20 Fastest Growing Security Companies

NETSWITCH: Present and the Next Generation Advanced Cloud Security Providers

Protecting critical information assets is one of the first priorities for any IT business enterprise. Netswitch is one of the world’s leading Managed Security Service Providers and offers the most advanced cloud-based solutions to monitor and protect the data without adding headcount or expensive hardware and software licenses. It is the 4th fastest growing MSP in the world and ranked 5th in California and 61st globally from MSPmentor’s 2015 annual top global 501 MSP rankings.

The company started its journey in 2000 with Stanley Li, the CEO and with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Thailand, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Since then their main focus is to provide the customers with the best experience and best expertise in managing their IT infrastructure and defending their networks and applications from cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Starting from small companies to big global clients such as Verizon Wireless, Wells Fargo Bank, Charles Schwab, eBay, etc. have partnered with Netswitch.

“They work with us because they are confident we have the International reach as well as the local presence to provide both the technology and expertise to complete their mission critical IT projects on time and within an affordable cost structure with integrity and a passion for perfection.” – Stanley Li, CEO

Providing Solutions with pride

Managed Security Services – “Our MADROC® Integrated Security Platform is in use in over 3,500 client sites around the world providing intrusion detection and prevention, monitored and managed web firewalls and gateways, mobile device management, security information and event management, managed vulnerability, network mapping and performance monitoring and complete audit-ready regulatory compliance.”
One World Managed Services – “Netswitch’s One World Managed Service Centers are staffed with highly skilled, highly certified resources providing remote infrastructure management for our clients 24x7x365. Supporting these resources is a proven set of tools and processes that allow quick detection of incidents and automatic ticket generation and routing, ensuring quick incident resolution.”
Anti-Phishing E-mail Protection – “Netswitch is introducing a new component of their award-winning MADROC® Threat Defense Platform called VeriPost™ which is an automated e-mail protection technology that uses advanced behavioral analytics to uncover phishing attempts and alert targeted e-mail recipients in real-time before they open the fraudulent message.”
Threat Readiness – It goes through rapid vulnerability assessments, Targeted Penetration Testing, Social Engineering Evaluations and Web Application Testing and the result is a quick score-card reflecting the current state of your security preparedness, operational protections, gaps in coverage and patch currency, as well as an identification of risk exposure and an overall vulnerability rating. In addition, we provide recommendations for corrections and specific actions you should take to improve your security profile.
Security Analytics – “The Web is rich with signals of data breaches, information about newly vulnerable targets, and evidence of pre-planned attacks, but it’s nearly impossible to organize all of this threat intelligence with manual or ad-hoc systems. MADROC’s Analytics platform enables our customers to collect, organize, and analyze this information quickly.”
Madroc Advanced Threat Protection – “MADROC® is an integrated threat protection platform that was designed to control and monitor a heterogeneous mix of IT technology from top to bottom at every touch-point on the threat landscape, and it provides compete intrusion detection and prevention along with contextual analytics, security incident and event management and immediate response and remediation services.”

Stanley believes client satisfaction is more important than profitability and we can see the result of that thought as the company has become an enormously successful IT consulting firm that enjoys long-term relationships with most of its clients, both in the US and abroad. Netswitch as a company reflects Stanley’s personal attributes and client service philosophy. It is the reason why Netswitch consistently ranks among the leaders in global Managed Service and Cloud Service Providers.