10 Fastest Growing SAP Solution Providers 2018

Providing Innovation through SAP Solutions: Approyo


“Simplifying migration, support, and implementation of SAP environments.”

Approyo provides full SAP service technology with extensive capabilities in consulting, solutions architecture, hosting and managed services, in order to develop the right solution for its customers since 2012.With over 300 SAP cloud environments, the company supports businesses from production landscapes to live SAP environments across the globe.

The introduction of SAP HANA sparked Chris Carter to create Approyo. SAP HANA—a big data platform—allows customers to manipulate and design the available data specific to their business needs and help gain better insights into their company’s functioning.

Approyo has managed to be one of the top SAP Cloud Centric solutions provider in the United States and around the world, through its unique strategy.

Technology is changing faster than ever and customers are becoming smarter thanks to the amount of information online. Just a few years ago, it was all about educating the customer regarding the benefits of the cloud. Now, the cloud is an important part of everyday IT strategies. Instead of educating clients, Approyo focused on proving how it has partnered and helped its previous clients grow based on its SAP cloud solutions. This strategy is implemented because Approyo knows for a fact that future prospects or leads will look for the previous work and experience of the company.

Approyo: Built for SAP

Built upon the premise of making SAP HANA an easy, flexible, and cost-effective onboarding solution for companies, Approyo has developed solutions built form the ground up specifically for SAP HANA. The SAP solutions encapsulates HANA’s various components into one neat and easy package, with companies having the freedom to either optimize the entire package or only those components fit for their specific purposes.

The SAP ecosystem continues to grow. SAP’s focus on the “Intelligent Enterprise” is exactly aligned with the Approyo vision to provide SAP solutions in an efficient and simple way. SAP Leonardo is positioned as a top solution for the year and adoption of SAP HANA and S/4HANA continues at a rapid pace. The team at Approyo brings years of SAP experience. That experience is the foundation of the company and allows it to help companies of all shapes and sizes to implement these new and exciting SAP solutions. Companies need to embrace a digital strategy and SAP solutions powered by Approyo, give companies that opportunity. In addition to its expertise, the company’s speed to market really makes it stand out in today’s world. Approyo can have an SAP HANA solution in the cloud up and running in a matter of days, as opposed to weeks compared to the competition. This allows companies to see the benefits right away and not struggle through the initial set up phase typically association with SAP hosted solutions.

Approyo’s goal from the start has not changed; the company wants to be the most customer-centric SAP solution provider in the marketplace today. To do that, it must always stay up-to-date with the latest technology and provide what the customers are looking for. Approyo is doing all this through its consistent efforts in communication and from the support of the entire team.

Navigating Future Technology

The company works to stay infront of changing technology by providing the most effective solutions. Approyo wants to get customers into SAP solutions in the quickest and most effective way possible.

This means working as a strategic partner for its clients. At the end of the day, Approyo wants to make sure, it can support SAP environments for its customers, whether they are running their application in its cloud or using another public cloud vendor like AWS or Microsoft Azure.

The company’s vision is simple – “When SAP releases a new solution, we want to be the first to have it in the cloud and offer it to the world.” This one line statement of the company shows its dedication and passion for what it does.

The Man behind the Plan

Christopher Carter, CEO: Carter works with businesses around the globe, assisting them in their journey toward the usage of Big Data in the forms of Hadoop (Cloudera and Hortonwork’s) and SAP HANA. At Approyo, the team supports firms who are looking for knowledge to grow through the current business process, where even a 1% increase can lead to millions of dollars in business flow.

Carter has been in the “Big Data” industry and the SAP industry for almost 25 years, He has been nationally recognized by The American SAP Users Group, SAP, Hadoop World, Cloud Expo, and more.

He currently speaks around the world on the benefits of selective Go-Live, Big Data, and SAP topics detailing the benefits and solutions in the ecosystem. He was also fortunate to have been the creator of the 1st SAP cloud ever used by a client in 2005, and the 1st SAP HANA Production cloud used by a true blue client.

“Our goal is to guide companies on their technology journey and support them to meet their goals and business objectives.”