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SinuSonic: The Sound Solution for Congestion Relief & Stuffiness


Founded in 2017, SinuSonic is a revolutionary respiratory device that was invented by David Lewis and Dr. Richard K. Bogan, long-time partners in health ventures related to sleep medicine. It all started after Dr. Bogan personally ‘discovered’ the positive impact that light acoustic vibrations provided to his own nasal congestion. After exhaustive research, product designs and testing, the solution showcased an efficacy of 80 percent in treating chronically congested patients. The comprehensive study performed at The Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston also tested SinuSonic using peak nasal inspiratory flow (PNIF), which showed a 15 percent increase in airflow after first use and a 31 percent increase after two weeks of twice daily use. It is known that acoustic vibration increases the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the sinuses; there is considerable interest in SinuSonic’s ability to increase NO and the benefits that may result from it.

According to a 2021 survey by The Harris On Demand, nearly one in four people experience nasal congestion almost every day, with the majority (85 percent) reporting that congestion negatively impacts their daily activities. With such numbers, it is fair to say that millions of Americans are affected by chronic nasal congestion. However, even with millions afflicted by this problem, treatment for nasal congestion has not had a breakthrough since the turn of the century. From antihistamines and steroidal drugs to saline sprays, no treatment option has shown the ability to deliver long-term relief. This study also went on to say approximately 90% of people reported that aspects of their daily life were negatively affected when experiencing chronic nasal congestion, including sleep, outdoor activities and enjoyment of food.

Addressing this issue with its revolutionary, drug-free, congestion relief solution is South Carolina-based SinuSonic. “SinuSonic is the only multi-patented medical device that uses a combination of gentle acoustic vibrations and light resistant pressure to help open nasal breathing and relieve nasal congestion,” says David Lewis, President of  SinuSonic. At the same time, instead of competing with existing nasal congestion treatment options, SinuSonic acts symbiotically, enabling the effective dissemination of nasal sprays throughout a patient’s sinuses. Plus, SinuSonic requires no liquid, making it mess-free and easy to use anywhere.

So how does it work? When using the device for a full session, you simply place it over your nose and hold down the trigger and breathe in and out through your nose. Breathing normally, not too hard or fast, is recommended. You will feel and hear the gentle humming as the device works. As you breathe out through your nose, you should hear a light fluttering sound. With each exhale, the device creates positive, oscillating pressure in the sinuses. This combined application of sound waves and positive pressure increases airflow and helps reduce facial pressure, drainage and congestion. If nasal drainage occurs, remove the device to blow your nose, then return the device and continue. If you use the device for a full session, you will hear a high-pitched “success” tone to let you know your session is complete. A full session is recommended twice a day, and some recommendations are to use it as needed before exercising, before a vocal or musical performance or before you go to sleep at night.

The SinuSonic device is easy to use, lightweight for travel and uses no liquid, only the flutter vibration and pressure. It is patented, clinically proven and there are thousands of satisfied customers around the world currently using it. It has been recommended for use to help women who are pregnant and suffer from inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the nasal passages due to higher levels of estrogen produced during pregnancy and are looking for safe, drug-free and natural relief.

According to the dictionary, innovation means a new idea, device or method. This is exactly what SinuSonic is - a revolutionary and one of a kind device, that is itself a new method to help alleviate nasal congestion suffering by using pressure and vibration. SinuSonic is working to share their device both with the medical world and the public at large.

SinuSonic uses a two prong marketing approach to share their innovation, one for medical professionals where the company educates doctors on the science of SinuSonic and the second for end-consumers where it spreads awareness of its solution as a natural alternative for nasal congestion treatment. These consumers fall under different categories, namely, individuals with chronic and seasonal congestion, sinus pain and pressure, pregnant women, and patients frustrated with nighttime congestion including those that cannot utilize their C-PAP masks because of congestion.

In regard to the core competencies of SinuSonic, Lewis says, “We did not want to sell a gimmick and thus, we have always worked closely with top Rhinologists to confirm the impact of our solution in delivering long-term relief.” In fact, one of the company’s Co-Medical Directors is Dr. Rodney Schlosser—the president of the American Rhinological Society—who decided to help the company after studying the efficacy of SinuSonic in a paper that was published in the International Forum of Allergy and Rhinology. Medical integrity is a core value at the heart of SinuSonic.

In the research conducted, SinuSonic noticed that a significant number of users (87.5 percent) recommended the use of its solution to family members or friends. More recently, the company finished an additional trial where patients with chronic sinus headaches were enrolled to evaluate the efficacy of SinuSonic. After four weeks of use, patients reported significant improvement in pain, visual analog scale, the brief pain inventory and the McGill pain questionnaire. This study is currently in the process of submission and will soon be published in a major ENT journal.

Throughout the recent pandemic, respiratory health has become more top of mind for consumers and in turn the public is paying more attention to how they breathe and are more health-conscious in general. There is also more awareness around the possible benefits of Nitric Oxide (NO).

Recently, SinuSonic has been recognized by Health Magazine as a recommended snoring aid in the publication’s Health Sleep Awards 2021. SinuSonic is one of 43 products independently selected and reviewed by Health Magazine’s editorial team and a panel of experts for their effectiveness in improving sleep issues. In addition it was also featured in a recent issue of MedTech Outlook that focused on respiratory devices.

“SinuSonic has been helping change the way people approach nasal congestion issues for over two years, selling more than 10,000 units worldwide,” said SinuSonic president David Lewis. “SinuSonic is clinically proven to change the way users breathe, and we’re excited to receive recognition recently for our contributions.”

As SinuSonic continues to grow in brand awareness and the device is shared with more medical professionals the company expects to continue to grow clinical backing and recommendations from doctors. Looking ahead, Lewis envisions using SinuSonic as an avenue to open up nasal airways and utilize it as a platform for medication delivery. With its proven ability to increase airflow, Lewis plans to leverage SinuSonic and capitalize on the opportunity it creates to effectively distribute drugs to the sinuses. “SinuSonic’s combination of PEP and acoustic vibration is perfectly poised to unlock a whole new market to help patients in the form of medication delivery,” concludes Lewis.

"We did not want to sell a gimmick and thus, we have always worked closely with top Rhinologists to confirm the impact of our solution in delivering relief."