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10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies 2017

Protecting every side of cyber for government agencies, business and nations: Raytheon

thesiliconreview-dr-thomas-a-kennedy-ceo-raytheon-17“On July 7, 1922, a great American success story began: A few passionate visionaries created a high-tech venture in the shadow of a great university and developed a breakthrough product that transformed a nation.” 

One of the earliest technology start-ups, Raytheon was established in Cambridge, Mass., home of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as the American Appliance Company. The company’s founders were Vannevar Bush, who would become dean of MIT’s School of Engineering; Laurence Marshall, an engineer; and Charles G. Smith, a scientist who had done work on the electrical properties of gases. 

Their revolutionary innovation was the S gas rectifier tube, a device that eliminated one of the cumbersome expensive batteries that previously powered home radios. The tube transformed the radio into an affordable “must-have” appliance that could be plugged into a wall socket, turning radio into a true mass medium that brought the world into America’s living rooms.

Raytheon quickly moved to the forefront of innovation in the electronics industry. During World War II, Raytheon employees contributed to the war effort. They supplied 80 percent of the magnetron tubes used in U.S. and British radars and developed parts for the crucial proximity fuse in antiaircraft shells, among other equipment.

After the war Raytheon began offering civilian products, the microwave being among the most famous. Raytheon engineer Percy Spencer discovered microwave cooking when, as he stood in front of an active magnetron, a candy bar in his pocket began to melt. Intrigued, he sent out for popcorn kernels – and they began to pop. With that, a new appliance was soon on its way. In the decades that followed, Raytheon employees would build on the company’s reputation for technology and innovation leadership. Today it stands as a global technology leader specializing in defense, homeland security and other government markets. 

Cyber Hardening

Solving the hardest challenges. Hardening the most critical systems. 

Innovative Cyber Hardening Solutions – We build tools and solutions to ensure that critical systems stay ahead of cyber threats. Our cyber-hardening solutions are trusted and used by the Pentagon. 

Information Assurance – We use the latest techniques to protect, authenticate and provide secure access to data that users can trust. 

Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Cyber and Intelligence (C5I) – Cyber is inextricably linked to Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems, by securing sensors and advanced networks to create C5I 

Cyber Range

Raytheon’s cyber range helps customers test the resilience of critical technologies — with industry-leading agility, flexibility and scalability. Customers can:

  • Customize sophisticated testing protocols in hours — not months
  • Expose systems and networks to realistic nation-state threats Conduct force-on-force exercises
  • Evaluate the latest techniques in cyber protection 

Customers can leverage Raytheon’s Cyber Range or can work with us to build their customized cyber range to suit their unique needs 

Raytheon Code Center 

The Raytheon Cyber Operations, Development and Evaluation (CODE) Center is a state-of-the-art cyber range used to test existing and future mission-critical systems against cyber attacks. 

  • Test and evaluate advanced technologies – The CODE Center is used to test networks and systems by exposing them to realistic nation-state cyber threats in a secure facility with the latest tools, techniques and malware.
  • Conduct force-on-force cyber games/exercises – The CODE Center provides a simulated environment to conduct tests and rerun exercises to enhance cyber defense technologies and hone skills of cyber professionals.
  • Provide an engineering environment to integrate technologies – The CODE Center also offers a secure engineering environment for the integration of company-wide cyber capabilities, cybersecurity technologies, and customer and partner capabilities, along with the testing and demonstration of cyber technologies.
  • Provide cyber professional training – Critical to the skills development of cyber professionals, Raytheon cyber ranges allow organizations to learn and practice with the latest techniques in cyber protection.
  • Global Cyber Solutions Center (GCSC) – A state-of-the-art environment that enables rapid assembly and assessment of technologies in addressing customers’ operational cyber requirements. Built to be a modular, versatile security operation center (SOC), the GCSC can simulate real world events for training purposes. Based in Dulles, VA., close to Washington DC, it is geared towards international government and commercial customers.
  • Cyber Innovation Center (CIC) in the U.K. – Located in South-West (Cheltenham) England, the CIC provides development and test capability against current and emerging threats. Operating as a research, development and innovation hub, the CIC will enable Raytheon to work with its partners on projects and demonstrations while extending the company’s deep cyber expertise to Europe and other international locations.
  • Raytheon Vulnerability Research Ranges – Industry-leading vulnerability research expertise in Raytheon’s Vulnerability Research Ranges in various locations are capable of conducting hundreds of millions of tests per week. 

Cyber Protection System

In today’s complex, global environment for government and business operations, a cybersecurity operations center can persistently monitor the information environment and provide critical situational awareness. Raytheon’s Cyber Protection System enables enterprises to go beyond traditional CSOC monitoring and establish a response center capable of situational awareness, proactive defense and rapid response. Our many years of work with global organizations has allowed us to create a tailorable and scalable Cyber Protection System that includes capabilities, services, and training.

