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Redefining cloud security to better protect organizations against cyber threats regardless of where sensitive data resides: ShieldX


Cloud data security is vital; you will want to ensure that your data is safe while stored in the cloud. Several high-profile hacking cases mean that this issue is topical for many business owners. Still, the reality is that your data is much safer in the cloud, and security is an extremely high priority for all cloud storage services. With cloud storage, your data is backed up to the cloud rather than stored on-site or nearby. Some businesses are still backing up to tapes or storing their data backups on-site or at a nearby off-site location. If there is a local disaster, then this could result in both backups being lost. Cloud security prevents this issue, as the data is stored in remote locations, protecting your business from the threat of data loss. Cloud security is essential for both business and personal users. Everyone wants to know that their information is safe and secure. Businesses have legal obligations to keep client data secure, with certain sectors having more stringent rules about data storage.

ShieldX is revolutionizing cloud security by providing comprehensive, automated, and consistent network security in sync with the changes in multi-cloud environments. The agentless ShieldX approach provides a frictionless means to discover, automate, and micro-segment all the way to layer 7. By sitting at the network layer, all workloads and applications are visible, and policies with native security control are generated in minutes without installing a burdensome agent. ShieldX brings a non-invasive, easy-to-use cloud-native platform to bring unprecedented visibility and security in the multi-cloud.

Revolutionary cloud-based security services

Hyper-automation in Data Center: Some IT organizations have highly automated processes and are targeting to achieve the ambitious goal of infrastructure as code. As orchestration of virtual infrastructure management in public and private clouds supports those tasks via APIs, this goal is becoming more achievable, and business processes can be accelerated. One of the major hurdles remains the dependency on traditional security, which requires manual actions to an otherwise automated process. When customers experience about 90% of outages caused by firewall misconfigurations, the ambition to hyper-automate security becomes a necessity to avoid costly downtime and support business agility. ShieldX deploys a standard set of security controls into new subscriptions, configuring and tuning them for the applications expected and sizing them for expected performance requirements. It also provides credentials to a new subscription and allowing the system to automate the implementation and configuration, results in operational efficiency.

Datacenter Maintenance: It is important to make sure IP address changes are propagated to all firewall policies and when servers are going down and when they come back up. Once systems are out of maintenance, place them into the right segments, and apply the correct L4-L7 security policy. ShieldX system detects servers going into maintenance and reacts automatically to those changes (e.g., updates security policies and provisions security controls where and when needed at scale). When the load reduces, it automatically de-provision resources resulting in inefficiencies and cost savings.

ShieldX quick facts

  • Gartner 2017 "Cool Vendor" in Cloud Security and MarketsandMarkets "Innovator" in Micro-Segmentation
  • Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Lab validated that ShieldX Elastic Security Platform can be deployed in 15 minutes and scales to handle a terabit of traffic.
  • Certified VMware-Ready®, OpenStack Compatible® and now ready to deploy on AWS EC2® and Microsoft Azure®
  • Invented the industry's first microservices platform for Cloud security that combines network-based security with the latest innovations in application and infrastructure technology
  • Currently in deployment with leading companies covering finance, technology, communications, government, and higher education industries
  • More than 40 more patents filed

The visionary behind the success of ShieldX

Ken Levine serves as the Chief Executive Officer of ShieldX. He has an overall experience of more than 13 years as a cybersecurity executive. Mr. Ken was CEO of NitroSecurity, a SIEM platform, for five years before McAfee successfully acquired it in 2011. At McAfee, he was SVP and GM of the security management business unit. After two years at McAfee, Ken became CEO of Digital Guardian. Under Ken's leadership, Digital Guardian tripled in size, rebranded, entered adjacent markets, and became a leader in the DLP and EDR markets. His DNA in start-ups and early-stage companies goes back to his 15-year tenure at Cabletron Systems, a networking company started in a garage that became a billion-dollar company. Mr. Ken's passion is building great teams and companies, establishing GTM strategies with the best technology and products. Mr. Ken earned his undergraduate degree in economics from the Wharton School.

"We make security the easiest thing to do in the cloud for security, infrastructure, and operations."