September Fall Special Edition 2021

Specright – Creating visibility and Traceability across Supply Chain through Specification Data Management Platform


The market is demanding more and more of your products – and while consumers may ultimately win, this pressure has strained the relationship between brands and suppliers. Demand planning is more important than ever, and buyers and suppliers must work together to ensure the availability of materials at the right time in the right quantities at the right price.  That’s why it is believed that the future of Supplier and Vendor Management starts with strong specification management.

Specright is the first purpose-built platform for Specification Data Management. Whether it’s packaging, raw materials, formulas, products, or machines, Specright helps companies digitize, map, and take action across their supply chain to reduce costs, increase profitability, and drive sustainability. Its customers operate in agriculture, automotive, cosmetics, food & beverage, manufacturing, FMCG/CPG, medical, or any industry reliant on accurate specifications.

Specright was founded in late 2014 and is headquartered in Irvine, California.

Industry-Leading Specification Data Management Solutions and Services Offered

Specification Data Management (SDM): It focuses on standardizing specs across a supply chain. Specifications include raw materials, ingredients, formulas, packaging, finished goods, bill of materials (BOMs), quality documents and more. SDM is the foundation for supply chain systems. When companies implement SDM, downstream systems become smarter and more accurate. As a cloud-based SaaS platform, it’s easy to pass data to other systems and is an ideal single source of truth. ERPs are financial systems, PLMs are used to build complex products like jet engines, and visualization tools are designed to aggregate data, not structure it. These systems were not built to structure, manage, and share data at the spec level.

Quality Management: Today’s interconnected supply chains require new ways of managing quality. With Specright’s Quality Management module, you have all the quality tools you need, connected to product, supplier, and facility data to drive intelligence and traceability across your supply chain network Specright’s specification-first approach to quality creates traceability and prevents issues before they occur. Digitize specs and share them across your network (departments, suppliers, co-man, etc.). This instantly cuts down on issues due to outdated specs. With Specright, you can easily log quality records like SCARS and customer complaints and link data such as lot codes to specifications or finished goods. This enables root cause analysis for increased speed-to-resolution.

Supplier Management Software: Specifications are changing faster than ever. Changing regulatory environments, higher SKU counts to meet consumer needs, and an increasing desire to be sustainable all require a new approach to vendor management and supply chain planning — one that leverages Supplier Management Software. It starts with recognizing that suppliers and vendors aren’t just order-takers for a brand; they’re valued, trusted partners in the supply chain management process that enable a brand to succeed in the market. While the fulfillment of a requirement is essential, brands, suppliers, and vendors alike should recognize that it takes careful chain planning and execution from all sides to produce successful outcomes. Specright offers a supply chain management software solution that empowers brands, suppliers, and vendors with a single source of truth at the spec level. From product development to lifecycle management, teams can leverage data to improve planning and execution and the supplier relationship at large.

ISTA Packaging Performance Testing: The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) is the most trusted, knowledgeable and respected authority in predictive package-performance testing in the world.  ISTA has partnered with Specright to create PackSight. Built on top of Specright’s powerful Specification Data Management™ platform enables packaging and supply chain professionals to select, collect and analyze ISTA tests online. For a deep-dive into PackSight, download the eBook today. It is transforming the way packaging testing is performed with a dynamic online platform allowing users to easily input packaging information, quickly select test protocols, and generates test paths in minutes. Users can start a new test or pick up where they left off with a test already in progress. With PackSight, users can auto-generate reports within the platform based on their inputs and documentation. Within minutes, users can have a PDF or digital version of their test, stored within for historical tracking and reporting. Test results can be easily accessed on the go, as long as the user has an internet connection.

The Leader Upfront       

Matthew Wright is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Specright. He has been in the packaging industry for over 25 years. Prior to founding Specright, he held leadership positions at International Paper, Temple Inland, and rightPAQ, a packaging company he co-founded. He has also been involved in leading multiple M&A deals in the packaging industry.

“Digitize & manage all your specification data – from raw materials, ingredients, and formulas, to packaging and finished goods – and collaborate across teams and suppliers with Specright.”