50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2016

Protecting your Workforce & Business with High Quality Cloud Software: eCompliance

“Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, eCompliance Safety Software is the #1 software solution for improving worker participation in safety.”

The biggest barrier to improved workplace safety outcomes is company-wide participation in safety programs with real-time
communication across the entire organization. Safety decisions, like other business decisions, should be based on facts. Management should have a 360 degree real-time view of risk across the organization and the tools to take action. This is where paper processes, overflowing inboxes and spreadsheets fail us. Cloud software helps overcomes these barriers by engaging and empowering everyone in the extended enterprise to safely exceed business goals: from the front-line worker up to the President and across to clients, suppliers and contractors.

eCompliance was founded for one reason only: to reduce workplace incidents. “We believe all companies in at-risk industries have an undeniable opportunity to improve worker participation, and accelerate continuous improvement to simultaneously improve safety performance and their competitive position,” said Adrian Bartha, CEO. “We understand better than anyone else how technology can support safe operations because eCompliance was built for all employees first, not just for techies,”
he added.

Empowering Worker Participation & Building Safety as a Competitive Advantage
eCompliance was purpose-built from day one to support safety leaders. eCompliance executives, Adrian Bartha and Josh LeBrun, were previously investors and members of the Board of Directors of two companies in the energy and transportation industries where they witnessed the contrast between the human consequences of poor safety systems (fatality) and the advantages of strong safety cultures (financial performance). After more than one year of research, they identified that low worker participation was the principal roadblock to improving safety outcomes. With iPads starting to fly off the shelves, they decided to put their energies behind easy-to-use cloud software that maximizes safety participation and helps forward-thinking companies build safety as a competitive advantage.

eCompliance was the first to partner with industry associations to automate safety audits across 3000 companies in Canada; First to launch a mobile safety app in North America for iPad; First safety management system product to seamlessly deliver eLearning; First to develop mobile safety app to link hazard management program to mobile forms and the first safety software company to partner with a global insurance provider.

The company’s main differentiating factors are:

  • The simplicity and user-friendliness of its software and mobile app that allows for even the least tech savvy people to participate in safety
  • The web-based mobile app puts safety in the palm of your hands at all times

eCompliance Safety Software
eCompliance safety software is the most widely used solution for improving worker participation in safety. The eCompliance mobile app connects at-risk employees with the head office, creating a two-way conversation so that safety leaders can make faster, fact-based decisions, and executives gain an unrivaled view of safety risk across their company.

  • eCompliance drives higher levels of participation in safety activities and engages workers through easy-to-use mobile technology
  • It gives management a real-time 360 degree view of safety performance so they can best allocate resources to reduce risk and find opportunities for improvement
  • eCompliance offers executives an opportunity to share real-time safety performance with customers to create a unique competitive advantage

Key Clientele
For its target clientele, eCompliance focuses on high-risk industries including: ICI Construction, Utilities, Energy and Infrastructure Services. Some of its big and notable clients are Turner Construction, Carillion PLC, Ferma Corporation, City of Roseville, GCI Telecom, Benson Steel and Arc Resources.

Client Testimonials
“eCompliance allows for more insight on what really matters instead of just focusing on the paper. The reduction in administrative time is creating opportunities to focus on important branch initiatives. The link between eCompliance and ISN has allowed us to bring our contractor management process to the next level and help us better understand contractor performance on site vs. only prequalification questions.” – Cory Beliveau, Arc Resources – Health and Safety Manager

“Our safety culture has greatly improved since we started using eCompliance. Our workers now feel more involved with our safety program and are doing a better and more thorough job of completing all of our routine safety inspections.”
– Mike Barron, Health and Safety Coordinator, Benson Steel

“We provide at-risk organizations with a user-friendly tool that has proven to improve company-wide participation in safety. This not only contributes to a better safety culture but it helps companies get the insightful field data necessary to truly reduce risk and improve their competitive position.”

Knowing the Leadership Team

Adrian Bartha, CEO – Adrian Bartha is the CEO of eCompliance, which he joined in 2012 after experiencing first-hand how a workplace incident affected a power and utilities company which he led as a member of the Board of Directors. Previously, Adrian was an investment professional for a $5 billion dollar private equity firm investing in energy, construction, and transportation infrastructure companies across North America. Adrian started his career working for McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm serving Fortune 500 companies and leading government organizations. He also served as a Fellow at the McKinsey Global Institute, researching the energy sector. In addition, he co-wrote a paper on enhancing Canadian competitiveness in the global market.

Josh LeBrun, President and COO – Josh is responsible for the company’s strategic direction and day-to-day operations including Finance, Legal, and Administration. Josh also plays a leading role in Marketing and Sales. Prior to joining eCompliance, Josh managed High Park Capital Partners, an entrepreneurial private investment firm he co-founded. Previously, Josh was an investment professional within the Private Markets Group of OPTrust, which manages $5 billion of assets for one of Canada’s largest pension funds. At OPTrust, Josh was responsible for investing in and growing private companies in many industries including transportation, infrastructure, and containerized shipping. Prior to OPTrust, Josh worked at Houlihan Lokey, an investment bank in Los Angeles where he worked with companies to relieve their financial distress.