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Milena Batalla, Panarum Corporation Founder and CEO: ‘We are a company that transforms the pharmaceutical industry, which is why our venture capital partners have invested in us to achieve our goals’


There are various therapeutic proteins like antigens, hormones, and vaccines in the modern healthcare setup, which are being developed by using different sophisticated biotechnology processes like protein purification and recombinant DNA technology. However, there are few major glitches when it comes to using therapeutic peptides and proteins by the oral route. This is mainly due to hepatic first-pass metabolism, poor permeation, presence of enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract, and molecular size. Several kinds of research are done worldwide to overcome these problems, and methods like enzyme inhibitors, chemical alteration of protein structures, permeation enhancers, and mucoadhesive polymers are gaining immense traction. The oral route of delivery systems seems more convenient, according to the experts, as the application process is more friendly.

Globally, there are various firms specializing in the pharmaceutical technology segment, but Panarum Corporation stands out from the rest. Proteoral® is the company’s main product and is the only universal device for the oral delivery of therapeutic proteins, which remain 100% protected from gastrointestinal fluids and are fully absorbed into the bloodstream while keeping their biological activity intact. Panarum Corp wish to be of the top-ranked companies and stand among the world leaders in pharmaceutical technology. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Buenos Aires.

In conversation with Milena Batalla, Founder and CEO of Panarum Corporation

Q. Tell us about your Proteoral® technology.

Proteoral is an oral delivery device for transporting therapeutic proteins into the bloodstream. Proteoral is a recombinant protein that forms innocuous channels, opens the intestinal epithelium’s intercellular junctions, and successfully performs the transepithelial paracellular transport of all therapeutic polypeptides into the bloodstream. 75% of the therapeutic protein dose is absorbed and performs its biological action at the target site.

Q. Why is Proteoral® so important? Could you give us a little context?

Because it is the first time in human history that we have successfully achieved the oral transport of macromolecular therapeutic proteins with systemic action. The PROTEORAL technology is a unique product that applies to all therapeutic proteins in existence. Today, seven of the ten most sold drugs in the world are administered by injection, an invasive route of administration for millions of patients with diseases such as cancer, diabetes, infertility and hormone replacement therapies. With PROTEORAL, over 350 million people who receive therapeutic protein treatments do so orally, and for diabetes alone there are 100 million patients globally who need to inject insulin twice a day for the rest of their lives. In syrup for children, in extemporaneous suspensions for the elderly, in pills for men and women, and for space travelers.

Q. Tell us about your other offerings as a leading pharmaceutical company.

We are engaged in research and innovative technologies for clinical diagnosis and for the treatment of mental diseases.

Q. How important are partnerships for Panarum?

Today we are a global-scale, fast-growing and innovative company. Our goal is to achieve strategic alliance partnerships with our Big Pharma clients for the global commercialization of Proteoral. We are a company that transforms the pharmaceutical industry, which is why our venture capital partners have invested in us to achieve our goals. Next June we are taking part in the most important international convention in the industry, the Bio Digital 2021.

Q. How do you ensure that your services are best-in-class?

We respect people’s health and are consistently focused on the quality excellence of Proteoral and our daily work. Therefore, we carry out all of our products under the standards that the market demands from us, meeting the highest international quality standards.

Q. Have there been any setbacks in Panarum’s journey so far?

Of course, we have gone through lots of learning in terms of technology, finance and team building. We have always taken each setback as a stepping stone and as a means for growth to continue our path towards our success.

Q. What is the next step for the company as it continues to grow?

Signing strategic alliances with Big Pharma for the production of oral therapeutic proteins with Proteoral.

Q. Would you tell us about the work culture at Panarum? What role has it played in Panarum’s success story?

In Panarum Corp’s team, we have a successful global vision. Ethics and truth are the fundamental pillars of our business. We enjoy exponential growth and contribute integrally to our company’s action. We seize good opportunities, create simplicity in our daily work and expand harmoniously in order to achieve integrity in all of our successful results.

Meet the leader behind the success of Panarum Corporation

Milena Batalla is the Founder and CEO of the biotechnology and management business of Panarum Corporation. She boasts over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, having founded the company in 2017. Her expertise lies in biotech and business; technical management of pharmaceutical laboratories, therapeutic protein R&D supervision, quality control, quality assurance, and FDA regulatory experience, among other areas. She obtained her Ph.D. in nanoparticle drug delivery for the treatment and diagnosis of colon cancer at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, having maintained work sites at the National Atomic Energy Commission, Argentina, and at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, through international scholarships.

“We have always taken each setback as a stepping stone and as a means for growth to continue our path towards our goal.”