30 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2023

Smartlinx – Harnessing the power of real-time data to simplify healthcare workforce management


Smartlinx is the easy-to-use platform simplifying management of the healthcare workforce with transformational visibility, predictability, and control. By saving operators time and money, and providing unparalleled insights in real-time, Smartlinx's purpose-built solution suite enables improved measures of care quality and reimbursement, reduces costs associated with overstaffing and excess overtime, and ensures regulatory compliance. From scheduling and time and attendance, to payroll and compliance, acquisition and onboarding, human resources, insights and more, Smartlinx is ever adapting to shifting business conditions. Founded in 2000, Smartlinx helps thousands of healthcare organizations and supports hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers by freeing them from complexities in healthcare.

Streamlining Caregiver Workforce Management

Smartlinx Advanced Timeclock for Employees (SLATE): The Advanced Timeclock for Employees (SLATE) curbs the spread of germs with thermal-sensing temperature monitoring and touchless functionality, preventing workers with fevers from starting a shift and halting harmful microorganisms from entering a facility. Fully integrated with the Smartlinx suite, SLATE enables employees and agency staff to punch in and out without ever touching the high-usage device. SLATE connects to Smartlinx Go Mobile app so employees receive a QR generated code for use on their mobile device, reducing long lines at shift changes. Smartlinx developed SLATE to meet the needs of today's healthcare workers - ease of use and safety being paramount. The workforce needs to punch in and out the way they want - touchless or easily on their phones, which bodes well for curbing germ spread in facilities.

Employee Scheduling: Inefficient scheduling can wreak havoc on your workflow—not to mention your bottom line. Schedule Optimizer makes sure the right people are in the right place at the right time, every time. With Schedule Optimizer, you can create schedules that can adapt in real-time to your changing needs — all with a few clicks. Mobile access and automated features make it easy to find replacements, and ensure you’re always properly staffed and compliant. Stop overtime costs from chipping away at your bottom line. Because Schedule Optimizer is integrated with Time & Attendance, you’ll always have the real-time data you need to spot and eliminate unplanned overruns before they happen. Stay on top of ever-changing regulatory requirements, personnel rotations—including agency employees—and even unexpected call-outs and staff turnover.

Mobile Shift Management: When you connect employees with what matters to them, you empower them to engage more fully in their work and strengthen their commitment to your organization. Smartlinx Go puts real-time scheduling, pay, and personal data at employee fingertips any time or place, freeing them up to focus on what matters—your residents. Employees receive immediate notifications of available open shifts, new schedules, scheduling changes, time-off request approvals, and more delivered in their chosen communication method (text, email, push notification, or in-app notification.) Enabling employees to easily submit time-off and open shift requests also provides schedulers with multiple easy options for ensuring proper staffing. Smartlinx Go drives efficiency. Employees no longer need to email or call HR with payroll queries, to request time off, or verify their work and salary history. Seeing their scheduled shifts and units, tardy arrivals, and any timeclock restrictions when they access Smartlinx Go motivates employees to start their shifts at the right place and time.

Workforce Analytics: Smart decisions drive success. Shining a light on the right data illuminates your path. The right data can inform decisions, predict overtime, eliminate staffing shortages, and ensure compliance. Smartlinx Spotlight does this and more, lighting the way to better performance. Without accurate data, the big picture is out of focus. Smartlinx Spotlight makes it easy to see how your business is running across your workforce — in real-time, not days or weeks. Data without insight is useless. That’s why Spotlight automatically calculates metrics, such as projected overtime and under-staffing—even across sites. You’ll see how you can work more efficiently and improve the bottom line. Staffing is a key component in Five-Star Ratings and one of the greatest challenges facing healthcare providers. With Spotlight’s Five-Star Predictor, you can see how past, present, and project staffing for each facility stacks up against federal regulations in real-time.

Human Resource Management: The HRMS integrates with the Smartlinx solutions suite to centralize all the information you need—so you can focus on people, not stacks of paperwork. Find exactly what you need in an instant. All your employee info is securely stored in one place—from documents and licenses to PTO and performance reviews—and compliance is easier than ever. Always know who’s working, identify trends over time, and locate company property at any time. Smartlinx makes it simple to set up alerts for your custom criteria, so you can act on new info fast. Attract and retain great employees with the right benefits package and a flexible and easy to use benefits solution that meets their needs. Manage benefits offerings and facilitate open enrollment for employees. Smartlinx Benefits, their benefits administration solution, makes it simple to set up and manage benefit plans, update employee information, and run open enrollment.

Marina Aslanyan | CEO

Marina Aslanyan joined Smartlinx as COO in 2012 and was promoted to CEO in January 2014. Prior to joining Smartlinx, she ran the management consulting firm, Altitude Strategic Consulting, where her strategic advice helped clients achieve operational excellence. Before forming Altitude, Marina drove corporate strategy as a key member of the executive team, and head of the Global Professional Services and Product Quality units, at Sparta Systems Inc., a global provider of quality management solutions. She also helped guide the success of the product management, pre-sales, and sales teams.

Earlier in her career, Marina contributed to the success of many technology and life sciences companies through senior positions at Andersen Consulting, PwC, EDS and Barr Laboratories (Teva Pharmaceuticals). Marina earned a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University and a Master of Science in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering from Baku State University.

“We offer a robust platform that improves measures of care quality and reimbursement, reduce costs associated with overstaffing and excess overtime, and ensure regulatory compliance.”