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Lit Support 365 – Revolutionizing the Litigation Support Industry by Providing State-of-the-art Practice Support Solutions


“From paralegal support, general litigation support, practice support, or trial support, Lit Support 365 stresses client satisfaction from the first encounter.”

In recent years, the legal industry has experienced a global paradigm shift in the delivery model for legal services. Law firms have started to outsource work to minimize costs and expand their in-house capabilities. The mode of delivering legal services has seen a massive change. Legal process outsourcing (LPO) is growing in popularity as law firms and corporate legal departments seek to minimize costs, increase flexibility, and expand their in-house capabilities. LPO allows organizations to manage workforce and time efficiently and helps them to focus completely on core business operations, which are responsible for revenue generation.

Lit Support 365 (LS365) is one such practice support company offering services to legal service providers, law firms, corporations, and sole practitioners. The firm is working on breaking the mold of traditional practice support and legal service providers. They don’t sell you unneeded services; instead, they listen and assist with completing your objective. LS365 understands the importance of providing the highest quality of legal support services.

Lit Support 365 was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Irvine, California.

Chris Waters, CEO of Lit Support 365, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review on how he and his team of experts meet the growing demands of legal support while minimizing client costs.

Interview Highlights

Q. What was the motivation behind starting Lit Support 365?

The motivation was to level the playing field between big and small firms. Our skill sets, services and tools are the same that big law firms have while the smaller law firms don’t have access to. We offer sole practitioners, law firms, corporations, general counsels, and their staff extensive knowledge and experience in several litigation practice areas, including a comprehensive understanding of e-discovery and management of complex cases. We provide the same services that clients would receive at a bigger law firm, but at a better price point.

Q. When a service is outsourced, the pricing structure will have a huge role to play, allowing enterprises to predict the expenses. So how do you provide better cost predictability to enterprises and organizations?

Our rates are fixed. We’ve already set up everything internally to be scalable. We have our software; we have our people in place. Our price structure, pricing, and transparency allows clients to predict what a specific cost or service from us is going to be. So, if you ask me, how much will it cost to process something? It would be easy to answer, because of our transparent pricing model, our clients know immediately what a service would cost. So, whether it’s one gig or several terabytes, a client will automatically know what the cost is. There are no increased costs, decreased costs. We worked hard to have a fixed cost structure that makes our services predictable.

Q. One of the significant benefits of outsourcing that is often overlooked is flexibility. Do you agree with this point, and if yes, how does flexibility play a major role?

Yes, I do agree with it. And that’s one of our core principles. And what it does is it allows our clients to focus more on other things and get more stuff done for their clients. We enable our clients to focus on briefs, motions, and writings, while we do other projects or time-consuming projects. And since we’re not employees, we’re a vendor; we can do things at 11:00 at night. The other thing is we can scale up for bigger projects where a law firm or corporate client can’t, which gives the client more flexibility to do certain things, take on certain cases, take on specific projects because we give them that flexibility because we can scale up and down for their projects.

Q. How do you acquire talent to maintain the quality of the various services that you offer?

Part of it is a culture fit. Part of it is a skillset fit. We look at talent and bring people into our team first; we make sure that they have the skill set. We don’t try to waste time by training people. We make sure they already have a prerequisite skill set. The second thing is culture. So, everybody’s on the same team, everybody has the same agenda, everybody’s pulling in the same manner. And that’s how we build a great, effective team.

Q. There are so many other players in the market who offer similar services. But what makes Lit Support 365 stand out? What’s your company’s point of differentiation?

There are companies that do some of the services, but what makes us stand out is we do all the services in-house under one roof. Customer satisfaction will always be the priority for us at LS365. We remain the cost-effective, one-stop-shop for all litigation support needs. From paralegal support, general litigation support, practice support, or trial support, Lit Support 365 stresses client satisfaction from the first encounter. So, there may be an e-discovery company, but that e-discovery company doesn’t have attorneys on staff to help with legal writing or research. There are copy print scan companies that don’t do e-discovery. We offer everything under one roof. Our clients don’t have to manage multiple vendors for different types of projects. Anything our clients need; they can come to us. So, if it’s a copy print project, they can come to us. If they need trial support, they can come to us. If they need e-discovery support, legal research, and consulting, they can come to us. So that’s what makes us unique and more valuable is we offer everything under one roof.

Q. Is there anything else you want us to highlight that we might have missed?

We utilize skill sets and software better than our competition. We are more centric on solving the clients’ problem than trying to sell them a service. I would say that is pretty much it for our clients and us. Whether it is corporate clients, attorneys, or law firms, we solve their case problems; we are solution-centric, we don’t try to sell them on a specific service, we consult and provide solutions.

The Visionary Leader at the Helm of Lit Support 365

Chris Waters is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lit Support 365. As the CEO, Chris is the key driver of the company’s vision and strategy. He produced the concept of LS365 while working as a Senior Paralegal for an AMLAW 100 law firm in San Francisco. Chris is a frequent and noted speaker in the field of practice and case management and the field of eDiscovery. Mr. Waters has over 20 years of experience in the legal field and received his Paralegal Certificate from Cal State Monterey Bay.

“Customer satisfaction will always be the priority for us at Lit Support 365. We remain the cost-effective, one-stop-shop for all litigation support needs.”