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nazdaqTechnologies: The tailor-made technology solutions provider

Headquartered in New York, with regional offices in London & Dhaka, nazdaqTechnologies is a specialist yet dynamic Technology Consulting firm that provides advanced & robust technology solutions to large multi-nationals, Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) and local government agencies across the various vertical industries. We are a leading provider of value-added IT consulting, innovative software development & virtualization solutions including designing and building private clouds. The executive team has over 75 years of combined business, in-depth technical and management experience with each member an expert in their respective industries and having had roles in leading global top tier organizations.

The Asian region, in particular the developing countries, have witnessed a rising demand for innovative technology services & solution. nazdaqTechnologies, having its roots in Banking & Finance, with extensive expertise in technology, and its unique understanding of the local culture, has strategically positioned itself to take advantage of the silent shift of market opportunities.

“We have not got here by accident, we could see the rising trend of opportunities in Asia, and whilst our competitors were trying to survive in the downturn of the western markets, we were focused on setting up capabilities in Asia” says Naz Ahmed, nazdaqTechnologies CEO.

nazdaqTechnologies brings innovative first world software, hardware and virtulization technology to the doorsteps of these developing counties, often surpassing the technology solutions and setup of those in first world countries. The difficult economic conditions of developing countries in terms of power, transportation, education and most importantly, the lack of, and in many cases the absence of any IT, should, by no means be underestimated. Yet, nazdaqTechnologies has been able to navigate through these hurdles and successfully turn these challenges in to positive opportunities.

The nazdaqTechnologies journey
The idea of nazdaqTechnologies was first thought of by Naz in 2002, whilst working at JPMorgan. Since then he strategically positioned himself, in terms of roles and responsibility to obtain the necessary skills that would one day allow him to setup and operate nazdaqTechnologies. During our interview with Naz Ahmed, it was very clear that as well as being a savvy Business Executive he was well versed in the entire top-to-bottom technology stack. One moment he would be speaking strategy and how to apply technology innovation to business problems with C-Level Business Executives and the next moment he would be guiding his technology team on how to architect the solution all the way from writing code to addressing network challenges! Towards the end of 2008, when the financial markets started taking a significant downturn, Naz decided it was the perfect time to bring his dreams into reality and so in 2009 nazdaqTechnologies was born in New York. With a small yet highly experienced team nazdaqTechnologies started operations, servicing Wall Street Banking giants and companies in the E-Commerce space. Those clients that nazdaqTechnologies was privileged to service, not only witnessed the technical capabilities but also experienced first-hand the passion, dedication and unwavering commitment of the nazdaqTechnologies team. Through word of mouth, nazdaqTechnologies went on to secure further local contracts. However, Naz strongly believed that Asia would see strong growth in the years ahead, especially as Europe and America reeled and recovered from the deep financial crisis. Firm in this belief, in 2010, nazdaqTechnologies hired its first developer and setup a small development center on a rooftop in Dhaka. By 2011, nazdaqTechnologies was convinced that it had made the right choice and went onto officially register and operate nazdaqTechnologies in Asia with full might.

During 2014, Naz was getting increasingly dissatisfied and disappointed with certain members of his key management team and he no longer believed they could match his energy and commitment nor deliver upon his vision. He quickly addressed this concern by restructuring his management team, and by the end of 2014 replaced it with a more energetic, capable and dynamic team that would complement, build and deliver upon his strategy.

“It has been a tough journey, but it has also been a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. We are grateful to our clientele and employees for our growth, achieved through commitment and hard work. Despite several demanding circumstances, our team has stuck together and delivered. I would not want to trade this experience for anything else! My current management team is very dynamic, hardworking and creative and I have no doubt will take nazdaqTechnologies to new heights”, says Naz.

Today, nazdaqTechnologies clients range from some of the world’s largest investment banks, government agencies, prestigious retail & manufacturing firms, leading e-commerce sites to start-up companies.

nazdaqTechnologies : The next potential leader
Naz was able to quickly identify gaps in the Asian markets and began developing solutions to fill these gaps. Developing counties in Asia were just starting out with technology and IT was in its infancy. It was clear that a good stable infrastructure build out was imperative for successful software deployment. Naz developed OEM relationships with several hardware manufacturers and started designing and customizing hardware that were fit for the Asian Markets, successfully addressing the environmental challenges and cost constraints of developing countries.

