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Stop email data breaches by combining battle-tested email security with machine learning and advanced DLP: Egress


Large-scale migration of email to the cloud has necessitated a strategic shift in how to secure this communication channel. Security and risk management leaders must adopt a continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment mindset to protect inboxes from exposure to increasingly sophisticated threats. Impersonation and account takeover attacks are increasing and causing direct financial loss, because users place too much trust in the identities associated with incoming email and are inherently vulnerable to deception and social engineering. This growing problem can only be reduced through education, social graph impersonation filtering, improved indicators of identity in email and suspicious email workflow. The email security market is starting to adopt a continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) mindset and acknowledge that perfect protection is not possible. As a result, vendors are evolving or emerging to support new detect and response capabilities by integrating directly with the email system via API.

Adopt a CARTA strategic approach to email security by layering inbound, outbound, and internal detection and remediation capabilities. Egress Software Technologies is the leading provider of privacy and risk management services designed to manage and protect unstructured data. Offering Government and Enterprise customers a portfolio of complementary services, the Egress platform leverages machine learning led policy management, encryption and e discovery to enable end-users to share and collaborate securely, while reducing the risk of loss and maintaining compliance. These award-winning integrated services include email and document classification, accidental send prevention, secure email and file transfer, secure managed file transfer, secure online collaboration and secure archive. Certified by Government, Egress offers a seamless user experience, powerful real-time auditing and patented information rights management, all accessible using a single global identity.

Trusted by over 2,000 enterprise organizations and governments around the globe, the Egress platform provides email and document classification, accidental send prevention, email encryption, secure online collaboration and audit and compliance reporting. Factors such as modern working practices, digital transformation and migration to the cloud have resulted in over 80% of enterprise data being considered ‘unstructured’, including information within emails, folders and files. To date, organizations have struggled to classify, control and track this data as it is stored and shared across users and boundaries, often leading to breaches caused by human error at a time of increased pressure from regulatory requirements. To solve the problem, the Egress platform thinks differently, putting the user in the center of a suite of data security tools driven by intelligent, self-learning software.

A data security platform

Egress automates data classification to help users understand who should be accessing that data, and it stops breaches by intervening before users accidentally share with the wrong recipient. The platform also provides enhanced discovery and reporting functionality for ongoing compliance. Egress also enhances data security and privacy when unstructured data is shared, by encrypting it in transit. Whether data is emailed or worked on collaboratively, the user and their organization remain in control of how recipients access and interact with sensitive information, supported by automation and intelligence. User engagement and machine learning also drives usage and efficiency, offering bespoke advice and ensuring security, such as message-level encryption, is applied effectively, every time.

Egress Email Protection

Many email protection solutions still rely on a one-size-fits-all approach to protecting content that doesn’t consider the real-world risks of a data breach as information travels over untrusted networks to potentially untrusted recipients. Egress helps organizations protect unstructured data to meet compliance requirements and drive business productivity by mitigating human error and malicious behavior. Using AI and machine learning, the Egress Email Protection platform empowers users to easily control and secure the data they share via email, with measurable benefits in data protection and end-user satisfaction. Using Email Protection, organizations can secure cloud email environments and enhance compliance with data protection regulations, as well as demonstrate measurable return on investment. Egress’ commitment to people-centric data security starts with automated document classification and DLP tools that prevent accidental or malicious release of sensitive content. Risk-based Protection then ensures that the right people receive sensitive data and calculates the risk of a breach to understand the right level of security to apply. This includes Egress message-level encryption, as well as third-party encryption solutions, including Microsoft OME. Egress Smart Authentication then secures and streamlines the recipient experience, automatically configuring an appropriate level of authentication. Overcoming legacy authentication approaches for ad-hoc recipients that often result in user dissatisfaction and customer support issues, Smart Authentication balances risk with ease of use. A recipient accessing highly sensitive content from a high-risk domain, location or device may need to use MFA, while trusted internal users could achieve read-only access seamlessly.

Business impacts

As well as improving security, the Egress platform enables organizations to achieve cost and operational efficiency. Significant benefits can be seen from digitizing processes such as postal and courier services, while machine learning and intelligence can help users make educated choices over who to include in their communications. Egress also helps organizations to securely take advantage of the increased flexibility and reduced costs provide by cloud environments, including Office 365. Email content and attachments can be encrypted in transit and at rest, with real-time message auditing and access revocation keeping users informed and in control. Efficient ad-hoc encrypted collaboration and user engagement tools mean unstructured data is shared securely and with the correct people. 

Tony Pepper CEO of Egress

Co-founder of Egress, Tony currently serves as CEO, overseeing all aspects of business growth and innovation. Prior to Egress, Tony held executive management positions at Reflex Magnetics, Pointsec Mobile Technologies, and Check Point Software Technologies. A frequent technology and industry speaker, Tony holds a Bachelor of Politics degree, a Software Engineering Master’s and is a certified BCS Fellow. Tony sits on industry committees including Intellect’s Government Management and Defense & Security Groups.

“People-centric email security. Predict and prevent data breaches, proactively.”