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With its efforts to curb the adversaries, Pathwater provides a disruptive alternative to single-use plastic bottles


True to its name, a single-use plastic is basically a disposable plastic that can be used only once, and then it is tossed or recycled. This is primarily used in the production of plastic water drink bottles. While these plastic bottles can be recycled, that's not what is happening with them to prevent waste. When compared to aluminum or glass, the quality of the plastic gets downgraded in the recycling center. By tossing your plastic bottled water habit for good, we can expect a cultural shift that can change the way plastic water bottles affect our environment.

Path was founded to combat the single-use plastic crisis and was introduced to the market as the industry's first purified water in a 100% refillable, recyclable aluminum bottle. Since conception, they have worked tirelessly to create the most sustainable product possible. PATHWATER introduces the NEW HYBRID - the first Purified Water in a Reusable Bottle, instead of traditional single-use plastic. After extensive research on the most viable solutions to our plastic pollution crisis, the PATHWATER team decided to combine sustainability in the form of an easy to refill, wide mouth reusable, 100% recyclable bottle with convenient, affordable filtered water. The company was founded in 2015, and it is based in Fremont, California. Made of aluminum, the Path bottle not only provides a reusable alternative to plastic but also works to keep water cold longer, all at an affordable price-point of $2.29 - $2.99. Path's mission is to forge the Path to end single-use plastic bottles with the average American using and throwing away a staggering 156 plastic bottles per year. Acting on the brand's mission, each bottle also helps to secure a positive carbon footprint. After a mere three uses, the bottle becomes carbon neutral, and on your fourth use, carbon positive (and it doesn't stop there, as our bottles are infinitely refillable and recyclable). Leading the charge in sustainability, Path is disrupting the plastic industry and working toward the abolishment of the single-use plastic bottle crisis. Creating the Path bottle to be used as a refillable vessel, Path wants to ensure that all consumers have the right to clean and safe drinking water. Through their ongoing initiatives and campaigns urging consumers to refill, not landfill, it does suffice to say that Path is not in the business to sell water.

In conversation with Shadi Bakour, Co-founder and CEO of Pathwater

Q. What motivated you to reinvent the technology of manufacturing eco-friendly bottles?

We were inspired to create eco-friendly bottled water when we noticed there were no sustainable alternative options for single-use plastic bottled water. What started as an entrepreneurial question - “what would solve this problem?” - swiftly turned to action, and we set out to create the first fully refillable and recyclable bottled water: Path. Crafted from easily refillable and infinitely recyclable aluminum, Path provides a premium product that considers the environment above all else, even sales.

Q. Tell us in brief about the purpose and process of Reverse Osmosis in water purification.


Our water goes through a seven-step reverse osmosis filtration process in order to ensure that we provide the highest quality and purest drinking water available. The municipal water is filtered through a carbon blocker, sediment filter, micron filter, reverse osmosis membrane, 10-micron filter, UV filter, and Ozone to ensure that all additives, chemicals, and contaminants have been removed. This process allows us to neutralize the water for a balanced pH and create water that truly tastes refreshing!

Q. The reverse osmosis process takes time. What are the measures you take to make the process more efficient?

We locally source our water to streamline the process, as well as decrease any carbon dioxide
emissions that would have incurred from transporting the water. This method allows for us not to be tied to a specific source and makes the process more efficient.

Q. What do you have to say about climate change? What is your contribution in fighting the cause?

We are leaders in the fight against climate change. Not only do we provide a product that combats this environmental issue, but through our various initiatives, including our student ambassador programs, charitable giveback campaigns, beach clean-ups, and more, we are working to create a revolution and inspire the next generation toward a sustainable future. By 2050, we will likely have more plastic swimming in our ocean than fish. We aim to reverse this prediction through our initiatives and have more fish swimming in our ocean than plastic by 2050.

Q. How do you market your services?

We utilize the power of social media, advertising, public relations, and field marketing to market our products. Through social media, we can share real-time updates with our consumers and connect to our audience through comments and direct messages. By advertising, on social media platforms (especially Facebook & Snapchat), on-premise locations, and in-print, we are able to showcase our products, while garnering brand awareness with new consumers. Through traditional public relations efforts, we highlight new product launches and raise brand awareness, while receiving third-party credibility from top tier outlets that consumers know and trust. Lastly, at Path, we are strong believers that the next generation of consumers will help to end the single-use plastic crisis. We work tirelessly to promote our products on school campuses, urging these change-making consumers to choose refill over the landfill, while supplying them with their own Path bottle.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We just launched our limited-edition Made In USA bottled water. With an exclusive, red, white, and blue patriotic design, this bottle celebrates Path’s commitment to providing US-based job opportunities. For each bottle purchased, a portion of proceeds will be donated to the humanitarian organization, Direct Relief. We are honored to support Direct Relief, whose mission it is to provide desperately needed medical aid and supplies to those directly affected by the pandemic.

Meet the leaders behind the success of Pathwater


Path is headed by three Co-founders, Shadi Bakour, CEO & Co-founder, Ali Orabi, CMO &


Co-founder and Amer Orabi, COO & Co-founder. Together these innovative friends combined their skill sets to create one of the most disruptive sustainable brands in the industry.

“PATH is a disruptive brand that will change the world of bottled water within the next 5 years and become one of the most impactful enterprises to end the use of single-use plastic.”