10 Best Healthcare Companies to Watch 2021

Technology-Driven, Value-Based Solutions for Better Health Care: NantHealth


Whatever a hospital’s operational model may be, good treatment outcome is very essential for success. As delivering the best possible outcome is the ultimate goal of every healthcare provider, one definitely needs a hospitality and healthcare strategist.

NantHealth, a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies, is such a strategist and an expert providing leading solutions across the continuum of care for physicians, payers, patients, and biopharmaceutical organizations. NantHealth’s software is at the intersection of precision medicine and value-based care. Its tools strengthen the relationship and coordination between payers and providers in the service of patients. From treatment selection and approvals to care team collaboration, the company is committed to increasing speed, eliminating inefficiencies, and reducing costs. With its innovation, you can be assured you are providing patients with the highest quality care for the best outcome.

The Gist

NantHealth empowers the creation of integrated healthcare delivery networks. In developing technology that supports systems and data, it enables efficiency, personalized treatment, and collaboration across health care. NantHealth is recognized by providers and payers for software and devices that live at the intersection of precision medicine and value-based care.

NantHealth for Hospitals and Health Systems

Powering Smarter Treatment Decisions: To deliver optimal care, healthcare providers rely on accurate, up-to-date information about their patients—and the potential treatments available to them. The more support available, the more effective providers can be. NantHealth offers powerful, intuitive solutions that give providers better information about their patients and potential therapeutic options—so physicians feel empowered as they work with patients to develop personalized treatment plans.

Improving Patient Outcomes: For oncologists, every day involves making difficult and potentially life-saving decisions about patient health. Making these decisions becomes easier with a comprehensive molecular profile of an individual patient’s cancer. NantHealth’s Precision Insights technology helps providers gain a molecular-level view into each patient’s cancer—and the actionable insights necessary to identify treatments that are more likely to yield the best possible outcome.

High-Quality Care: NantHealth is committed to advancing both hospitals and health systems toward value-based care. The company does this by providing tools that put a wealth of personalized patient knowledge at caregivers’ fingertips, while streamlining and simplifying the workflows that power your operation—and those you work with. It all adds up to a better health care experience for everyone: providers, payers, and patients alike.

NantHealth for Practices and Medical Groups

Empowering Treatment Decisions: With new cancer treatment studies and therapies being introduced at a rapid pace, it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest research and recommendations. A single decision can make a major difference on outcomes. NantHealth’s Eviti product suite can help you quickly and accurately choose the most appropriate treatment for your patients. Drawing on a comprehensive digital library of evidence-based treatment options, the Eviti product suite lets oncologists instantly compare and contrast potential treatments based on level of evidence, cost, expected outcomes, and toxicities. Better-informed decisions can mean better outcomes.

NaviNet AllPayer API: With this, providers and revenue cycle companies can increase efficiencies by connecting directly to payers from their core EMR and billing systems, virtually eliminating manual or double data entry and outbound telephone inquiries. This will improve the speed and accuracy of billing and collection, while improving the patient experience, health outcomes and overall cost of care. Third party vendors who serve the company’s  network of payers and providers can connect to NaviNet Open to access and share data for enhanced payer-provider collaboration for revenue cycle management, prior authorization management, care coordination, quality, and value-based care. Health plans will be able to better serve their large providers with the rich information already available in the NaviNet Open Portal, accessed automatically from the systems of their choice.

NantHealth for Healthcare Payer Organizations

Lower Costs: The best treatments at the most appropriate cost. Faster, more efficient communication and collaboration with providers. Eliminating spending on unwarranted care. Fewer time-consuming denials and appeals. NantHealth’s cutting-edge products power all of these cost-saving benefits and more—for payers, their provider networks, and the patients they serve.

Reduce Care Variability: NantHealth’s tools power more consistent care by putting pre-authorized treatments at providers’ fingertips. That means less time on the phone, shorter wait times for patients to begin treatments, and greater predictability in costs. This way, not only do your members get the best treatment faster, but you stop paying for unwarranted or sub-optimal care.

Ensure Appropriate Reimbursement: As provider forms and paperwork pile up, an already complex payment system becomes even more complicated. NantHealth simplifies the treatment validation process, powering paperless processes (that save time and reduce error), and seamless communication between you and your providers—all of which adds up to timely, accurate reimbursement.

Validate Treatments: The sooner you can validate treatments, the sooner your members get the care they need. NantHealth enables you to automatically validate treatments according to your plan policies and preferences. Providers have the answers they need at the point of care, patients don’t have to wait for treatment, and you’re assured that the care administered falls within your plan guidelines.

The Leader Upfront

Patrick Soon-Shiong, MBBCH, MSC, FRCS (C), CEO, and Chairman of the Board: Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong has served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors since NantHealth’s founding in July 2010. A physician, surgeon and scientist, Dr. Soon-Shiong has pioneered novel therapies for both diabetes and cancer, published more than 100 scientific papers, and has received over 95 patents on groundbreaking advancements spanning a myriad of fields.

“We are committed to being the innovative partner that enables data to fuel better and more efficient patient outcomes.”