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Qyon is disrupting the software industry by putting the power of Artificial Intelligence in the hands of Accountants and small companies. We speak to Qyon’s founder Mauricio Frizzarin about his vision


“Currently, we have over 160 employees, developing software that do not yet exist in the market.”

Qyon, an emerging software company, offers low-cost services to clients to accelerate their digital transformation. It operates internationally and has a deep presence across Brazil and the United States.

The company utilizes a set of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotics, and Big Data to meet and exceed its clients' booming digital transformation demands.

Qyon was incorporated in 2020 and is headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Silicon Review contacted Mauricio Frizzarin, founder and CEO of Qyon, who spoke about how the company is making a difference in the industry and plans to stay at the forefront. Below is an excerpt.

Head to Head with Mauricio Frizzarin, Founder & CEO of Qyon

Q. How does Qyon reduce the complexity of processes, transfer information and tasks quickly and safely, and increase the productivity of its clients’ businesses?

Our advanced robotics-, ML-, and AI-based software technology platform primarily focuses on solving business management problems. In addition to this, we created a fintech segment that can be integrated into our technological ecosystem, further automating the financial operations of companies, as well as creating room for cost-effective technological operations. We constantly develop our platform and already have a blockchain technology platform in place and operate a cryptocurrency exchange as well, which makes it even easier for companies to integrate with the entire business management system developed by Qyon.

Q. What is Qyon’s point of differentiation? How does the company revolutionize the interaction between men and machines?

Qyon is a technology company; we were born digital and know-how to transfer this culture of innovation in the development of technological solutions, but above all, we know what our customers want. We know their needs because we hear them every day. Our idea when creating Qyon was – and still is – to go far beyond what is offered in the market!

That said, we offer an unprecedented technology that facilitates business management, automating many actions through AI, but we don't stop there. Our software learns from the user and that's why it's constantly evolving. This is unprecedented in our market. Another fundamental point is that our services are cost-effective, facilitating access and enabling a true digital revolution in our customers' businesses. Every day, the team tries to think in new ways, come up with new ideas and exceed market expectations. Innovation is in Qyon's DNA! All this technology that I mentioned, combined with our years of experience and our ability to listen to the customers, innovate and have a very clear purpose of democratizing access to AI for entrepreneurs, puts us in a very prominent position in the market.

Q. What are your focus areas?

Together our business and financial management systems are capable of executing thousands of operations in an automated way. But as I said, we listen to customers and always seek to meet their demands. Besides, to give them a competitive advantage, we often present new solutions that were not demanded in the first place.

Qyon was built on AI, ML, big data, and robotics and we will continue to invest in these emerging technologies to ramp our arsenal and meet our customers’ growing demands. In other words, for us, it is clear that this technological framework has enormous potential and that without it companies will hardly be able to compete in the future. With each passing year, this certainty is consolidated in the market; a good example is that during this year's SXSW, which took place recently in Austin, AI was one of the most discussed topics by various business segments. This is and has always been our bet.

Q. How skilled is the Qyon team of experts? And how do they bring value to your business?

It’s common sense that data is the new oil – even major magazines such as The Economist, Wired and Forbes have already made statements in this regard. The biggest companies in the world are already big data companies. Just like any big oil company, which needs good petroleum engineers to succeed, we also need our data engineers and developers to stay at the forefront. Hence, we can say that our employees are the heart of the business. Currently, we have over 160 employees, developing software that do not yet exist in the market. This gives us a team feeling and that becomes a huge differentiator for Qyon.


Q. What new endeavors is Qyon currently undertaking?

We are at the outset of making a mark in the industry and already have customers using the beta version of our systems. Importantly, our sales force is spread across all regions of Brazil, which is allowing us to spread our wings and grow at an optimum pace. We also have operations in the U.S. (Miami, Chicago, and New York).

Moreover, we will continue to advance in the development of AI to offer business management solutions. And, even though, our solutions are already quite complete, we continue to advance a little more every day. We can't tell you everything, but we already have dedicated teams working on topics such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the metaverse.

Q. What do you think are the biggest challenges your industry will face in the next five years? And how do you plan to counter those challenges?

I believe that the world will be increasingly digital and faster, and this is not a movement that will happen in a specific country. So there is the challenge of meeting the demands of these new customers who are digitizing themselves very quickly. Once digital, they will demand much more and we will have to present new solutions to the new problems that will appear. Digitization, in general, is the biggest challenge because it creates these new problems that we will have to solve, in addition to its incessant demand. To address these growing concerns, we keep ourselves prepared; therefore, having a cohesive team with a clear purpose is fundamental. Our goal is not only to develop good software but also to revolutionize the market with our solutions while democratizing access to AI so that entrepreneurs can explore all the possibilities that digitalization will offer.

Q. Is there anything else you want us to highlight that we might have missed?

I would like to add that we created the first Brazilian air sports team, Qyon AeroSports. We are based in the USA, and we participate in the biggest competitions and air shows in the world. In the last year, we have been to several events in the USA such as Sun’n’Fun (Florida), Reno Air Races (Nevada), and Airventure Oshkosh (Wisconsin). Motorsports offer great examples of the synchrony between man and machine, presenting incredible results, as seen in Formula 1, for instance. Aerosport goes further; it seeks the limit of speed and maximum precision, as it combines the talent of experienced pilots with technology to develop beautiful shows, bringing relevant information and a lot of entertainment. With our team, we intend to make aero-sport a platform for the communication of the concepts that Qyon brings to the market, considering that the USA and Brazil have a large audience with an interest in technology, aircraft, innovation, and competition.

Mauricio Frizzarin | Founder & CEO

Mauricio Frizzarin has been working since he was young and began using microcomputers in the 1980s. Also, he was very interested in software and wanted to learn how it worked. During his early years, Mr. Frizzarin enrolled in a technical school for data processing, where he created his first program to aid in the completion of lengthy and exhausting forms (such as telephone directories, etc.). Then, he began working as a software developer for businesses; however, commercializing software at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s was difficult and fraught with risk. Even though he was still young, he was asked to design accounting software around this time. As a result, Mr. Frizzarin’s software became the most used in the accounting area, with more than one lac customers, and it attracted the attention of international companies, which enabled the sale of his company. It was the second-largest software firm sale in Brazil.

Shortly, he relocated to the United States and started to study at Harvard Business School. After a while, he understood how quickly the world is changing that future software would be built on AI, big data, cloud computing, and ML, and that all of these integrated technologies may provide much more efficiency. This inspired Mauricio to start over and he founded Qyon.

“Our goal is to empower Accountants to innovate and transform the industry, enabling them to provide new and innovative services not possible with current technology. ”