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Protect your business from the mobile threats that matter most: Appthority

thesiliconreview-anne-bonaparte-ceo-appthority-18“We keep security teams informed, employees productive and enterprise data private and secure.”

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Appthority’s mission is to identify, expose, and eliminate mobile risk to the enterprise. Appthority is a pioneer in enterprise mobile security and the leader in the Mobile Threat Defense category.

The comprehensive Appthority Mobile Threat Protection (MTP) solution helps customers keep their data private and secure from a mobile device, app, and network threats. More Fortune 1000 companies trust Appthority to secure their enterprises from mobile threats because Appthority delivers best-in-class mobile threat protection and unparalleled enterprise visibility and control of mobile risks.

Appthority: Enterprise Preferred, Not Just Enterprise Focused

The idea of providing mobile threat protection to enterprises isn’t new, but it’s new to some. The company didn’t start out providing consumer mobile security or securing networks. 

Enterprise Tested: The Appthority Mobile Threat Protection (MTP) solution – and its entire customer experience – is purpose-built to the scale and complexity of enterprise mobile environments. Appthority’s Mobile Threat Team of security experts and award-winning automated analysis drive threat protection for the rapidly expanding number of devices and apps in your mobile enterprise.

Ciso Approved: Appthority has the most robust and effective integrations with the top EMM and SIEM technologies. Appthority’s expertise and dedication to serving its enterprise customers are reasons 98% of its customers renew with the firm, year after year. In a sea of changing mobile threats, Appthority helps you and your team find the signal in the noise and focus on the mobile risks that matter most to your enterprise.

Appthority MTP delivers comprehensive detection and remediation across a broad range of device, app and data network risks. But it also delivers actionable threat intelligence to your people and systems, enabling them to triage threats and manage your risk and resources effectively.

A Comprehensive Mobile Security Solution for IT Mobility And Security Teams

Appthority Mobile Threat Protection (MTP) identifies and protects against mobile threats targeting your enterprise through mobile devices, apps, and data networks; 24/7/365.

Unlike traditional security products that bolt on mobile with limited capabilities, Appthority MTP has been designed around the unique requirements of the mobile enterprise, including comprehensive threat protection, integrations with existing management systems (EMM), security reporting tools (SIEM), and simple on-device iOS and Android endpoint protection for employees.

Continuous and comprehensive threat detection for your mobile enterprise:

Threat detection is the core of any mobile security system, and Appthority MTP has your covered with the most comprehensive in-depth threat detection and risk analysis available for mobile enterprises.

Appthority MTP includes advanced technologies to detect and respond to enterprise mobile threats including mobile device compromise, app vulnerabilities, and data network attacks. Appthority’s MTP Cloud and on-device MTP Mobile App provide continuous analysis and threat response while enabling your mobile security coverage to scale and adapt to your environment changes and new threats appear.

Customizable threat management that puts you in control:

Effective management of your overall mobile risk is as important as detecting specific threats. That’s why Appthority MTP provides powerful threat management capabilities to put you in control over managing your entire enterprise mobile threat posture so that you can align your mobile security policies with your overall enterprise security strategy.

And Appthority MTP gives you granular controls over compliance policy and privacy settings, as well as unmatched EMM integration workflows and threat remediation options. On-device protection options proactively engage and educate your mobile users so they stay in compliance and prevent threats from entering your environment.

Actionable mobile threat intelligence that enhances your security:

Finding the threat signal in noisy, ultra-dynamic mobile environments is a constant challenge for enterprise security teams. Appthority MTP delivers actionable active mobile threat and event information to the people and systems that need it most. With features such as automated alerting and a real-time dashboard, Appthority MTP keeps your attention on active mobile threats to your enterprise.

SIEM integration features provide mobile threat intelligence to your overall security event information systems, enhancing your overall security visibility.

Customers’ Testimonies

“Emerging mobile threats are now a CISO-level concern. Appthority is THE solution for managing those threats.”

- Ciso, Leading International Bank

”Appthority acts as our headlights and our brakes to make sure we don’t crash our business with an ugly breach.”

- Fortune 100 Auto Insurance Company

“I’ve not seen anything else in the industry that comes close to delivering the value of Appthority.”

- Director Of Information Security, Fortune 500 Data Center Provider

The Leading Lady

Anne Bonaparte, CEO: Anne is an entrepreneur and cybersecurity industry veteran known for scaling emerging enterprise SaaS companies through high growth stages to become businesses that endure. Before becoming CEO of Appthority, Anne served as CEO of BrightPoint Security, Xora, Solidcore, Tablus, and MailFrontier. Anne founded one of the first SaaS companies, Buzzsaw, and held executive leadership positions at VeriSign, Autodesk, and Bain.

She is a dynamic leader with a unique blend of strategic vision, creativity, excellent execution ability, and extraordinary team building skills. Anne founded the nonprofit, DeathWise, and is an active community builder. Anne serves on multiple boards including Schramsberg Vineyards and spends her free time mentoring young people, especially women, in the tech industry.

Anne holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA with distinction from Harvard University. 

“At Appthority, our mission has always been to provide a simple, yet scalable, way to manage mobile risks to company data.”