cost-effectively for them.

Q. What are the important factors that you address while designing and developing a security solution?

Our success is built on understanding our customers’ challenges and rapidly innovating to provide solutions for them. We work closely with them with short feedback loops and clear targets to ensure that we’re never developing in a vacuum. While every customer will have unique needs, we certainly see trends across customers and industries, which we further focus on to provide greater value and security for all of our customers. That’s what’s made our solution the most flexible, scalable, and complete API security solution on the market.


Q. Do you provide industry-specific solutions based on the clients’ requirements? If yes, kindly explain in brief.

As previously noted, our success is built on understanding our customers’ challenges and rapidly innovating to provide solutions for them. Companies in the financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, and retail industries have implemented our solutions and have become proactive partners. Therefore, we continue to develop solutions that provide them more and more value, so we naturally see an increase in adoption in those industries, but the problems we solve for them apply to a wide variety of industries.

Q. In the digital world we live in, firms face a dynamic environment marked by industry consolidation, new competitors, technical innovation and uncertainties. How do you cope with the adversaries?

We are looking to be the big one with a broad vision. For that, we are building that one overarching platform in which new features and services are being added continuously. The research team is always looking for new areas of attacks and vulnerabilities - developing new features and services on that basis.

Q. How do you market your services?

Noname Security Sales works with integrators and service providers to identify and work with organizations with deep digital transformation efforts. Market segments such as Financial Services, Retail, and Healthcare are just a few that have strong digital transformation operations and requirements for protecting their applications and mitigating risks during application development.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Noname Security will be formally launching its Active Testing module in early May that has been in Beta testing for a while by several large organizations. This formal launch will mean that Noname Security offers true end-to-end API security that enables organizations to drive digital transformation innovation quickly while operating securely. As API innovation continues to evolve and its role in day-to-day business operations expands, Noname has built a long-term roadmap designed to evolve its solutions to keep customers secure. Part of this effort is the Noname Research team. They continue to focus on discovering API and related vulnerabilities, bringing that knowledge to our development team to enable Noname to stay ahead of the threat curve for its customers and the market.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

Noname Security continues to expand its technology partnerships, and alliances as other vendors see the value of teaming up with Noname to provide more complete security solutions. AWS, Azure, F5, Citrix, and MuleSoft are just a few that have realized the importance of API security in the overall application landscape and strive to work with Noname to do so. Noname has also expanded its reach internationally with the expansion of Noname Sales and distribution partners in the cybersecurity space in the Europe and Asia-Pacific markets. Noname is already closing opportunities in several market segments and has developed joint regional go-to-market execution with several technology partners.

“The Noname API Security Platform detects and remediates management and configuration issues before they become a problem”