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10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies 2017

Shrink the Attack Surface with the Industry’s Most Effective Vulnerability Management Solution: Digital Defense

thesiliconreview-larry-hurtado-ceo-digital-defense-17Founded in 1999, Digital Defense, Inc. is a trusted provider of security risk assessment solutions, protecting billions of dollars in assets for clients around the globe. Serving clients across numerous industries from small businesses to very large enterprises, Digital Defense’s innovative and leading edge technology helps organizations safeguard sensitive data and eases the burdens associated with information security. Frontline Vulnerability Manager™, the original Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) platform, delivers consistently accurate vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, while SecurED®, the company’s security awareness training promotes employees’ security-minded behavior. The Digital Defense Frontline suite of products, underpinned by patented technology and complemented with unparalleled service and support, are highly regarded by industry experts, as illustrated by the company’s designation as Best Scan Engine by Frost & Sullivan, top 20 ranking (#16) in Cybersecurity Ventures’ list of the World’s 500 Hottest Cybersecurity Companies, and inclusion in CRN’s MSP 500.

With thousands of SMB, enterprise and service provider clients served over the years, Digital Defense has accumulated and converted a wealth of experience into a strong market position. The company now finds itself on an accelerated growth curve due to the continued shift of clients from big brand commodity players to one of superior product, service, and results success.

Digital Defense’s Finesse

With the advent of BYOD, virtualization, employee / contractor mobility, and rapid movement to cloud services, the attack surface IT security is chartered to protect is both huge, and in a constant state of flux. Unfortunately, staying on top of security vulnerabilities has become harder – not easier – to manage. This is because leading vulnerability management solutions remain overly complex, error-prone, and expensive to staff and operate.

Digital Defense’s Frontline vulnerability management solution and complementary services overcome the frustration, lack of accurate results, and excessive costs associated with other mainstream offerings. There are clear and compelling reasons why a growing number of mid-enterprise buyers are switching to Frontline. And it starts with its solution approach – an integrated thought process that seamlessly covers vulnerability management needs from highly accurate scanning to employee best practice training around how to stop carelessly introducing new vulnerabilities.

Reasons why Frontline is the security industry’s most effective vulnerability management solution:

Scan: It all starts with having a scanner capable of quickly, comprehensively and accurately assessing endpoints and servers for operating system and application vulnerabilities.

Analyze: Once network assets have been scanned, data must be converted into actionable intelligence. It’s no secret that security analysts are overwhelmed and frustrated by mountains of vulnerability assessment data, much of which is either misleading or of limited value

Score: Frontline’s Security GPA rating system provides a clear, easy-to-understand picture of your organization’s security posture. Gone are the arcane “in the weeds” metrics that can’t be meaningfully communicated to executives.

Automate: Effective vulnerability management requires a seamless workflow process from identification to remediation. Frontline Connect makes it easy to integrate discovered, analyzed, scored, and prioritized vulnerabilities.

Test: There are two key areas to check: your “network attack surface” and your “personnel attack surface”. Frontline Pen Test assesses the first, and Frontline Social Test assesses the second.

Educate: Most organizations utilize defense-in-depth safeguards for their networks. But these solutions are only one part of the equation. Humans continue to be a weak link in the chain.

Compliance: Not every industry with regulatory compliance explicitly requires pen testing and/or vulnerability management. HIPAA, for example, does not state outright a requirement for either.

Clientele Appraisals

“The entire DDI team, from the security analysts, client advocate, and developers are top-notch. DDI listens to their clients in order to understand their needs, and quickly replies with a solution.” - Michael Krouse CISA, CGEIT, CRISC, CRMA, and PMP, Chief Security Officer

“The DDI VLM-Pro solution has made a real difference for Austin Travis County Integral Care. The assistance provided by our DDI Personal Security Analyst ensures that our IT teams can focus on those vulnerabilities that present the biggest threat to our critical IT assets. Additionally, Security GPA makes it easy to report on the progress we continue to make in securing our networks and protecting our patient’s healthcare information.” - David Evans, Chief Executive Officer

“At EECU the protection of our member data is critical. We take our responsibility associated with information security very seriously and safeguarding our member data is of the highest priority. Although we aren’t required to be PCI Compliant, we use the guidelines set by the PCI Security Standards Council as a pathway to better security for our members. All of the information security solutions we source from DDI provide exceptional value by allowing us to focus on our core business objectives while assuring members that our information security program is beyond reproach.” - John Bock, Chief Executive Officer

Adulate the Trailblazer

Larry Hurtado, President and CEO: Hurtado joined Digital Defense as CEO in August of 2002. With over two decades of networking and security experience, he has been at the helm of Digital Defenses movement from a regional niche player to an industry leader with established global presence. Prior to Digital Defense, Larry was Co-Founder and President of International Operations for Elastic Networks, Incorporated. At Elastic Networks, he was responsible introducing EtherLoop DSL products, overall business growth, financing, an IPO, and the acquisition of the company by Paradyne Corporation. Prior to Elastic Networks, Hurtado held senior management positions at Nortel Networks, including VP of Business Line Management in Nortel Networks’ Access Networks Division. Hurtado holds a B.S.E.E. degree from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

“We continue to invest in vulnerability assessment, vulnerability management, and adjacent market spaces that can benefit from fast, lightweight footprint, comprehensive and accurate scanning and assessment technology.”