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Bi-Monthly Special Edition 2021

Leveraging Robust Performance Data and Cloud Platform for Hospitality Industry: Olery


Hotels and other companies that exist within the hospitality industry are increasingly getting to grips with the concept of big data, and the numerous ways it can help them to generate more revenue and deliver a better experience for customers. Through a combination of the data they gather themselves, and information available online, hotels can use big data to assist them with a revenue management strategy. In particular, it allows them to carry out predictive analysis, allowing hotel owners to more accurately anticipate levels of demand for hotel rooms. It can help hotel owners and customer service teams to spot significant trends in terms of customer opinions, learning about their strengths and weaknesses in the process.

Olery is one such company that predominantly provides the hospitality industry and software vendors with new insights and data generated from the millions of guests reviews published across the internet. With its applications, reports, APIs, and SDKI, Olery is a valuable partner for hotels, restaurants, destination marketing organizations, travel agencies, and hospitality software companies. By tapping into the opinions of travelers shared online (e.g. online hotel reviews) Olery is able to assess hospitality businesses, destinations and markets worldwide. Advanced technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Big Data methodology make it possible to analyze large quantities of content every day. Destination marketing organizations, hospitality and asset management companies, hotel groups and online travel agencies make use of its data to monitor performance, conduct research, and improve customer services.

Industry-Leading Data Insight Products Offered

Review Content: Olery captures online reviews from hotels, restaurants, attractions, and retail published by real guests from all major travel sites. All reviews are being analyzed for various data points, from ratings to the sentiment of the written content. Ratings, details on other guests, common complaints, text summaries, nearby attractions and more – there is a lot of content for you to use and present to your users. You can make use of its ready-to-use widget or build your own interface. All data is provided by API or SDK. Olery provides data on more than 1.000.000 hotels, restaurants, attractions and retail and other accommodations worldwide. New properties are added on a daily basis. New reviews are captured every 12 hours to 10 days.

Review Analytics: Day by day visitors write countless reviews about hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, attractions and activities on the internet. Aggregated they hold valuable insights: Popularity of destinations, strengths and weaknesses of businesses, visitor preferences, trends, and more. Olery offers a comprehensive and interactive online research tool. This dashboard provides all available data in real-time and even lets you drill down to the level of individual hotels, restaurant, attraction or other accommodation. Olery captures online reviews published by guests from all major travel sites. All reviews are being analyzed for various data points, from ratings to the sentiment of the written comment. You don’t have to deal with scraping or API agreements.

Review Insights: Olery Review Insights provides you with a dashboard with a wide range of insights in just one overview. You can analyze what people mention, read recent reviews, see locale trends; nearby places to visit and many more things your ‘guest’ sentiment shows you their experiences and ratings. Also, keep track of your online Sanitary Safety Score and online Covid-19 mentions of your property. Olery Review Insights gives your business the opportunity to get insightful data, act smarter and create more value for your guests. Make data-driven business decisions with this powerful Review Insights platform from Olery. These insights provide you with all available data so you can optimize your business based on guest input.

Retail Insights: It gives you an easy to use dashboard with all your properties insights in just one overview. Monitor the performance of your store or chain of stores and your consumers’ opinions. Take informed actions based on analysis of your consumer reviews and ratings. Consumer data tells a lot about the behavior and motivation of consumers. Olery Retail insights is a cooperation between Olery and Retail Result. With Retail Insights from Olery & Retail Results it gives your business the opportunity to get smart insights and act smarter and be more agile. Retail insights allow you to make solid decisions based on current and reliable information.

The Leader Upfront

Hans Keukenschrijver is the Chief Executive Officer of Olery. He is an experienced professional in an international environment, specialized in creating teams that can execute on new business. His business development, IT, and solution selling background are crucial in creating ‘Greenfield Propositions’ based on combining technologies or creating smart partnerships.

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