Integrated Cyber Capabilities

Its cost-effective cyber response centers, with supporting services, scale and deploy rapidly to ensure information systems and critical infrastructure remains operational. Customers can match their mission to the right set of pre-integrated, pre-configured products and services at scope and scale. Raytheon’s consultative approach guides customers through the process to ease implementation. 

Primary, Enterprise and National cyber response centers can easily be augmented with additional optional capabilities, including:

  • Cyber test ranges: Test the cyber resilience of hardware, software, and networks
  • Penetration/Malware/Forensics Fly Away Kits: Provide mobile environments to perform testing and analysis at remote facilities
  • Lab environments: Analyze malware, perform penetration testing and conduct forensics at enterprise scale so analysts can determine the best way to manage them.
  • Raytheon provides a wide range of services to customers around the world, such as:
  • Cyber vulnerability assessments to proactively assess a customer’s risk and collaboratively develop a response plan
  • Incident response and digital forensics to rapidly address a security incident and get a customer back in business
  • Architecture and governance to help customers upgrade with the pace of technology and threats

Cyber Academy for Knowledge Development

Raytheon builds cyber practitioners with classroom and hands-on laboratory experience. Whether the need is a university scale cyber academy or specific courses for your executives and practitioners, Raytheon has the experience. Our cyber training courses and programs are provided to our own global workforce, and our instructors have direct, hands-on experience managing computer network operations and defenses.

  • Immersive learning: Combines cyber range, labs, practical exercises and lectures
  • Operationally focused: Delivers mission-ready operators
  • End-to-end pipeline: Develops cyber professionals from entry level to leaders
  • Tailored instruction: Customized for government and industry by role 

Global Cyber Solutions Center

Customers can leverage the Global Cyber Solutions Center to assess technologies, procedures and workflows to address their unique CSOC and operational cyber requirements. 

Leveraging the GCSC, customers have the ability to rapidly build mock-ups of unique security operations centers where they can evaluate solutions that best fit their needs.

Cyber Reasoning Systems

Automating the detection and patching of vulnerabilities

Protecting the cyber domain has been largely a human-based approach, with people manually sifting through millions of lines of code to discover and patch vulnerabilities. Raytheon’s self-healing systems based on cyber reasoning technology automates this. 

Raytheon is leading the way in developing cyber reasoning systems to automate tools that not only uncover vulnerabilities, but have the intelligence to automatically patch and fix the issue. It works closely with customers to tailor and deliver self-healing systems in order to secure critical infrastructure and to improve national security.

Raytheon Deep Red & the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s goal for the Cyber Grand Challenge is to encourage teams to develop systems that automate the detection and patching of vulnerabilities, shortening the timeline for dealing with vulnerabilities from days or weeks to seconds.

Raytheon’s Deep Red team is one of seven finalists and the only large contractor to qualify in the world’s very first fully automated “Capture the Flag” competition. 

Self-Healing Systems: Changing the Equation

Raytheon is investing talent and resources to developing self-healing systems based on cyber reasoning technologies. With systems that protect itself and automatically patches known vulnerabilities, human analysts can focus on the toughest and unknown challenges. Organizations can stay on top of both the most prevalent as well as the most sophisticated threats and attacks. 

Addressing the Talent Gap

With global demand for cybersecurity jobs expected to rise to 6 million positions by 2019, companies and governments are struggling to address the widening cyber talent gap. Self-healing systems help address this gap. As a workforce multiplier, self healing systems can arm organizations around the world with stronger cyber defenses.

Meet the Mastermind 

Dr. Thomas A. Kennedy is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Raytheon Company. Raytheon Company, with 2016 sales of $24 billion and 63,000 employees, is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions. Raytheon is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. 

Kennedy joined Raytheon in 1983, starting off in engineering on radar development, and during his more than 30 years with the company, he has developed a deep understanding of the company’s operations, technologies and customers through leadership positions in many different locations and functions. 

Before adding the responsibilities of chairman to his position in October 2014, Kennedy became CEO in March 2014, and he was elected to Raytheon’s Board of Directors in January 2014.

Prior to his current roles, Kennedy was executive vice president and chief operating officer, leading the consolidation of Raytheon’s six businesses to four to enhance productivity, agility and affordability of company operations, and increasing international business. Kennedy also provided direct leadership to Raytheon business presidents and enterprise functional leaders including Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance; Contracts and Supply Chain; Business Development; and Global Business Services. Previously, Kennedy served as a Raytheon Company vice president and president of the Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) business, overseeing a broad portfolio of weapons, sensors and integration systems spanning multiple mission areas and provided to a range of domestic and international customers. 

"Diversity is at the heart of all we do at Raytheon. We embrace diversity and diverse opinions; we treat people with dignity and respect to support our inclusive culture. This allows us to retain and attract the world-class talent and supplier base we need to develop the innovative solutions our global customers depend on. We view our diversity as a competitive advantage as a key enabler of our growth.”