50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2019

Pivotal Software, Inc. – Delivering exceptional user experiences and building software that matters


Many enterprises depend on User experience services and software. Through the adoption of many such platforms, tools, and methodology, many companies have unleashed innovation and reduced time-to-market, spending less to maintain their existing application portfolio. Results span industries, including automotive, financial services, industrial, media, retail, government, technology, and telecommunications.

One such firm which builds software that matters is Pivotal Software, Inc. The world’s most established companies run on Pivotal and the results are transformational.

Pivotal Software, Inc., combines platform, tools, and methodology to help the world’s largest companies adapt to change and deliver exceptional user experiences. Millions of developers use its technology. Fortune 500 companies build and run their most important applications on the cloud platform. Pivotal unleashes software-developer productivity and creates an environment for innovation to scale. The firm has around two dozen office locations across the globe. Pivotal investors include Dell, Ford, GE, Microsoft, and VMware.

Primary objective

Pivotal’s mission is to transform how the world builds software.

Modernizing development

As businesses rely on software to engage customers, innovation and velocity become its core to delivering value. But you’re held back by antiquated technology and legacy development processes. Pivotal Platform offers strategic services to adopt next-generation development practices, deliver new applications, and modernize existing applications.

Hiring the best

The firm doesn’t just help companies build software; it helps them prepare for the next decade. To them, achieving this purpose requires people that share their values: Do the right thing. Do what works. Always be kind.

Reasons leading enterprises work with Pivotal

The firm focuses on the success of customers

Pivotal Platform sparked major improvements in how established companies build, deploy, and operate software—and in how they run their core business.

It’s a proven platform

There’s a reason the world’s biggest companies trust the Pivotal Platform: it works. It doesn’t tip over. It speeds up delivery without sacrificing security or operability.

Their services accelerate software delivery

Pivotal Platform is proven at cloud scale. To get even more from it, Pivotal Labs works with your engineers to instill a culture of test-driven development, pair programming, and user-centric design. The end result: you build better software, faster.

Automation and security are embedded

Achieve a 200:1 developer-to-operator ratio. Pivotal Platform is highly automated and easy to install. Update components with no downtime, constantly rotate credentials, rebuild base infrastructure, and patch apps.

You can run Pivotal Platform on public and private cloud

Run your applications where you want and scale them across infrastructure targets. Whatever your chosen architecture, you’ll get a reliable and consistent operational experience with a multi-cloud Pivotal Platform.

Pivotal creates and curates the best OSS

The firm is contributing to the most important open-source software (OSS) projects: Spring, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, and more. It takes mature OSS and embeds it into commercial products that you can trust.

Platform and services that makes Pivotal different from others

Pivotal Platform

It is a unified, multi-cloud product to run your enterprise apps. It continuously delivers custom software on a secure, reliable platform—and transform how your enterprise does business.


It accelerates cloud-native Java development. Spring makes micro services quick and easy for Java developers, all using an Apache 2.0 license. Spring’s open programming model is used by millions of developers worldwide. For the last 15 years, Spring has powered some of the world’s most demanding, mission-critical enterprise and consumer-scale workloads.

Pivotal’s Social Responsibility

Pivotal Act is a program that partners with humanitarian organizations and charities to identify, design, and develop practical solutions to pressing challenges around the world. Rather than simply donating technology or funds, the Pivotal Act involves developers, designers, and engineers from Pivotal Labs, building and learning collaboratively with clients. Projects apply a similar methodology used in other Pivotal Labs engagements but tailored to the needs of the humanitarian and social impact sectors. This includes working within the budget realities of each organization to achieve the greatest impact.

The formidable leader behind the triumph of Pivotal Software, Inc.

Rob Mee is the CEO of Pivotal and has served on its Board of Directors since August 2015. Prior to that, Rob led the Pivotal Labs Division at Dell EMC from 2012 to April 2013, and he was our Senior Vice President of Products and Research & Development from April 2013 to August 2015. Rob was part of Pivotal’s founding team in April 2013, alongside Paul Maritz, Bill Cook, and Scott Yara.

A software engineer by trade, Mr. Rob started his career working at an artificial intelligence laboratory in Tokyo, Japan. In 1989, Rob co-founded Pivotal Labs, a technology company based in San Francisco focused on Agile software development. Over the years, Pivotal Labs has been credited for shaping the software development cultures of Silicon Valley’s most influential and valuable companies. Pivotal Labs was acquired by Dell EMC in 2012.

“We don’t just help companies build software; we help them prepare for the next decade.”