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OpDecision: A Leading Provider of Corporate Wireless Expense Management Services


“Founded in 2007, OpDecision’s solutions strategy brings a positive impact to all of its clients’ bottom lines and enhances their overall end-user productivity and processes.”

Headquartered in Marlton, NJ, USA, OpDecision positions itself as the leading provider of corporate wireless expense
management services. Reducing wireless expenses is the core competency and primary focus of the company’s Wireless Cost
Analysis. Leveraging extensive cellular industry experience and inside knowledge, OpDecision has created a set of services which focus entirely on reducing and managing corporate and institutional wireless costs. Through its extensive industry experience and innovative wireless cost analysis process, the company’s consulting services can deliver ongoing savings of up to 45%. On an average, its clients achieve ongoing, double-digit savings from its work on their accounts.

The innovative methods and comprehensive platform that OpDecision uses, creates an unparalleled approach to Wireless Cost Analysis.

Why OpDecision
The company’s biggest differentiator compared to its competition, as well as what a client can do internally, starts with
benchmarks. They identify specialty rates and very unique rate options that are in the market place but are not seen leveraged in today’s corporate cellular environment. These types of strategies coupled with other areas of optimization, account for over 50% of the typical cost reductions for clients. Its competition utilizes off the shelf pricing and a client’s current contracted rates to run their savings opportunities. Over 80% of the rates that OpDecision leverages are not openly shared in the market place.

The other major differentiator lies with the implementation process. Competitors typically provide a roadmap to their clients on how they can cut costs. This roadmap is often left untouched or only partially implemented by the client.
OpDecision manages the implementation process from start to finish ensuring that all client-approved changes are put into place correctly, quickly and directly with the vendor(s).

The Turn-Key Process
OpDecision leverages a best in class 3-Stage process to identify cost savings opportunities for its clients. The first stage includes an Audit and two types of Benchmarks. The second stage is an Optimization where the company utilizes over
30 different areas of cost reduction, which includes unpublished, custom, specialty pricing as well as leveraging group purchasing organizations (GPO’s) and other IP. The third stage is Implementation, where OpDecision is continuously
managing all approved client changes directly with the vendor(s), reviewing their billing and providing savings confirmations for 8 months after implementation to show consistent savings.

OpDecision’s wireless cost analysis benefits firms by reducing their overall costs on their current cellular providers, without changing their current vendor(s), their current contracts or their equipment.

Territory of Clientele
The company works with organizations in all verticals: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Non-Profits, Legal, Financial Services, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Education, Construction, Energy, Agricultural and Technology. OpDecision has provided wireless savings to over 600 organizations in a variety of verticals throughout the years and they range from small,
mid-sized, large to enterprise-sized clients. Some of these clients include: AstraZenca, Hess Oil, Holland & Knight LLP,
TD Bank, University of Pennsylvania Health System, Johns Manville and Arup.

Clients Speak
“Holland & Knight has more than 1,000 wireless users, and OpDecision’s services have enabled us to focus IT resources on other important technology areas. We highly recommend them to any business that wants to reduce costs on their wireless spend and/or has the need for ongoing wireless management.” – Chief Information Officer

“Your company exceeded our expectations. You laid out cost savings goals and exceeded them. You kept us on top of lines with no usage and forced our eyes on the bills each month in a very meaningful and methodical way. We will be continuing to use your services beyond the initial contract.” – IT Manager

Case Study
OpDecision was introduced to a financial institution client that was using both AT&T and Verizon as their carriers with 1,272 devices. The savings on the account was derived from several different components. OpDecision’s leveraged its relationship with AT&T and Verizon to help reduce the long distance and roaming charges, conducted an expert Wireless Cost Analysis which eliminated overages and maximized efficient use of featured plans. OpDecision was also able to utilize
unpublished rates, all of which helped to create over $22,000 a month / $274,000 a year, equal to 41% of cost savings on their account.

OpDecision is able to help any organization with a company owned cellular solution that they provide directly to their
employee base, located within the United States. They can provide solutions to those clients that have businesses globally and have employees traveling internationally.

Future Focus Areas
For the future, the company has its sights set on providing additional mobility services that they will be rolling out to its client base which includes real time data monitoring, as well as other unique cost reduction opportunities.

Knowing the Leader

Drew Polin, President
Drew brings critical content and operational expertise to OpDecision. Starting in business development with T-Mobile USA, he quickly developed a comprehensive understanding of the wireless communications services industry. In 2003, seeing opportunity in the under-serviced cellular market, he co-founded Global West Communications to help companies understand their options in the wireless landscape. Drew grew Global West Communications into a well-known Southern
California brand and a leading provider of cellular technology. In 2007, Drew sold Global West Communications. Envisioning more innovative offerings and a highly client-focused approach, Drew and his partners launched OpDecision. The focus was on reducing costs, optimizing service plans, and negotiating with carriers to procure lower pricing for equipment and services. In early 2012, he acquired 100% ownership in OpDecision. Drew is most proud about keeping the full staff and continuing to grow consulting and cost reduction strategies in the wireless and telecom arena.

“Our Wireless Expense Management Services is a powerful, turn-key approach for all of our clients.”

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