In the hardware and virtualization space nazdaqTechnologies offers the most advanced and dense yet compact servers and covers the full spectrum of virtualization, all the way from server virtualization, desktop virtualization (VDI), through storage virtualization to network virtualization. nazdaqTechnologies is currently working on developing the industry’s most compact smartClients & smartPCs to add to its exiting line up of thin & zero clients for its VDI solution.

nazdaqTechnologies continuous investment in R&D, its expertise, experience and its highly trained engineers make it an undisputed leader in the virtualization space. Using its dominance in the virtualization nazdaqTechnologies is able to offer state of the art yet green private cloud datacenters.

In the software space, nazdaqTechnologies has built several solutions to meet the demands of the banking sector. It is working with some of the largest banks to integrate nazdaqTechnologies Treasury Management, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Foreign Remittance Solutions, SWIFT connectivity and SMS, to name a few, with the Banks core banking platform.
nazdaqTechnologies works closely with the Central Bank to keep abreast of upcoming regulatory changes and provide timely solutions to the member banks to successfully meet these regulatory requirements.

By working with nazdaqTechnologies, Banks are no longer limited to local knowledge and expertise, but are able to leverage nazdaqTechnologies global expertise in Fin-Tech and open up a new world of possibilities. The challenge for nazdaqTechnologies is to build its local technology team at a rate that is greater than or equal to the increasing demand for its services.

“By controlling the quality of the infrastructure (from storage servers, thru compute servers to smartClients & smartPCs) we are able to effectively control the quality of our software that sit on top of the hardware and provide turnkey solutions that, just quite simply work. Our vision at nazdaqTechnologies is have a client for life and so everything we do is for the ultimate satisfaction of our clients and to ensure they choose to stay with us for life.”, says Naz.

What sets nazdaqTechnologies apart from its competition is that it is the only vendor that fully understands hardware and software and everything in between. It is a one stop integrated technology solutions provider and works with well-known market leading manufacturers to customize & co-brand its hardware, manufacture its own products and provide customized software solutions. More importantly it is its own customer, meaning everything it offers to the market, especially when it comes to hardware and virtualization, it embraces and fully utilizes for itself first.

nazdaqTechnologies has a stellar track record of successful project delivery in highly complex and demanding environments. Its agile, iterative methodology combined with informative management reporting allows it to deliver fast and frequently, giving it client’s total control and visibility throughout the project lifecycle.

“Our objective is to help our clients understand their problem and find the best solutions to their problem. We work tirelessly with our clients to help them see where they can profitably apply technical innovations to their business problems, enhance productivity, increase operational efficiency, reduce operating costs and finally access new markets. We are determined do whatever it takes to ensure we offer our clients the best in-class service that is second to none. Put simply, our clients success is our success. Our desire for creativity & innovation; our business expertise and in-depth technical knowledge coupled together with our utmost commitment, from beginning to end helps to ensure we achieve our clients goals”, comments Naz.

Just around the Corner
With rising demands for its services and its technical know-how, the future seems bright for nazdaqTechnologies. Having experienced, tremendous growth over the last several months, Naz says, “We are currently focused on turning 2015 into a remarkably transformational year at nazdaqTechnologies and are already in the midst of several strategic initiatives for our existing and upcoming client. My management team is ready to take on the challenges and I am confident that nazdaqTechnologies will be an undisputed leader in the technology space”

Key Executive
Naz Ahmed: CEO

Naz Ahmed is the President & Chief Executive Officer of nazdaqTechnologies Inc, one of the leading and most diversified technology consulting companies. Naz’s leadership, technology insight and operational expertise have strengthened nazdaqTechnologies culture of innovation, expanded the company into new markets, and extended its product portfolio and global reach.

Naz brings extensive knowledge and experience in the global capital markets space and is an expert in a multitude of technology domains.

Naz has many years of experience in delivering trading, real-time pricing, & risk management solutions for a variety of global investment banks and other financial institutions. Naz has extensive knowledge of the financial market and has particular interest and expertise in the areas of real-time, high throughput systems and has successfully architected and delivered sophisticated, low latency, ultra-high frequency auto-trading system for some of the largest global investment banks. Naz brings a wealth of knowledge about structured systems design & development, from object-oriented system design, to developing & implementing distributed multi-threaded client-server & service oriented architecture based systems. He has extensive experience in designing & developing multi-asset real-time front to back systems.

Prior to founding nazdaqTechnologies, Naz held management and senior positions at several Wall Street firms, including JPMorgan, UBS, Bank of America, TD Securities, Calyon, Dexia & FSA. Naz’s international work experience spans all the way from New York, London, Paris through Dubai to Dhaka, Hong Kong and Tokyo. nazdaqTechnologies – consider IT solved