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Be prepared for any adverse conditions with Santoku Corporation’s well-devised safety-enhancing methods and ideas


Emergencies and disaster events are on the rise across the globe. With the power of technological advancements, the only way to deal with these unprecedented adversaries is by acquiring knowledge and application. Natural and man-made disasters are a threat to the community, and they cause causalities, environmental, economic, and social losses. A society cannot control disasters; instead, they can be deal with it through the advancements in technology. Some communities are very vulnerable to disasters, and it is inevitable. People can overcome these disasters by changing the system of resilience and improving disaster recovery capacity. Shreds of evidence from previous disasters suggest that deaths can be prevented by having a proper disaster management plan.

Furthermore, by adjusting the housing against risks, we can improve the recovery rate. Members of the community must co-operate with each other to allocate resources and move on with the recovery plans after a disaster. Policymakers and authorities suggest that it is ideal to undergo training to deal with adversaries. Due to increased chances of disasters, we must focus on improving the skill, knowledge, power, and motivation to reduce vulnerabilities during a disaster. Reports from several studies show that trained people respond well during a disaster and the courses that prepare people on the same is shown to be functional, cost-effective, and operational for risk management. When people are not educated or prepared for disaster, they will negatively impact and respond to the hazards warning.


WHO states that vulnerability is decided based on the degree in which individual, organization, or community who cannot resist, predict, rehabilitate, and cope during a disaster. People with limitations need proper attention and training from professional people. Disaster training and education are proven to be effective at all stages of the crisis, and the impact of it can be reaped only in preparation. Santoku Corporation is a company that contributes to society by creating safety-enhancing methods and safety ideas. The company offer two types of safety services namely RiMM skill training and RiMM safety education. In order to improve safety, Santoku Corporation provides a constant work method for skill improvement and abnormal treatment.

In conversation with Susumu Matsuda, Division Director of Santoku Corporation

Q. Explain your safety and disaster response services in brief.

We have mainly two kind of Safety service

Training VR Simulator

  • Training simulator
  • Procedural learning
  • Skill transfer

For operation skill with Abnormality coping training, For Procedural learning, For Technical

Skill transfer

  • Safety Education
  • KY disaster reproduction video
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Awareness education

For Disaster case study CG, VR danger experience to improve sensitivity, and education for finding dangerous points by VR

Q. How do you establish accurate situational intelligence during an emergency?

Initially, we obtained information one by one, but now, information for reproducing disasters is automatically entered from administrative agencies, private companies, research institutions, etc. nationwide.

Q. Explain your training simulator in brief.

Simulator can be used for skill improvement and abnormal treatment to enhance safety. By incorporating user know-how in training, you can build and experience scenarios that match your image. Build a working environment immediately with a rich 3D database. The training scenarios defined by the original scenario program can be edited with simple GUI operations to increase variations. In addition, operation logs can be recorded, and simulations that incorporate a process of trial and error, such as automatic reproduction of operations and restarting from the middle, are possible. In addition to the 3D environmental database, you can use environmental data such as CG data, CAD data, and 3D laser measurement data. In addition, operating costs can be reduced by using media files (photos, SE, audio, video) together. Using the optional scenario editor, an operator who does not know the programming language can change the scenario without describing the programming language using the graphical user interface (GUI).It is also possible to build more advanced training scenarios by programming with the Python language using Optional Scene Editing The Editor. RiMM Is The Only Simulation Software That Allows The User To Freely Change The Training Scenario.

Q. You are contributing to society by creating safety-enhancing methods and safety ideas. Is government supporting you to fight the cause?

Twenty years ago, our safety efforts were undertaken by the government. But currently, it is carried out under the leadership of my Company. Government is a form of support that encourages the use of the product.

Q. How efficient is your disaster response capability? Do you have qualified individuals who can keep your service standards up and running?

More than 300 machines are already in operation in Japan, and the number of machines installed is increasing at the rate of 15 machines per month. We anticipate that the number of users will increase rapidly with new network-compatible products. VR is an individual experience, but it takes 3 minutes to change your mind. Sensitivity is important for building safety methods. Only some members can establish the method, and the business promoters concentrate on building the safety philosophy.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Disaster Response Training (3 products)

Improvement of unknown disaster response capability used Disaster Imagination Game method, Judgment behavior training in the event of a disaster, and Resilience capacity building training

What are your future plans for the development of your company?

Spread the safety philosophy to the world. Therefore, a continuous disaster database construction and safety information sharing system is required. Furthermore, we will spread the concept of improving safety to all political circles while working on human resource development necessary to continue to achieve the purpose.

“By incorporating user know-how in training, you can build and experience scenarios that match your image. Build a working environment immediately with a rich 3D database.”